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    Combination Dressing Stick/Shoehorn

    A dressing stick and much more! Use it for pushing and pulling drawers, retrieving clothing from floors, chairs, closets, etc. All plastic design promotes infection control.

    Deluxe Dressing Stick 26" long

    Assists in applying and removing clothing. 5/8"-diameter wooden dowel. Finished with lacquer with reinforced hook. Can also be used to push or pull objects.

    DMI® Dressing Aid Stick

    Assists with dressing and undressing.

    Dressing Stick - Shoehorn Combo

    A dressing stick and shoehorn in one convenient product. 24" long

    Dressing Stick & Sock Aid

    Lightweight reacher/dressing stick features a small C-hook at one end and a large, plastic-coated push/pull hook at the other.

    DressEZ 2 in 1 Shoehorn/Dressing Aid

    The long handle shoehorn and helpful dressing aid - all in one! The DressEZ shoehorn offers you a longer reach than virtually every other shoehorn in the world. With the DressEZ there is no need to bend over when slipping on your shoes. Plus the DressEZ aid is more than just a shoehorn. Click on alternative views to see just a few uses. 24"

    Ableware Dressing Stick

    Makes it easier for anyone with the use of only one arm or other mobility limitations get dressed

    Extra Long Dressing Stick

    The Extra Long Dressing Stick, model A698400, is an extra long dressing stick designed to aid individuals with mobility disabilities and spinal cord injury in putting on and removing clothing. The device consists of a wooden dowel with a two-level hook on one end and a smaller hook on the other. The dressing stick can be used to push or pull objects.

    Dressing Sticks