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    Carex Ultra Grabber

    For items placed in those hard-to-reach spots, be prepared with Carex’s Ultra Grabber. This dependable and reliable product makes everyday tasks and activities easier, less time consuming and more independent. Designed for those who are elderly, handicapped or disabled and a excellent tool to be used at home or a clinical setting.

    DMI® Aluminum Reacher with Magnetic Tip

    DMI Folding Aluminum Reacher with Magnetic Tip is equipped with a magnetic tip that picks up light metal objects. It also has a serrated jaw that offers a secure grasp on objects. Easy to handle and convenient to use.

    DMI® Ergonomic Reacher with Rotating Jaw

    Jaw rotates 360° for versatility Magnet on handle to pick up light metal objects Rubber cushion tips help secure grasp 3-1/2" jaw opening Plastic frame Latex Free

    DMI® Suction Cup Reacher, 22"

    Slip resistant suction cup jaw Durable, lightweight design 3-1/2" jaw opening Aluminum frame

    DMI® Suction Cup Reacher, 33"

    Slip resistant suction cup jaw Durable, lightweight design 3-1/2" jaw opening Aluminum frame

    Dragon Reacher

    The Nova Dragon Reacher can retrieve dropped or hard to reach items that weigh as much as 2.5 pounds.

    ERGO Reacher

    High-quality, durable aluminum is extremely lightweight. Jaws open to 3" wide. 1 lb. or less. Latex free.

    EZ Reacher

    The long-time choice of parks, DOT's, recycling operations, volunteer organizations, and prison programs.

    Folding Reacher, 26"

    Reaching aides assist individuals with limited reach and hand strength. Units have magnetic tip to help retrieve objects. Drag lug helps position product for easy pick-up. Open jaw closes when trigger is squeezed.

    GripCert Reacher 32"

    An ergonomic trigger and improved handle allow easier gripping, and place the hands and fingers at a natural grip position.

    GripCert Reacher, 26"

    DISCONTINUED USE 281022607AM An ergonomic trigger and improved handle allow easier gripping, and place the hands and fingers at a natural grip position.

    GripLoc Sliding Reacher

    Built upon a unique, two-handed linear design, the griploc sliding reacher is the first of its kind to integrate PowerSlide technology. This unique functionality coupled with its extra-wide jaw and micro-grip tips, means the movement of large and small items becomes an easy task for all.


    Handi-Reacher is economical yet durable reacher with wire-driven jaws to eliminate the string that can stretch and break. It is ideal for those with limited hand strength or stiff hands.

    HealthSmart™ Adjustable Length Reacher

    Innovative adjustable length design from 30" to 44" with locking ring.

    Mammouth Grabber w/ Magnetic Tips - 28"

    Widest and deepest jaw opening of nearly any other reacher. Fingers open 5.25” and with a depth of 4.5” making the grabber mouth one of the largest available – it’s the MamMOUTH!

    Nova Folding Reacher - 32"

    The 32 in. Folding Reacher has an ergonomic design and is strong, lightweight and safe with no sharp edges. It can grab objects at any height and angle due to its jaw that rotates 360 degrees and patented trigger that multiplies gripping strength. Retail packaged.


    The Original All Purpose Reacher - perfect for anyone with limited mobility, arthritis or simply in need of a longer reach. PikStik reachers let you retrieve or put away items safely without undue stretching, bending and straining. Durable, safe and lightweight design make this the ideal reacher for all purposes. Use at home, work or in the yard.

    Reach N Scratch

    Molded plastic fingers and an extra long handle make it ideal for those hard to reach places that itch.

    Feather Reach Economy Reacher

    Feather Reach Economy Reacher

    Nothing Beyond Your Reach 30" Ergonomic Handle Reacher

    Nothing Beyond Your Reach 30" Ergonomic Handle Reacher

    EZ Reacher w/ SAF-T-LOK 22"

    Our most popular Indoor use Reachers!!!

    Etac Lightweight Reacher with Nonslip Jaws

    Etac Lightweight Reacher with Nonslip Jaws Indispensable for reaching myriad objects or as dressing aids, these reachers feature striated plastic jaws that securely grip round and square objects with minimum grasp strength from the user. Adjustable 360° turning jaws conveniently set at any angle, eliminating arm-turning. Handle has a magnet to pick up small metal objects.Latex free.

    Deluxe Hip & Knee Equipment W/ Reacher 32"

    Kit features four of the most popular assistive devices for independence in dressing and bathing.

    Economy Hip Kit I (Includes 26" Reacher, Shoehorn, Sock & Stocking Aid w/ Built-Up Foam Handles, and Bath Sponge Contoured)

    Rehabilitation Advantage Economy Hip Kit comes with 4 pieces to help the patient complete daily tasks on their own Includes a Plastic Sock Aid with Foam Handles, 26" Reacher, 17" Plastic Shoehorn, and a Blue 18" Handled Sponge Created to assist individuals in bathing, dressing, and performing daily activities Ideal for individuals with low mobility; live more independently and reduce dependence on others Assists in the healing process; often recommended by physical therapists for use after hip replacement, knee, or back surgery

    Basic Hip Kit w/ 32” Ergo Plus Reacher

    Our Basic Hip Kit offers the most recommended ADL items for patients recovering from hip surgery.

    Hip Kit - 7 (27" Econo Reacher, Sock Aid w/ Foam Handles, 24" Soft Handle Shoehorn & Long Handle Bath Sponge)

    Offers the most recommended ADL items for patients recovering from hip or knee surgery. Hip kits are a must have for people who have had or are getting ready to have hip or knee surgery.

    BASIC HIP KIT 24 (Includes Round Sponge, 26" reacher & 24" shoehorn)

    This kit has three items to help people with reduced reaching capabilities to makes self-care and dressing activities faster and safer. Kit comes in plastic bag.

    32" ErgoMate, Classic

    Here is the classic design reacher. Simple, lightweight, economical, and yet capable of picking up objects weighing as much as 2 pounds.Use the hook style trigger to hang your reacher close by for ready use. Also comes with small magnet for retrieving small metal objects like paperclips, staples, and key rings.

    Peta Easi-Grip Long Reach Garden Tools Set of 4

    Specially designed for gardeners who have to sit on a chair or stool while gardening.

    Lightweight Reacher for Heavy Lifting-Red

    Reacher is designed for heavy lifting. With a rubber-coated textured jaw that opens to 2" for nonslip, secure retrieval, the Lightweight Reacher is easy to operate. Handle is textured to ensure a firm grasp. Magnet on the end of attachments to pick up magnetic items.

    Rehab Accessory Pack II

    Rehabilitation after a hip replacement surgery is important. It's also important not to overdo it and risk re-injuring the hip. This Rehab Accessory Pack II can help. It offers a 24 plastic shoe horn, a 24 trigger-activated grabber, a 22 long sponge on a stick, a 9 long rigid sock aid with cord and a 27 long double-ended wooden dressing stick. Together, these items will relieve you of unnecessary reaching and stretching that may cause injury.

    ReachMate Folding

    Economy rubber cup reacher AND IT FOLDS in half for easy storage. Notice the orange dot on the folding joint. The ReachMate is the only reacher available with a strong metal folding joint. Unlike other folding reachers, the ReachMate folding and locking reacher will last. In addition, this lightweight reacher has all the most popular features: pistol grip with four finger trigger and locking mechanism. Sold with black synthetic rubber cups sensitive enough to pick up a dime. Replaceable with silicone or synthetic rubber (EPDM) accessory cups. Great help around the house.