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    AeroTrach Plus Anti-Static Valved Holding Chamber provides comfortable aerosol delivery for the tracheostomy patient with special needs. This economical system quickly delivers medicine straight to the patient's lungs with minimal discomfort. AeroTrach Plus features a VHC anti-static polymer chamber that minimizes static charge and provides consistent aerosol availability. A clear chamber allows caregivers to see the amount of medication readily available. The Standard 15mm adapters connect firmly in place for exceptional aerosol delivery without excessive torque when connecting or disconnecting the device.

    AeroTrach Plus aVHC Aerosol Delivery Respiratory Management delivers Consistent concentrations of medication only on inspiration, and exceptional particle suspension time delivers cost-effective treatment. The exhalation valve is highly durable and designed to facilitate low resistance to exhaled flow. AeroTrach Plus also has a built-in tampering and damage protection feature for peace of mind.

    Features and Benefits

    • Comfortable Aerosol Therapy for Special Needs Patients
    • Consistent Concentrations Delivered Only on Inspiration
    • Anti-static Polymer Chamber Minimizes Static Charge and Provides Consistent Aerosol Availability
    • Quickly Delivers Medicine Straight to the Patient's Lungs with Minimal Discomfort
    • Standard 15mm Adapters' Connection fits Tightly for Exceptional Aerosol Delivery
    • Particle Suspension Time Delivers Cost-effetive Treatment
    • Low Resistance to Exhaled Flow
    • Built-in Tampering Protection Feature
    • Durable Exhalation Valve
    • Clear Chamber Allows Caregiver to View the Amount of Medicine Readily Available

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