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    AW Venodonne

    **FSS CONTRACT 36F79723D0004** Use with Open or Closed Toe Hosiery!

    Arion Easy-Slide, Leg, for Open toe stockings

    Putting on compression stockings can be very difficult. For many wearers of stockings this can be a laborious daily task. To solve this problem, Arion has developed the Easy-Slide, a highly effective, easy-to-use application aid for putting on open-toe style compression stockings.

    Doff N' Donner

    The revolutionary donning device for all compression socks and stockings.

    Easy On/Off Sock Aid Kit

    Plastic molded Sock-Aid holds the sock open and allows the foot to be pushed into the sock. Available in 4" and 5" wide kits. Replacement doffer can be purchased below.

    Rotating Stocking Donner

    This rehabilitation advantage stocking donner aid measures 50cm tall x 13cm wide x 20cm deep. It includes 2 extended handle arms which make for an easy, no-reach, comfortable use. These unique extra long extended handle arms add extreme helpfulness for individuals to put a sock or stocking on independently.

    Stocking Donner

    Designed to help individuals with limited strength and mobility pull on vascular stockings.

    Jobst Compression Stockings Donning Gloves

    Jobst Compression Stockings Donning Gloves These cotton knit gloves are designed to assist in donning or doffing of compression stockings. Gloves are coated in blue latex to provide the best possible grip on your compression garments. In addition to a better grip, the gloves let you handle stockings without tearing or ripping them—damage that can be caused by uncovered fingernails or jewelry.

    Medi Assure Butler Application Aid

    Easy to use Economical and time saving Gentle donning of hosiery

    Medi Arm Butler Application Aid Device

    medi has a wide range of butler donning aids to support patients in the application of compression stockings. Butlers allow stockings to be easily donned from a sitting position and enable the wearer to pull the stocking on without having to reach their feet or ankles. The medi butler assortment allows patients to overcome donning challenges with ease.

    Vario Butler Compression Stocking Aid Device with an Adj. Handle Length

    Due to the compressive nature of stockings used in the management of lymphedema and other edemas, donning the stockings can be quite difficult. The Vario Butler is a highly effective and durable tool for simplifying the process of donning compression stockings thereby alleviating the daily stress of the application routine. The Vario Butler has adjustable height handles.


    Donning and doffing device for compression stockings

    Dycem 8 x 11 Donning Assistance for JoviWear

    Helping make the donning of your compression garment easy, the JoviPak® Dycem® sheet is a great alternative to other more expensive donning aids

    Latex Free Donning Gloves, PAIR

    Donning Gloves are a high quality, latex-free donning option that feature a non-slip, easy grip surface on the palm and fingers to help ease your compression garment on while protecting the fabric from punctures caused by jewelry or fingernails.

    Juzo Slippie Gator Sets and Accessories

    Juzo's Slippie Gator was designed to be a lightweight, easy-to-use, donning and doffing device for both open and closed toe compression stockings/socks. When used with the Juzo Easy Pad (included), the Slippie-Gator provides nearly hands-free donning and doffing capability, which minimizes bending at the waist.

    Medi Butler Off

    medi Butler Stocking donning aid Economical and time saving Simple to use Supports patient compliance

    Compression Stocking or Sock Aid Doffer

    The latest innovation for removing compression hosiery, regular socks or stockings.

    Jobst Roll-On Adhesive (2oz bottle)

    For the fixation of compression garments. JOBST® Roll-on Adhesive is a water-soluble adhesive lotion for securing medical compression garments to arms and legs.

    Compression Donning Devices