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    Bandages & Wound Care

    Wound care has a direct impact on how your skin heals. With adequate wound care, it is possible to minimize scarring and in some cases even prevent a scar entirely, though prevention of scarring is not possible in full-thickness wounds

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    Silicone Gel Sheet, Pack of 1

    Silicone Gel Sheeting is used to reduce scar tissue. Silicone Gel Sheeting popular amoung hospitals and patients for treating scars

    Soft Top Comfy Cap

    A soft, lightweight helmet made of compression- molded foam with a stylish head hugging design for a uniquely comfortable fit.

    Elastomull - 2" x 4.1yds - 12 rolls per bag

    Elastomull is a non-adhesive open weave gauze which can be used to wrap edematous fingers or toes, or used to secure padding and dressings

    Artiflex Non-Woven Bandage

    The Artiflex® Padding Bandages supports lymphedema therapy. It's recommended to wrap the limb prior to applying the Comprilan Stretch Compression Bandage to properly manage edema in the limb.

    The Nistaa® Barriers 7/PK

    The barriers are a must have for patients who want to protect areas from water while showering or bathing.

    AW Style 2712 Ulcer Care Knee High Plus Liners Kit- Sand - 30-40 mmHg

    Ulcerated legs require special attention, and AW has just the right stocking kit to bring relief and speed recovery. This kit provides superior clinical effectiveness in the management of venous leg ulcers with a simple 2 part system.

    Torbot Liquid Bonding Cement

    Torbot Liquid Bonding Cement is an extra strong and incredibly gentle liquid cement adhesive that can be used to conveniently adhere ostomy appliances to the skin. This liquid adhesive is simultaneously fast drying and secure, making it the ideal liquid cement for the securement of ostomy appliances.

    Drawtex Non-Adherent Dressing with LevaFiber, Pack of 10

    ✓ Great for a wide variety of moderate to high-exudate wounds✓ Draws fluid away from wound and maintains a moist environment✓ Features LevaFiber Technology✓ Removes harmful bacteria, toxins, and debris✓ Healthy granulation tissue is left in tact✓ Cut-to-fit sheets and rolls for any wound shape

    Green Series™ 460 Portable Diagnostic Headlight

    Portable Diagnostic Headlight is a high-quality and well-built medical lighting device designed to provide hospitals, clinics or medical facilities with shadow-free, bright and white illumination during examination or procedures. Comfortable and Convenient. Built with a coaxial luminaire illumination, the Green Series™ 460 Portable Diagnostic Headlight produces 40 lumens of brightness and 5,500-deg Kelvin White Light for viewing true tissue color. The headband style exam light is lightweight and compact making it comfortable to use and fits into a shirt pocket. It has a no wires which ensures doctors have an unobstructed view.

    TopiGel® Silicone Gel

    Thin, translucent TopiGel® is ideal for reducing the size of new or old scars due to burns, trauma and/or surgery.

    Seal-Tight Sport Leg, Short Leg

    SEAL-TIGHT Sport is a safe, economical protector for casts and bandages during recreational water activities or daily showering and bathing. Easy application eliminates the need for pumps, hook & loop closures and adhesive tapes that may irritate skin. Made of a high performance thermoplastic elastomer that stretches easily, SEAL-TIGHT Sport maintains a waterproof seal. Use for swimming, water sports, whirlpools, hot tubs, showering or bathing to protect casts and bandages.

    Otoform Kc™ 6 oz. (170g)

    Used in conjunction with splints, burn garments or gloves to aid in scar remodeling & healing.

    Rayon Poly Adhesive Island Wound Dressing 4 x 4 Inch Pad, Case of 25

    Adhesive Island Dressing by McKesson is a high-grade primary or secondary bordered gauze dressing that is designed to be used on wounds with light to moderate exudation. One-step application is an excellent alternative to gauze and tape to help save caregiver time. The non-adherent central gauze pad provides absorption of light to moderate drainage.

    Isoband Bandage, 15cm x 5m (5.9" x 5.5 yds)

    Isoband Bandage is a woven, pure cotton and lightweight compression bandage useful for fixing foam padding applications to swollen limb areas. It does not contain elastic threading, and is safe for long-term lymphedema treatment programs and other comprehensive edema management application. 15 cm width is an excellent substitute for less durable gauze fixing solutions involving leg and trunk padding strategies. 20 cm width is the foremost banadge choice for truncal and abdominal bandaging, as well as for affixing foam to severely enlarged limbs. Can be washed and reused and is cost-effective component of any lymphedema bandage.

    Ezy-Dose Syringe Magnifier

    Clip this handy magnifier to the syringe barrel to clearly see the calibration markings and ensure that you are getting the proper dosage of your medication.

    Ostomer® Kc Elastomer 6oz. with Hardener Paste

    Putty-like silicone used to control scarring caused by burns, other injuries or surgery

    Tubular Cotton NonSterile Stockinette- Beige 2 in x 25 yard each

    Tubular Cotton NonSterile Stockinette is knitted with high-grade yarn and inspected to guarantee consistent knit construction and cleanliness. It is used under plaster casts for skin protection.

    Tongs For Hot Packs, 12"L x 3"W x 1"H

    Tongs to aid in removing heat packs from heating unit and from place to place. Tongs for hot packs.

    Bandages & Wound Care