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    Incentive Spirometer, Post-Surg 2500ML

    Help patients perform and monitor post-surgical breathing exercises. One-way valve ensures patients inhale rather than exhale. Highly visible pistons and universal graphics indicate correct inspiratory flow rate. **This item is not returnable or refundable**

    Peak Flow Meter

    Measures the force of air expelled from the lungs. Gives early warning of airway deterioration. Portable design allows use anywhere! Features a fold-down handle and red, yellow and green sliders for measuring your peak flow zone. Reusable and intended for pediatric or adult single patient use.

    Expiratory Pressure Valve

    The exspiratory pressure valve connects directly to the Respiratory pressure meter and onto it isplaced a bacterial/viral filter. It is then recommended that a flanged mouthpiece is connected to the filter to ensure a good seal and avoid any leakage of air.

    Inspiratory Pressure Valve

    Inspiratory Pressure Valve, for use when performing (MIP) maximum inspiratory pressure manoeuvres.

    Flanged Mouthpiece

    Rubber Flanged Mouthpiece- pack of 10

    EMST 150 Trainer by Aspire

    The EMST 150 is the first calibrated expiratory muscle strength trainer designed specifically for individuals who want to enhance their breathing and swallow function. It was created by physiologists who recognized the importance of people with different needs to train muscles involved in their activities and also be able to measure their progress over time.

    Acapella Flutter Valve. High-Flow- Green

    The green model of this acapella device is high flow, working more than 15 LPM for three seconds.

    MicroRPM Respiratory Pressure Meter

    Combined, mouth and nasal pressure measurements • Clear digital display of the results • Small, portable and lightweight • Latest piezo resistive pressure sensing technology • Battery operated and complete with all accessories in a sturdy carrying case • Easy to use

    Vibralung® Acoustical Percussor Airway Clearance Therapy Device

    Vibralung® Acoustical Percussor Airway Clearance Therapy Device

    Bleep DreamPort CPAP Mask

    Light, flexible and free of any headgear DreamPorts adhesive straps create secured seal and no red marks Disposable design reduces bacteria Bleep contours to the face for perfect fit

    Bleep DreamPort with Adhesive

    The DreamPorts are designed exclusively for use with the Bleep DreamWay CPAP. Each box comes with 32 adhesive ports for 16 nights of use

    Adult Trach Masks case of 50

    Swivel snout accommodates multiple patient positions. Transparent mask allows clear view for patient assessment. Elastic strap with end caps are adjustable and easy to thread.

    Wizard 310 Nasal CPAP Mask With Headgear , Medium

    The new Wizard 310 Nasal CPAP Mask offers a comfortable and flexible mask frame that is easy to assemble and fit.


    Threshold PEP is used for airway clearance, bronchial hygiene, or as an alternative to chest physical therapy.


    Features Compact, angled Mid-sized combined filter/HME for tidal volumes up to 1000mL Bacterial efficiency 99.9999%; viral efficiency 99.99+% This product is required to be reported under California Proposition 65

    Avanos KimVent Heat and Moisture Exchanger-Heat / Moisture Exchanger, with Filter, Trach Care, TV1500

    Our HMEs ensure effective moisture and heat retention, minimizing the moisture loss of the patient. Features include: Low resistance to flow; Light weight; Flexible designs for different tidal volumes

    Adult Aerosol mask 50/Case

    Adult Aerosol mask CS/50

    Drive Oxygen Masks - Case of 50

    Transparent mask made with soft anatomical form for better fit. Wide adjustable elastic strap. Case of 50.

    Drive Nebulizer Kit 600 for Power Neb II Nebulizer includes Medication Cup, 7' Crush Resistant Tubing, and Adult Aerosol Mask**This item is not returnable or refundable**

    Drive Nebulizer Kit 600 for Power Neb II Nebulizer includes Medication Cup, 7' Crush Resistant Tubing, and Adult Aerosol Mask, CASE OF 50

    Compartment Style Compressor Nebulizer

    Includes disposable neb kit and tubing Attractive, Sleek Design Durable, Quiet System Piston-Driven Compressor Convenient Storage Compartment

    Pulmonetic Ventilator Circuit Support Arm

    Pulmonetic Ventilator Circuit Support Arm

    Disposable Aerosol Masks, Adult

    Airlife Disposable Aerosol Masks are masks made from high-grade resins. These Disposable masks are more sanitary and convenient then cleaning and reusing old masks. These masks are an under the chin style for an ideal fit. Airlife Aerosol masks feature soft, smooth edges that reduce irritation and enhance comfort. These aerosol masks are designed to be used with nebulizers to deliver aerosol medications to patients. These Nebulizer aerosol masks are anatomically compatible with adults and children for normal aerosol flow. Features and Benefits Smooth Feathered Edges Reduced Irritation Points Lightweight and Breathable Specifications Aerosol Mask Product Numbers: 001206, 001263 Under the Chin Style Available in Adult and Pediatric Sizes

    Devilbiss Traveler Compressop Nebulizer Air Inlet Filters (5) & Cover (1)

    Air Inlet Filter for 6910 DeVilbiss Traveler Replace filter every 30 days or when it appears dirty Comes in pack of 5 filters

    EMST75 Lite

    With the EMST75, the IA150 creates a dual-purpose inspiratory-expiratory device Available with the adapter**

    BPS Freedom V2 Travel CPAP Battery + Machine Cable Kits

    Enjoy similar features and impressive upgrades with the new and improved Freedom V2 Travel CPAP Battery Kit. Here's what's changed from the original Freedom Battery: 20% longer runtimes; native compatibility with AirSense, DreamStation, AirMini, S9 Family; no more bulky adapters; and powers both 12V and 24V machines.

    Oxygen Enrichment Attachment

    The oxygen enrichment attachment is used to add oxygen inline to any CPAP or bi-level CPAP air cicuit. The use of an oxygen pressure valve is required to prevent backflow of oxygen into the CPAP machine.

    Hand Held Respiratory Muscle Trainer

    Drug-Free Respiratory Exerciser Device Therapy Natural Mucus Relief with Stronger Lungs, Black

    Inner Cannula for Blue Line Ultra® Tracheostomy Tubes 50/Case

    Inner Cannula for 7.0 mm Tube Inner Cannula I.D. 6.0 mm


    Quietly remove moisture and musty odors from damp areas. Set relative humidity from 35 to 80%. 3 fan speeds. "Full" bucket indicator and auto shutoff. Washable filter. Connect dehumidifier to garden hose for continuous drainage.

    CPAP Ruby Chin Strap-Medium

    Product Highlights Ideal for those who tend to be mouth-breathers Comfortable and easy to use Ensures oxygen flow while sleeping Not made with natural rubber latex

    The O2 Remote System

    Included: 1 O2Remote oxygen tube reel; 1 remote; lanyard; plastic flap; velcro strap; 7ft Tube extension; swivel coupler; swivel clip; AC adapter. The device can be hung on a wide variety of collection containers (NOT included). We recommend a 13 gallon kitchen trash bin, or a 10 gallon office trash bin. These type of containers can be found at and entering the search phrase "13 gallon swing lid trash can" ; or by going to and entering the search phrase "10 gallon office trash can".

    AG Industries, ProBasics Domestic 6' CPAP Tubing

    The AG Industries CPAP Replacement Tubing provides patients receiving CPAP therapy with the superior performance and durability they expect. It is made of high-quality silicone and rubber with scientific technology and cutting-edge processing.

    CORR A FLEX II Corrugated Tubing

    CORR A FLEX II Corrugated Tubing, is a conveniently disposable, flexible, and lightweight corrugated tubing that comes in easy-to-trim pre-cut lengths with cuttable cuffs at every 6 inches. The 22 millimeter cuffs securely attach to most 22 millimeter respiratory applications with a lockable collar that can easily slip onto the adapters.

    AERO CHAMBER Plus Z with Large ComfortSeal Mask**This item is not returnable or refundable**

    AeroTrach Plus Anti-Static Valved Holding Chamber provides comfortable aerosol delivery for the tracheostomy patient with special needs. This economical system quickly delivers medicine straight to the patient's lungs with minimal discomfort. AeroTrach Plus features a VHC anti-static polymer chamber that minimizes static charge and provides consistent aerosol availability. A clear chamber allows caregivers to see the amount of medication readily available. The Standard 15mm adapters connect firmly in place for exceptional aerosol delivery without excessive torque when connecting or disconnecting the device.

    Aerobika Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure Therapy System

    Regain your quality of life with the Aerobika Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure OPEP respiratory therapy device by Monaghan Medical. This PEP Therapy System creates pressure in the lungs to keep the airway from closing and help move mucus into the larger airway where it may be coughed out. This therapy system is life changing for people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, (COPD) pneumonia, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, bronchiectasis and cystic fibrosis. The Aerobika device naturally opens weak or collapsed airways to allow for more oxygen intake without medication. Movement of mucus has been clinically proven to decrease cough frequency and breathlessness. Individuals with COPD who use this device have found an increased exercise tolerance to allow for a more active lifestyle and better quality of life.

    Generation II Pneumatic Conserver w/Dual Lumen Cannula, 5'

    Widely recognized as the most reliable conserving device on the market, the dual-lumen pneumatic conserver provides the best combination of size, weight and functionality.

    MABIS® Steam Inhaler

    Helps relieve allergy, cold, flu and sinusitis symptoms. Provides therapy in only 7-8 minutes. Features soothing, steady vapor, optimum temperature stability and variable steam adjustment. Soft, flexible mask conforms to face for a custom fit. Generous 5-foot power cord includes on/off power switch. Ideal for aromatherapy.

    The Adult Oxygen Mask - CASE OF 50

    The Adult Oxygen Mask provides patients with comfortable and high-quality oxygen therapy. It is designed with a soft anatomical shape, elastic straps and adjustable aluminum nose clips for a comfortable and secure fit.

    Schuco S330A Suction

    Schuco-Vac S330A Aspirator with 800 cc canister, tubing, filter and molded base is a Suction Aspirator that is durable and problem free. Suction aspirators can be used for general drainage. Some other general uses are gastric drainage, thoracic drainage, surgical procedures, dental suction or ear, nose and throat drainage. Use only as directed by a doctor.

    Respiratory Therapy