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    Bauerfeind ViscoPed® Insoles

    The viscoelastic foot orthosis ViscoPed from Bauerfeind gently cushions the entire sole of the foot and provides a comfortable feeling when walking.

    Freedom Accommodator Semi-Rigid PRO

    These prefabricated orthotics offer the patient relief from heel and arch pain—right out of the box! Recommended for plantar fasciitis, peroneal tendonitis, and pes planus as well as other foot and ankle conditions where support and control are indicated.

    Freedom Trilaminate Diabetic Insoles

    FREEDOM® Trilaminate Diabetic Insoles are ideal for the insensitive/hypersensitive foot Multiple density foot bed Carefully selected materials ensure insoles retain their shape Generous forefoot shape fits almost any size Heat moldable

    PowerStep Pinnacle Insoles

    Pinnacle Insoles offer the perfect blend of foot control, spring and life-long cushioning. The prescription-like supports are sealed in two layers of foam. The inner foam Hypurcel maintains its density and cushioning properties and a soft EVA outer foam. A permanent antibacterial and anti-fungal top fabric combats foot odor and helps keep feet drier. Pinnacle Insoles reduce excessive inward rolling motion of the foot to virtually eliminate pain or strain in the heel and arch, and even in the ankles, knees and lower back.

    ProTech Classic Plus Full Length Orthotics

    Full-length orthotics insole features semirigid arch support and heel cradle for increased support and stability

    SPENCO RX® Comfort Insoles- Full length

    • Heel-to-toe SpenCore® Material • Technical Topcloth • Silpure Antimicrobial

    Spenco® Total Support Max

    Rigid Arch Support for Maximum Stability. 3-Pod™ Cushioning System absorbs shock and helps prevent over-pronation — the leading cause of many common injuries such as plantar fasciitis.

    Vasyli Armstrong II Orthotic

    Whether you are dealing with an insensate foot, a hyper-sensitive foot type, or a diabetic foot, reducing pressure and shear forces should be playing a significant roll in your patients’ orthotic treatment regime. Developed with podiatrist David Armstrong, renowned as a world leader in diabetic foot care--

    Vasyli Custom Full Length Insoles Blue

    Vasyli Custom Full Length Insoles, Blue- Medium Density

    Vasyli® Dananberg 1st Ray Orthotics

    Vasyli® Dananberg Orthotic Treating 1st Ray Function just got easier... Howard Dananberg and Philip Vasyli have combined their expertise to bring you the worlds first professional orthotic device with removable first ray sections. The 2 removable first ray plugs allows you to customize the orthotic to assist in maxmizing first ray function.

    Redi-Thotics Ultra Orthotic Insoles

    The ultra-thin Rylon shell will support and cradle the arch while the extra deep heel cup locks the rear foot in place for stability.

    Vasyli Dananberg Orthotics

    Vasyli Dananberg Orthotics

    Powerstep Memory Foam Orthotic Insoles

    The Powerstep Memory Foam Orthotic Insoles is a full-length, semi-rigid orthotic arch support insole that features a plush slow-recovery memory foam top coat for sensitive feet and those seeking extra cushioning. They have a dual layer cushioning with shock-absorbing Poron Memory Foam/VCT(variable cushioning technology) foam for enhanced comfort. The top of the insole is covered with a friction-reducing, anti-microbial fabric.Ideal for athletic shoes, dress shoes and casual shoes & boots.

    PolySorb Walker/Runner Insoles

    PolySorb Walker/Runner Insoles are ideal for walkers, runners and joggers seeking additional comfort and cushioning. They offer increased shock absorption and heel strike protection, all while reducing friction to help prevent blisters. The Insoles also provides and increased energy return for improved athletic performance.

    Plastazote Insoles

    Plastazote Insoles

    PolySorb Total Support Premium Insoles

    PolySorb Total Support Premium Insoles

    Spenco Gel Insoles

    Outstanding cushioning for casual, everyday comfort. Metatarsal arch support and extra heel cushioning. Stability cradle for easy fit. Antimicrobial top cloth helps eliminate odor-causing bacteria and reduces friction.

    ProThotics Therapeutic Insoles

    Therapeutic orthoses are designed for people with diabetes, arthritis, or other conditions that result in sensitive feet. Constructed with a multi-density material combination of PLASTAZOTE and cellular urethane, these orthoses offer superb resilience, cushioning, and shock absorption. Because of its distinctive self-contouring capabilities and hypoallergenic formulation, PLASTAZOTE is recognized by medical professionals as the material of choice for treating diabetic/arthritic feet. Therapeutic orthoses are designed to fit into both traditional footwear and additional depth orthopedic shoes. Suitability - For individuals with concerns for skin breakdown.

    PegAssist™ Insole

    The DARCO PegAssist™ Insole System features a multi-indication removable-peg chassis that effectively off-loads the plantar aspect of the foot after surgery or when wounds are present.

    FREEDOM® Basic Foot Orthosis

    Provides a convenient, neutral orthotic base Accepts glued modifications

    Clearly Adjustable Heel Lift

    A new high-tech compensation for leg length discrepancy.

    Viscolas 1/4" Heel Cushion

    Effective protection from heel strike. Can help improve shoe fit and comfort. Assists in treatment of painful foot conditions.

    Scaphoid Pads

    For additional medial arch support. Medial arch pad is contoured for adding more support with an insole or alone in a shoe when more support is needed. Sold in pairs, 5/16" thick

    Longitudinal Metatarsal Arch Pads

    Offers metatarsal and scaphoid support.

    Tuli’s® Classic Heel Cups

    They are ideal for: Every day walking, running and standing, Relieving Plantar Fasciitis heel pain, Reducing Shin Splints pain and preventing Shin Splints, Promoting stability and proper alignment and Cradling and protecting heels.

    Soft Stride Full Foot

    Choose a style and size. (Check Charts in pictures for size specifications) Tender foot pad: Small-Large Thin insole: Size A-E Underliner: Size A-J

    Soft Stride Heel Products SS - Bone Spur Pad

    **FSS CONTRACT V797D-30191* Bone Spur Pad reduces pain in the heel.

    Bauerfeind ViscoHeel K Heel Cushions, Children

    Bauerfeind® ViscoHeel® K Heel Cushions are a corrective measure for knock-knees or bandy legs, slightly correcting the malpositioning of the heel and therefore alleviate associated pain. Cushion pads painful heel edges and is slightly raised on the sides. The heel is guided away from the inward tilt typical for knock-knees (valgus position), and from the outward tilt typical for bandy legs (varus position). Unilateral stress on the locomotor system is counteracted, which results in a general strain relief from the foot right up to the lower back. Pressure peaks are reduced, and joints are relieved and protected from advancing osteoarthritis. Viscoelastic heel cushion optimally adapts to the shape of the foot and shoe. High-quality, nonslip silicone is durable, gentle on skin, and easy to clean.

    Heat Moldable Orthotic 722 (high arch) and 722M (Medium Arch)

    Narrow 3/4 length rigid device with a medium arch. It can be heat-adjusted or dispensed over the counter without adjustments. [[cs_table striped="1" bordered="1" responsive="1"] Narrow 3/4 length rigid device with a high arch, slim profile and slight met raise. At 2.2mm, if can be formed to fit comfortably into any dress shoe including high heels.

    TuliGEL Classic Heel Cups

    All of the shock absorption of our popular Classic Heel Cups with the softness of TuliGEL makes these Classic Gel Heel Cups flexible enough for any shoe! Wear these insoles to work, school, around the house and anywhere you go to protect your foot and walk more comfortably. Think less about the pain and more about what you have to do for the day with these high-quality and durable heel cups designed for personal use.

    Tuli's Heavy Duty Heel Cups

    Tuli's Heel Cups are the #1 Podiatrist recommended Heel Cups in the world. Nothing works better or lasts longer than your Tuli’s Heel Cups. They are literally shock absorbers for your feet!

    TuliGEL Heavy Duty Heel Cups

    Nothing works better or lasts longer than your Tuli’s® - Shock absorbers for your feet.

    Powerstep® SlimTech 3/4-Length

    Versatile 3/4 length support for a ‘sure fit’ in a broad range of shoes. Strong, prescription-like foot support calibrated with flexibility for comfort, heat and friction-reducing antimicrobial fabric for dryness, heel cradle and platform to stabilize and protect the heel during landing, fully cushioned insole cover to enhance comfort from heel to the ball of the foot and slim, tapered design.

    Adjust-A-Lift Heel Lift

    The Adjust-A-Lift® Heel Lift is made with three layers of extra firm, open cell foam rubber, each 1/8 inch thick, held together with double-sided adhesive. This combination results in only three sizes being needed because the layers can be removed to accommodate the height required up to approximately ½ inch. A top covering of suede leather completes the lift.

    Vasyli Heel Lifts - Orthotic Additions (pack of 10)

    Heel lift additions for Vasyli Custom Orthotics used to reduce stress on the Achilles tendon or lower leg. Available in thicknesses of 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm in medium, and large.

    Vasyli Custom Red 3/4 Length Orthotics

    Designed for high performance, this range provides both durability and solid biomechanical control. Red, high-density orthotics are ideal for athletes or high-activity individuals and overweight patients. • Rearfoot correction: 6° • Shore 70 (weight guide: over 176lbs)

    Vasyli Custom Full Length Insoles

    Use Vasyli heat gun to mold properly.

    PPT® Molded Insoles

    Consist of a PPT molded to a cross-linked polyethylene foam Polyethylene layer exhibits desirable self-molding characteristics Remarkably resilient and extremely resistant to bottoming out

    Men's Compete Orthotics W/ Metatarsal Support

    Aetrex Compete Orthotics are designed for active lifestyles, injury prevention and help to maintain overall fitness and health daily. This orthotic features our signature Aetrex Arch Support to help biomechanically align your body & help prevent common foot pain such as Plantar Fasciitis, Arch Pain and Metatarsalgia.

    Vasyli Hoke Supination Orthotics, Pair

    Heat moldable Mid Density Vasyli addition pieces can be added Includes a set of 4 mm heel raises

    Redi-Thotics SLIM

    Redi-Thotics SLIM offers orthotic support for mens and womens casual and dress shoes.

    Superfeet Green Premium Insoles

    The Superfeet Green Premium Insoles provide maximum support, stability, balance and shock absorption. The rear and mid-foot control points help stabilize the mid-foot, and the durable and the light-weight polypropylene stabilizer cap provides optimum control and flexibility. Every Superfeet Premium Insole features a patented stabilizer cap for optimal underfoot support. When integrated with the shape and design of the foam full length, this unique combination creates a deep heel cup to cradle the heel’s fat pad for improved natural shock absorption. The system provides comfort and necessary stability for different activities, footwear, and foot types. Additionally, because the heel is the foot’s first point of contact with the ground, Superfeet's deep heel cup design absorbs shock and initiates proper bone alignment. From heel strike to toe-off, the high-density foam full length supports and provides comfort for the entire foot. Superfeet top covers are treated with an environmentally friendly, anti-microbial coating that helps to reduce bacteria and prevent foot odor.

    Vasyli Orthotic Shock Absorber

    Provides comfort, biomechanical control, and pain relief.

    Silipos Active Gel Heel Spur Cushions

    Shock-absorbing silicone heel cup with removable plug to allow for pressure distribution around heel spur. Pack of 2.

    ProThotics Diasole Insole Size C- Men's 7-8.5 / Women's 9-10.5

    The ProThotics Diasole Insoles are made with microcell, designed for people with diabetes, arthritis, or other conditions that result in sensitive feet. They are designed to help reduce foot pain and are made to fit into both traditional footwear and "additional depth" orthopedic shoes with unsurpassed technology.

    Superfeet Orange Premium Insoles

    The Superfeet Orange Premium Insoles were designed to fit the size and shape of men’s feet and footwear, improving shock absorption and control when running, walking or standing for long periods. Now with enhanced features such as a full forefoot shock panel and a new contouring rebound full length foam.

    Leg Length Lift, 6mm (1/4in)

    This product adds the given lift to individuals with length discrepancies. Flexible, molded polyurethane. 1/4"H, Mens 5-6, Womens 6-1/2 to 8-1/2.

    Evenup Shoelift ™- Small

    The Evenup helps prevent back, hip and knee injuries by leveling a patient's gait. It is the only removable, reusable and adjustable shoelift on the market.

    HEELMEDIX Advanced Heel Protectors-standard size

    Heelmedix heel protectors, designed with the help of clinicians, offer supreme offloading and foot drop protection as a vital part of your comprehensive skin management program.

    Prothotics Pressure Relief- (Mens- Size 11, Womens- Size 9)

    Prothotics Pressure Relief comfort insoles introduce mild support and extra comfort to your feet. This arch support is ideal for patients with painful feet or diabetes.

    OS1st BR4 Bunion Relief Sock Black-Medium

    The OS1st BR4 Bunion Relief Socks provide an anatomically correct split-toe design to separate the big toe from the rest of the toes to help with bunion pain. They feature a light-weight and breatheable design, 4 Zones of Graduated Compression, and an antimicrobial treatment to help control odor, these socks are perfect for comfort and support. They feature built-in padding on the inside joint of the big toe, where most bunions occur. They also provide a 360 degree blister protection and combined orthopedic support with circulatory safety of a graduated compression.

    QUADRASTEP® Orthotics Quad B

    The B QUAD Foot-Type is a mildly over-pronated foot type or Mild Pes Planus. The key characteristic of people with this foot type is that they tend to walk with a toe-in gait, which is commonly referred to as being pigeon-toed.

    Carbon Comfort Insoles- Women 8.5 -10 (Mens 7.5-9)

    Breakthrough design combines the strength of carbon fiber with ultralight foam to create one of our most innovative, high performance Superfeet insoles ever.

    Powerstep Pinnacle Dress Insoles - 3/4-Length size E mens 11-11.5

    The Powerstep Pinnacle Dress Insoles - 3/4-Length are a semi-rigid orthotic arch support that features a double layer of shock-absorbing EVA/VCT(variable cushioning technology) foam cushioning for enhanced comfort. The top of the insole is covered with a soft nylon fabric. They feature a non-slip pad under the heel that helps to ensure this insole stays in place day or night.

    PowerStep Full-Length Insoles

    The perfect blend of foot control, spring and life-long cushioning

    Spenco RX Arch Cushion

    For half sizes order the next size down.

    CaVus™ High Arch Half Soles

    FREEDOM® CaVus™ Foot High Arch Half Soles Builds on the standard BFO base with a soft, extended arch to ensure total contact without undue pressure. PORON® Cushioning Heel Pad gives added heel-strike protection for the rigid cavus foot. Durable, genuine leather top cover.

    Podus Boot

    Lightweight, quality plastic shell with poly/pile liner help treat and prevent lower extremity disorders associated with trauma or immobility including pressure necrosis, ankle contractures, and postoperative hip abduction or rotation. Adjustable toe extension helps protect toes from bedding. Anti-rotation bar may be repositioned to assist with internal or external rotation. Removable transfer pad on dorsal side for limited patient ambulating. Fits right or left foot.

    Berry - Size D (Womens 8.5-10, Mens 7.5-9)

    With a slimmer heel and an arch length to fit the proportions of the female foot, and a cushioned, shock-absorbing foam pad at the forefoot, Superfeet BERRY shoe inserts were designed for women who live on their feet. Made to replace the removable sock liner in roomy to moderate-fitting athletic footwear. Trim to fit your shoe size.

    QUADRASTEP® Orthotics Quad C

    The C QUAD Foot-Type is sometimes referred to as a Subtle Pes Cavus foot or an under-pronator, which means that the foot is not able to roll-in enough for ideal foot function but it’s not as severe as in a high arched foot. This foot-type has a fairly normal looking arch, they don’t have excessively flat feet or an arch that is too high. A key distinguishing feature of this foot-type is an obvious toe-out gait pattern. We call people with this foot type the “John Wayne walkers” and it is one of the most common foot-types, with over a quarter of the population having this foot-type.

    QUADRASTEP® Orthotics Quad D

    The D QUAD Foot-Type is a moderately over-pronated foot-type. This foot-type occurs when a Compensated Rearfoot Varus exists with a normal or neutral forefoot alignment. The E QUAD foot-Type is one of the most unique looking feet, often with a reverse-lasted foot shape. This foot-type is the result of a combined Uncompensated Rearfoot Varus, coupled with a large Rigid Forefoot Varus.

    QUADRASTEP® Orthotics Quad E

    The QUADRASTEP SYSTEM® is based on the different structural and functional aspects of the foot, categorizing them into 6 specific foot "types". Each foot type influences not only how you walk, but the conditions and symptoms that may effect you throughout your life. The QUADRASTEP SYSTEM® provides truly corrective prefabricated foot orthotics (not just arch supports) for adults that can bring immediate improvement to your symptoms! Your practitioner will select a device with the correct features for you, based on your foot type. QUADRASTEP® orthotics are the closest you can get to a custom orthotic, without the expense and wait!

    QUADRASTEP Orthotics Quad A

    The A QUAD Foot-Type is commonly thought of as an over-supinated or severe Pes Cavus foot, which means that the foot is rolling out too much. In layman’s terms if you have a very high arch or high instep you could have this foot-type. Other conditions that are associated with this foot-type are hammer toes and even bunions, this is because the toes tend to pull back or become clawed, particularly with age, and corns on the toes can develop from rubbing and pressure from footwear that doesn’t allow enough room for the hammer toes or doesn’t fit correctly. Because this foot tends to roll out more than it should someone with this foot-type is very prone to ankle sprains, and anyone with a history of ankle sprains is probably going to be either the A or C foot-type.

    ViscoHeel® Size 3 (Mens 7.5-10, Womens 8.5-11)

    The viscoelastic heel cushion ViscoHeel from Bauerfeind provides a soft cushion for the heel and therefore reduces shock loads on the ankle, knee, and hip with every step.

    QUADRASTEP® Orthotics Quad F

    The F QUAD Foot-Type is a commonly referred to as a Pes Planovalgus foot deformity because of its very poor alignment to the floor. This is a true "flat foot." The condition occurs when a Compensated Rearfoot Varus is coupled with a large Flexible Forefoot Varus (also called Forefoot Supinatus).

    Mepilex® Heel Dressings

    Mepilex Heel Dressings, 5"W x 8"L, 25/cs

    Multi-Ply Heel Protector

    The most economical heel protectors that provide pressure relief with three layers of synthetic sheepskin in the heel area.

    Men's Compete Posted Orthotics W/ Metatarsal Support L425

    Lynco Compete Orthotics are designed for active lifestyles, injury prevention and help to maintain overall fitness and health daily. This orthotic features our signature Aetrex Arch Support to help biomechanically align your body & help prevent common foot pain such as Plantar Fasciitis, Arch Pain and Metatarsalgia.

    Comfort Plus Orthotic

    The Comfort Plus TM orthotic with the built in met pad reduces pain associated with metatarsalgia and provides extra stability while minimizing bulk and allows for an easy fit due to its low profile. The polypropylene shell will support the arch while our Poron layer offers continuous comfort under the arch, metatarsals, and heel.

    Powerstep Pinnacle Dress Full-Length Insoles

    Full length, total contact support with a supple top cover that conforms to the foot with extended use Firm but flexible contoured neutral arch support with a low, flat heel cradle and a non-slip pad at the heel to hold orthotic in place for increased comfort, stability, and motion control for those with standard arches Premium dual-layer support cushioning in a low-profile design for enhanced comfort from heel to toe in lower profile shoes Perfect balance of comfort and support that stabilizes and aligns the feet to help relieve and prevent pain from mild to moderate pronation Moveable from shoe to shoe with no trimming required

    Aetrex 50750 Gel Heel Cradles-Neutral

    Recommended for relief from plantar fasciitis or general heel pain, these unique Aetrex heel cradles are clinically proven to absorb shock and cushion painful heels. Soft Gel plugs provide relief at the most sensitive areas, while the medial extension helps support the arch. Made from a medical grade PLATINUM Gel to provide immediate relief from rearfoot discomfort.

    Visco-Gel Universal Metatarsal Strap, Covered, L/XL

    Visco-GEL® Universal Metatarsal Straps cushion and protect forefoot.

    Powerstep Comfort Last Insole- Size 3

    Powerstep Comfort Last Insole combines shock-absorbing gel technology and slow-recovery foam for maximum comfort. Its plush cushioning throughout the full length of the insole and shock-absorbing gel at the heel softens the impact of each step. It features VCT Variable Cushioning Technology – a high-performance foam formulation that provides targeted and controlled cushioning with a soft, supportive feel. Its foam softens and conforms to the foot over time taking a custom-like impression of the foot. Its anatomically contoured shape incorporates an arch support and heel cradle for enhanced comfort. It is ideal for all-day comfort in any dress, casual or athletic shoe, or increased support while walking or jogging.

    U-Shape Gel Callus Pad, 2/pk, 4pks/cs

    U-Shape Gel Callus Pad U-shaped lesion cushion with beveled edges surrounds, cushions, and transfers pressure off of calluses. Self-stick soft purple gel. Washable and reusable. Pads are packaged in packs of 2; 4 packs per order.

    PowerStep Pinnacle Wide Fit - Neutral Arch Supporting Insoles

    The PowerStep® Pinnacle Wide Fit full length insoles have a wider profile with built-in neutral arch support and two layers of plush cushioning that are the perfect balance of comfort and support. The Pinnacle Wide Fit insoles feature the signature PowerStep arch shape but with a firmer arch support to resist "bottoming out" under weight. The Pinnacle Wide Fit insoles cradle the arch and heel, adding stability and motion control to limit excess stress on feet, ankles, joints, and tendons. The Pinnacle Wide Fit insoles fit shoe widths 3E - 6E.

    Redi-Thotics FREEDOM Orthotics

    FREEDOM orthotics offer increased comfort for patients who cannot tolerate typical orthotics. An extra layer of cushioning reduces impact forces and gently cradles the arch for increased comfort.

    Men's Compete Orthotics - Insoles for Active Lifestyles- Size 9

    Designed specifically for comfort, support and weight redistribution in athletic, walking and comfort footwear. These tri-density orthotics feature a Pro-Shox® top cover for superior cushioning and shock absorption. Pro-Shox’s high-tech polyester fibers wick moisture away from the foot and provide a cool, friction free surface to prevent blisters and other foot problems.

    Adjustable Heel Lifts

    Peel off layers to easily adjust height.

    Silipos Arthritic/Diabetic Gel Socks

    Silipos® Arthritic/Diabetic Gel Socks help to reduce friction, abrasion, shear forces and callus formation. Help prevent foot ulcerations. These conditions often occur as a part of major systemic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, or arthritis. Provides optimum protection for the neuropathic foot. Serves as soft tissue supplement for fat pad atrophy.

    3-Layer Toe Separators, Medium, Pack of 6

    PediFix 3-Layer Toe Separators Separate crooked, overlapping and toes that rub to relieve between toe corns, blisters, pinching and cramping. Soft cushions soothe and prevent irritations by absorbing pressure with their durable, three-layer-foam design.

    Orthotics & Insoles