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    Hip Ease

    Hip Ease High-density foam hip pads absorb fall-related impact. Foam pads cushion critical fracture area. Can be worn over all undergarments, including adult diapers. Breathable fabric provides cool comfort. Completely machine launderable. Removable vinyl-covered foam hip pads. Velcro® closures secure easily at waist and thigh. Wide range of sizes to fit all residents. Latex free.

    Hipsters, Unisex

    Unisex Impact-absorbing pads over the critical hip fracture area minimize potential damage that can occur from a fall. The Low profile pads sewn into a slim-fitting brief allow Hipsters to be discreetly worn under clothing. The standard unisex brief easily slip on over undergarments or can be worn as underwear. The incontinent brief features a snap front--

    Knee Spreader

    Aluminum leg band construction which easily adjusts to fit upper leg. Plastazone padding provides effective pressure distribution and strong durable chrome plated spreader bar. Standard Knee Spreader has 5.25" width.

    Safehip Soft Hip Protector Unisex

    Safehip® Soft Hip Protector Unisex Features a hip protection shield made out of AirX™ spacer fabric, which is lighter in weight, 100% breathable and conforms to the hip better. AirX significantly reduces heat buildup, making the hip protector more comfortable to wear. Pant material is 71% cotton, 25% polyester and 4% Lycra so the pant is more durable.

    Thermoskin Patella Knee Support

    Anatomically shaped, the Knee Patella allows more flexibility around the kneecap.

    Knee Abduction Pillows

    Knee Abduction pillows and wedges offer comfortable, effective lower extremity abduction positioning while seated or in bed.

    Groin Brace

    Used to support groin, hamstring or quad injury. Reduce muscle stiffness and soreness.

    Softsweats Pants Hip and Knee Protection Under 5'7"

    Soft sweatpants with genuine HipSaver protection with Tailbone and Knee pads. Best of all, HipSaver SoftSweats actually protects the hips better than bulky or hard-shell protectors. So it’s ideal for fashion-conscious and active elders who are at risk of hip fracture but reject uncomfortable and obvious hip protection products. The entire unit can be washed and dried at institution regulation temperatures (up to 195°F/90°C)

    SafeHip AirX Open

    For wear underneath an adult diaper.

    Original Hipshield Hip Protector

    HipShield Hip Protector helps guard against injuries related to lateral falls. HipShield is Ideal for patients at risk for hip fracture. Closed-cell foam hip pads are sewn into the garment. Comfortably positioned over each hip, the protective hip pads help to absorb the impact on the hip produced by a fall. Perforations in the foam allow the skin to breathe and help guard against skin breakdown. Cotton-spandex blend is cool and comfortable.

    2 Pack of HipShield X-tra Hip Protectors

    HipShield X-tra offers all the same hip protective benefits of our original HipShield to help guard against lateral falls, but with the added convenience of removable, closed-cell foam protection pads. With traditional sewn-in pads, facilities are forced to buy multiple pairs of padded briefs to allow for frequent laundering, or leave the patient unprotected while the pads and briefs travel through the laundry system.

    T Scope Hip Brace

    The Breg T Scope Post-Op Hip Brace delivers a patient-centric design for unprecedented comfort, simplicity and support during postoperative hip rehabilitation.

    Hip Positioning