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    Norco Compression Gloves Over The Wrist

    Provides light to moderate compression for the hand and wrist. Available in Full Finger and Open Finger. Sold as a single HCPCS*: L3999

    Norco™ Compression Gloves offer a comfortable light to moderate compression option.

    • Over the wrist length and two finger styles feature an open slit in the cuff for easy application and non-constricting fit.
    • Made of soft, silky nylon and spandex blend, with seams on the outside.
    • Gloves provide a light to moderate soft, gentle, even compression.
    • Over the Wrist Length measures 3" (7.6cm) proximal to wrist crease.
    • Sold individually, Left or Right.
    • Not made with natural rubber latex.

    To size, measure palm circumference

    Care Guidelines 
    Machine wash in cold water, on the gentle cycle. Lay flat and air dry.
    Cut excess thread with scissors. Do not pull. Pulling may cause seam to unravel.

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