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    Silicone Gel Sheet, Pack of 1

    Silicone Gel Sheeting is used to reduce scar tissue. Silicone Gel Sheeting popular amoung hospitals and patients for treating scars
    Product #: 2566821A

    Silicone Gel Sheet

    • 5" x 6"
    • These hypoallergenic sheets may be trimmed to a desired size or shape and readily contour to irregular surfaces. For larger scars, sheets can be used side by side. Contain better self-adhesive properties than most comparable products, and no secondary adhesives are required. Adhesive is resistant to heat and humidity. Can be used up to 30 days. Ideal for keloid and hypertrophic scarring that is a result of plastic/reconstructive surgery, injury or burns. 1/16" thick.

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