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    VORTEX Non-Electrostatic Holding Chamber w/ Adult Mask

    Vortex Non Electrostatic Holding Chamber is a metal valved holding chamber that minimizes static charge and ensures patients receive a more consistent dose of medication delivery as compared to plastic.
    Product #: 235VORP

    VORTEX Non-Electrostatic Holding Chamber

    Metal Chamber, Less Plastic, Better Delivery

    Metered dose inhalers are an integral part of respiratory therapy, but require hand-breath coordination for effective delivery of medication. PARI VORTEX helps minimize the technique and breath coordination required with MDIs by creating a space between the MDI and the mouth allowing the speed of the medication to slow as well as suspending the medication in the chamber for a short period. This allows you to breathe normally and maximize medication delivery to your lungs.

    • Works with commonly prescribed MDIs
    • Dishwasher safe, can be disinfected by boiling
    • Not made from BPA or Latex
    • Mouthpiece cap protects chamber from unwanted debris
    • What's Included: VORTEX non-electrostatic holding chamber with adult mask, mouthpiece cap, Instructions for Use

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