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    Dress-EZ Dressing Stick combo 30"

    The long handle shoehorn and helpful dressing aid - all in one! The DressEZ shoehorn offers you a longer reach than virtually every other shoehorn in the world. With the DressEZ there is no need to bend over when slipping on your shoes. Plus the DressEZ aid is more than just a shoehorn.
    Product #: 228578AM

    Available in 30" model

    • Versatile push-pull S-hook with non-slip cap allows for better control when handling clothing.
    • Smooth and rounded push hook slides safely along skin.
    • Big, soft foam handle.
    • Inside shaft is resilient plastic which will flex if accidentally sat on or stepped on.
    • Durable and long lasting.
    • The very economical price is less than the traditional stick and shoehorn.
    • The DressEZ® can reach clothes hangers from clothing rods high in closets, as well as, pick up clothing from the floor or reach shoes from under the bed.
    • Help pull on clothes after hip surgery.
    • The shoe horn is narrow enough for dress shoes
    • The S-hook helps to put on and take off socks too.
    • Lightweight - weighs 5.6oz
    This item is not returnable.
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