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    DALC Compression Stocking Open Toe Knee High 20-30 mmHg

    To receive National Contract Bulk Pricing must order 6 pairs or more of the same style and size.

    DALC Compression Stocking Closed Toe Knee High 30-40 mmHG

    To receive National Contract Bulk Pricing must order 6 pairs or more of the same style and size.

    DALC Compression Stocking Closed Toe Knee High 20-30 mmHG

    To receive National Contract Bulk Pricing must order 6 pairs or more of the same style and size.

    AW 152 Compression Stockings Closed Toe Knee Highs - 15-20mmHg

    *FSS CONTRACT V797D-30191** Our 15-20 mmHg Support Hosiery is the product most commonly recommended by physicians, which is why we offer a selection of styles in it! If you're looking for variety in highly durable hosiery with the opaqueness to mask varicosity, blemishes, and scarring, we have you covered. With a reinforced toe and heel and a comfortable, non-constricting top band, you can't go wrong! Durable construction at a great value.

    AW 212/ 205 Thigh High Compression Stockings 20-30 mmHG

    Medical Support Closed Toe Thigh Highs with Silicone Dot Band in 20-30 mmHg are stylish, practical, and beneficial! Our Ames Walker Medical Support stockings are top quality and made in the USA with a price you can't beat anywhere.

    AW 216/316 Compression Stocking, Closed Toe Plus Size Pantyhose

    *FSS CONTRACT V797D-30191** Choose a size and color.

    AW 301 WIDE CALF Compression Stockings Open Toe Knee Highs - 30-40 mmHg

    These AW Style 301 WIDE CALF Compression Stockings Open Toe Knee Highs are what the doctor recommended! Comes in pair.

    AW 76 Compression Stockings, 8-15 mmHg, Closed Toe Knee High

    Compares with the best, for less. FINALLY, a graduated support sheer knee-high that looks and feels like traditional fashion hosiery! This item is great for light to moderate support and for everyday business wear, to make your legs feel great and relieve aching legs or mild leg or ankle swelling.

    AW Men’s Compression Dress Socks **FSS CONTRACT V797D-30191

    **FSS CONTRACT V797D-30191 Ames Walker Style 100 Ames Walker Style 101 (15-20 mmHG)/104 (20-30 mmHg) Ames Walker Style 128 Merino Wool Diabetic Crew Socks

    AW Style 234 Men's Black Closed Toe Fly Front Leotard - 20-30 mmHg

    Unique Ames Walker Style 234 compares with products selling well over $100! Our men's waist-length, 20-30 mmHg compression leotard, designed just for men is Medical Support, closed toe, graduated compression. This is a masculine, full-length garment, for treatment of upper and lower leg circulatory problems. This unique product features a brief-like top, with a built-in fly opening...FINALLY, for men!

    AW Style 257 Microfiber Opaque Closed Toe Thigh High w/Dot Silicone Band - 15-20 mmHg- Sand

    Our Ames Walker Style 257 Microfiber Opaque Thigh Highs are clinically proven to help relieve symptoms of tired, aching legs, mild varicose veins, leg swelling, and they're effective for post-sclerotherapy treatment. The microfiber material is easier to get on and off, and extra comfortable while worn. A reinforced heel and toe add to its' durability. Great product, great price!

    AW Style 2712 Ulcer Care Knee High Plus Liners Kit- Sand - 30-40 mmHg

    Ulcerated legs require special attention, and AW has just the right stocking kit to bring relief and speed recovery. This kit provides superior clinical effectiveness in the management of venous leg ulcers with a simple 2 part system.

    AW Style 315 Compression Stocking Closed Toe Thigh Highs w/Sili Dot Band - 30-40 mmHg-Beige

    Ames Walker Style 315 Medical Support Closed Toe Thigh Highs in 30-40 mmHg aid any patient recovering from an operation. The severe compression level will often times be prescribed by a doctor, for those on bed rest. This thigh high has a silicone top band for stay up power, a reinforced heel for durability, and is a quality product at an affordable price!

    AW Style 391OT Luxury Opaque Open Toe Knee Highs - 30-40 mmHg

    Help relieve severe edema, symptoms of Deep Vein Thrombosis and Chronic Venous Insufficiency with our Ames Walker exclusive Extra Firm Luxury Opaque Open Toe Knee High Stockings! These stockings are designed to provide 30-40 mmHg graduated compression where you need it most. The Two-way stretch provides extra comfort and easier application.

    AW Style 630 Sports Performance Knee High Socks - 15-20 mmHg

    Comes in pair. White. Our AW Style 630 Sports Performance Knee High Socks are great for any athletic activity or everyday wear.

    AW Style 632/633 Diabetic Knee High Socks - 8-15 mmHg (3 pairs)

    Available in white and black. The Ames Walker 632 Diabetic Knee High Socks help promote healthy legs and feet, especially for anyone who suffers from symptoms of diabetes.

    AW Style Closed Toe Maternity Pantyhose 206/306

    **FSS CONTRACT V797D-30191 Choose a size and color.

    AW Style Coolmax Anklet Socks

    This Ames Walker Style Coolmax sports sock is so comfortable, it doubles as a diabetic sock! For men and women, these ankle socks from Ames Walker feature Coolmax® fibers for high performance and superior moisture wicking. Additional features include reciprocated heel and toe pockets for extra comfort, a shock-absorbing full-cushioned foot, and a virtually seamless toe!

    AW Styles Coolmax Over-the-Calf Socks

    Our #1 selling sock! Ames Walker graduated compression Coolmax knee-high socks give you a new level of comfort in a support sock. These 120 /125 /150 socks are ideal for casual wear, and are available in black, white, and khaki. ** FSS CONTRACT V797D-30191** *

    Coolmax Compression Socks- Crew

    Ames Walker Style crew-length sock gives you a new level of comfort in a support sock, at a terrific price.


    The ExoAnklet provides the user with the perfect amount of support and 18-26 mmHg compression. Made for the management of mild to moderate lymphedema or non-blood related Edema. This anklet provides optimal comfort by having softer material around the toes and heel so your feet do not feel cramped when wearing the compression anklet. Also, it is made without any natural latex so people who have sensitivities to latex do not need to worry about having a reaction.

    Circaid Juxtalite Lower Leg System

    The Juxta Lite™ lower leg compression wrap is an inelastic, ready-to-wear garment providing mild to heavy compression for treating venous diseases and is also an excellent alternative for those who lack the strength or dexterity to use traditional compression stockings Compression (20-30, 30-40, 40-50 mmHg).

    ReadyWrap Thigh

    Solaris Ready Wrap Thigh is indicated for those with lymphedema, venous issues, such as varicose veins and venous insufficiency, and other forms of edema.

    ExoStrong Below Knee, Knit Top Open Toe

    ExoStrong compression stockings are made from a flat knit fabric, like custom garments, but are available in standard sizes. You get the same high containment of custom, for a lot less money.

    Jobst Opaque 30-40 mmHg Open Toe Thigh High w/ Silicone Dot Band

    JOBST Opaque hoisery is designed to look and feel just like elegant opaque legwear. Softness, ease-of-donning and a light-weight design are core attributes of JOBST Opaque, making this gradient compression stocking ideal for any occasion.

    Circaid Compression Anklet

    Compression socks gives light compression to the foot and ankle.

    Circaid Juxtafit Premium Interlocking Ankle Foot Wrap For Pain Relief

    Provides ankle and foot coverage. Interlocking heel band design enables adjustment for the foot length.

    ReadyWrap Knee

    Solaris Ready Wrap Knee Wrap is indicated for those with lymphedema, venous issues, such as varicose veins and venous insufficiency, and other forms of edema

    Microfine Toe Caps, Sand Color

    Microfine Toe Caps, Sand Color Intended to provide Class I compression and to be used instead of toe bandaging. They are made out of thin, breathable material and have fine seams. The toe lengths can be customized by trimming and material will not fray or roll when cut. Microfine ensures a comfortable fit that does not restrict the range of motion. Ambidextrous; four off-the-shelf sizes.

    Covidien TED Hose Thigh High Closed Toe Anti-Embolism Compression Stockings

    Thigh length compression stocking designed for continued care of the recuperating patient.

    Knee High classic Black Open Toe 15-20 mmHg compression stockings

    Ultrasheer Open Toe Knee High 15-20 mmHg Moderate Compression Stockings are lightweight, comfortable and highly effective in optimizing leg health. They prevent odors and keep away any moisture to ensure feet stay cool and dry. Nylon and spandex yarns combined with a silicone blend softener for easier donning and comfort while the seamless circular knitted gives soft, silky look and comfortable feel.

    White TED Hose Knee High Closed Toe, Long

    T.E.D. Anti-embolism Stockings are designed to speed blood flow with graduated compression but are different from support stockings or compression hose in that they are used for non-ambulatory convalescing persons to prevent blood clots. This product is required to be reported under California Proposition 65. T.E.D. anti-embolism stockings are clinically proven to reduce DVT up to 50%1 and to promote increased blood flow velocity in the legs 138%2 of baseline by compression of the deep venous system.

    Cramer ESS Ankle Compression Sleeve

    The unique knitted design provides mild support to the joint without the restriction of a traditional knitted sleeve. The patented, articulated joint does not bunch or bind, which helps minimize the irritation so common in other sleeves. Targeted areas of graduated compression above-

    Circaid, Reduction Kit, Lower Leg, Wide, Long, 40cm

    Indications Early phase decongestion treatment of lymphedema. Features: Inelastic compression. Breathable fabric that improves comfort and compliance. Juxtaposed band system for a perfect fit. Easily customized on a per-patient basis. Easy handling when donning and doffing. Built-In-Tension System supports a repeatable level of tension. Adjustable to your specific patient’s needs

    Jobst For Men 20-30.mmHg Firm Casual Knee High Support Socks, Khaki

    If you're looking for casual knee high men's support socks to treat your chronic venous insufficiency or leg swelling, you may have come to the right place - introducing Jobst for Men 20-30 mmHg Firm Casual Knee High Support Socks. Sold as Pairs.

    Women/Maternity Compression Socks 15-20 MMHG

    **FSS CONTRACT V797D-30191** This is an elegant, lightweight trouser sock designed just for you. With a light rib and lots of support, your legs will look and feel great during pregnancy. • 15-20 mmHg compression • Elegant, lightweight design • Fiber Content: 90% Nylon, 10% Spandex • Sold as a pair More comfortable than traditional Compression hose!

    Therafirm Men's and Women's Open-Toe Anklet (each) 20-30 mmHg

    Therafirm Moderate Support 20-30 mmHg Men's and Women's Open-Toe Anklet This support ankle sleeve with 20-30 mmHg compression at the ankle to help reduce swelling and discomfort that comes from being too long on your feet, swelling due to edema and excess fluid build up around the ankle. Can be worn discreetly under socks with very little bulk. Ankle-length stocking features non-slip knit-in band for greater comfort. Two-way stretch nylon and spandex in open-toe style. Sold individually as single.

    Medi Forte Open Toe Knee Highs - 30-40 mmHg, VI, Reg/Reg

    By providing a high working pressure and maximum pressure stability throughout the day, Mediven Forte provides a deep massaging effect and maximum containment in a circular knit stocking. The perfect choice prior to using flat knit custom stockings, durable Mediven Forte can treat even the most advanced venous disease and stage 0-1 lymphedema. Patented Clima-Comfort releases moisture for soothing temperature control whatever the season. Innovative ClimaFresh provides odor protection and prevents bacteria and germ growth within the fabric.

    Medi Duomed Patriot Men's Ribbed Closed Toe Knee High Socks - 20-30 mmHg, Black

    Introducing duomed patriot, a soft, breathable, classic ribbed-style sock. Designed for all-day wearing comfort, duomed patriot fits naturally with professional and casual outfits. The 20-30 mmHg knee highs have a comfortable knit top band and reinforced heel for maximum durability.

    Jobst Ultrasheer Pantyhose 15-20 mmHg Moderate Support

    Whoever thought compression pantyhose could be compression effective, as well as incredibly attractive? These Jobst sheer pantyhose are truly just as good looking as they are promoters of leg health.

    Closed Toe 20-30 mmHg Zipper Compression Stockings

    ORIGINAL CLOSED TOE FULL LENGTH - Zipper Compression Socks You Know And Love, Now With Closed Toe Full Length That Can Be Worn All Day Long For Maximum Support.

    Jobst UlcerCare Stocking w/ Zipper, 40mmHg

    The new 2-in-1 compression system for the treatment of venous stasis ulcers. JOBST® new UlcerCare system provides graduated compression of 40mmHg, along with a high stiffness factor to provide effective healing of venous leg ulcers. Now available in 7 sizes to fit almost any leg, JOBST® UlcerCare comes standard with 2 liners that contain silk for easier donning. This improved design can be ordered with the zipper on the left or right side, so it is opposite the wound and has a new locking mechanism to keep the zipper closed.

    Thigh High Closed Toe Stockings / Unisex-Dot Top 30-40mmHg

    Designed to help relieve moderate conditions associated with poor circulation. Truform medical stockings feature classic styling and a smooth knit texture fabric that conceals unsightly blemishes. Color options are basic neutrals for all-occasion wear. For men & women.

    OS1st WP4 Wellness Crew Socks

    The OS1st WP4 Wellness Crew Socks are the latest from OS1st' Socks with Purpose® program. These wellness socks are strategically designed for individuals who suffer from diabetes, sensitive feet, neuropathy, edema, and poor circulation. They feature 4 Zones of Compression Technology from light to moderate, to help improve circulation with a mid-foot arch support structure that allows your feet the additional stability they need. They are designed with a Nano Bamboo Charcoal material that is seamless and moisture-wicking, with additional padding in the toe and heel to help reduce pain and friction.

    OS1st FS4+ Compression Bracing Socks

    The OS1st FS4+ Compression Bracing Socks are designed as an all-in-one performance running and recovery sock. They feature OS1st's proprietary design with FS6 technology helping to strengthen your foot and leg structure, providing relief for ankle swelling, varicose veins, plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, heel and arch pain, and shin splints. The FS4+ features a medical-grade, 4 Zones of Compression Technology that is designed for proper foot support and leg support, helping to prevent injuries. They are developed with the highest quality, soft moisture-wicking fabric that contains an anti-odor treatment with additional padding in all the right places.

    CircAid Comfort Knee High Liners (Footless)

    CircAid Comfort Knee High Liners (Footless)Comfort Knee High Leg Liners are worn under CircAid compression garments. They are soft and comfortable against the skin. This footless style is available in two different fabrics. A cotton/lycra blend.

    AW Style 400 Anti-Embolism Inspection Toe Knee High Stockings - 18 mmHg

    Ames Walker Style 400 Knee High Stockings are hospital style anti-embolism stockings with a great fit and price! Patient-friendly, medically correct anti-embolism stockings provide maximum comfort while delivering precise graduated compression to the legs. Great replacement for your current inspection-toe style hospital stockings.

    Carolon Company Knee Length Nylon Stocking, Knee Length, Nylon, LG-REG -

    Nylon Stocking, Knee Length, Regular, Size L, PAIR

    Open Toe 15-20 mmHg Moderate Zipper Compression Circulation Leg Swelling Socks

    These Zipper Compression Socks Offers True Graduated Compression To Provide Therapeutic Pressure As It Helps To Decrease In Leg Fatigue, Aching Feet, And Swollen Ankles.

    Compreshorts 2XL Max

    Compreshorts is a mild, supportive compression garment for the abdomen and thigh. The garment offers 10-15mmHg of compression .

    AW 200 WIDE CALF Closed Toe Knee Highs - 20-30 mmHg Compression Stockings

    Our Medical Support Hosiery is the product most commonly recommended by physicians, which is why we offer a wide selection of styles. This Ames Walker Style 200 WIDE Closed Toe Knee High in 20-30 mmHg compression offers medical-grade compression to treat your swelling, spider or varicose veins and helps prevent against symptoms of DVT. If you're looking for variety in highly durable hosiery with the opaqueness to mask varicosity, blemishes, and scarring, we have you covered.

    Sigvaris Compreboot Lite - 10-15 mmHg

    The Sigvaris Compreboot Lite is designed to help manage mild edema and lymphedema in the foot. Made of breathable stretch fabric, this ultra-thin profile and a highly adjustable garment offers mild 10-15 mmHg therapeutic compression where you need it most and can easily fit into most footwear!

    Hip and Groin Brace- Thigh Compression-Left, Large

    SOOTHE YOUR GROIN & HIP PAIN TODAY Lightning Fast and Effective Support, Stability and Hugging Compression Our Newly Improved Groin and Thigh Support Gives You the Most Comfortable and Breathable Experience You Could Dream of. Recover Faster, Be More Active and Get Moving Freely Again

    Sigvaris Compreboot Plus

    The Compreboot Plus is an inelastic compression device for the foot and ankle. The garment includes a chip foam lining with removable straps for custom positioning and improved fit.

    Athletic Recovery Socks Calf-White Medium 15-20mmHG, Closed Toe

    SIGVARIS Athletic Recovery Socks help flush out the lactic acids built up in the leg during exercise, relieving tired, aching legs and exercise-induced muscle soreness.

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