Bandages & Wound Care

Wound care has a direct impact on how your skin heals. With adequate wound care, it is possible to minimize scarring and in some cases even prevent a scar entirely, though prevention of scarring is not possible in full-thickness wounds

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Soft Top Comfy Cap

A soft, lightweight helmet made of compression- molded foam with a stylish head hugging design for a uniquely comfortable fit.

Elastomull - 2" x 4.1yds - 12 rolls per bag

Elastomull is a non-adhesive open weave gauze which can be used to wrap edematous fingers or toes, or used to secure padding and dressings

Artiflex Non-Woven Bandage

The Artiflex® Padding Bandages supports lymphedema therapy. It's recommended to wrap the limb prior to applying the Comprilan Stretch Compression Bandage to properly manage edema in the limb.

The Nistaa® Barriers 7/PK

The barriers are a must have for patients who want to protect areas from water while showering or bathing.

AW Style 2712 Ulcer Care Knee High Plus Liners Kit- Sand - 30-40 mmHg

**FSS CONTRACT V797D-30191** Description Ulcerated legs require special attention, and AW has just the right stocking kit to bring relief and speed recovery. This kit provides superior clinical effectiveness in the management of venous leg ulcers with a simple 2 part system.

Torbot Liquid Bonding Cement

Torbot Liquid Bonding Cement is an extra strong and incredibly gentle liquid cement adhesive that can be used to conveniently adhere ostomy appliances to the skin. This liquid adhesive is simultaneously fast drying and secure, making it the ideal liquid cement for the securement of ostomy appliances.

Osto Bond Skin Bond Ostomy Adhesive

Osto Bond Skin Bond Adhesive is a skin bond that contains latex to create a strong, sturdy and durable adhesion that is simultaneously gentle on the skin. Designed with Zinc Oxide to substantially reduce skin irritation, this skin adhesive is an optimal solution for any person seeking a product that creates a gentle albeit sturdy bond between skin and appliance.

JawBra (Box/6)

The JawBra is an elastic compression head wrap designed with pouches on each side to hold cold or heat packs. This system provides compression and thermal therapy to reduce pain and swelling. The JawBra is often used immediately following joint, orthognathic, and other facial surgeries.