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    Molift EvoSling Shadow HighBack

    EvoSling Shadow HighBack is a sling with a split leg support, ensuring comfort and flexibility. This model suits users with need for extra support, as it adapts to the contours of the body. EvoSling Shadow HighBack works in many lifting situations, but is particularly suitable for transfers to wheel-chairs, including those with moulded seats, when the sling needs to be left in place under the user. EvoSling Series is most suitable for 2-point suspension bar.
    Product #: 2315684SS

    A flexible sling that adapts to the contours of the body

    • Flexible and supports the whole body and head
    • User can remain sitting on the sling -including those with moulded seats
    • Arms inside or outside the sling
    • Can be used during bathing
    • Weight capcity: 660 lbs
    • Polyester, PE-cellfoarm material

    May be left in place in a wheelchair or seat. The EvoSling Shadow has six suspension straps with several sling bar loops, giving it flexibility. The sitting angle and head support can be adjusted to the individual user, and the user’s arms may be placed inside or outside the sling.

    The EvoSling Shadow HighBack is made from a flexible polyester mesh which is permeable to moisture and heat. This model has no pockets or padding and has an extra-thin webbing edge. The EvoSling Shadow can be left in place in the wheelchair or seat after the transfer. The head support is adjustable to three different positions. The larger sizes, M-XL have a curved head support.

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