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    Circaid Juxtafit Premium- Lower leg

    Circaid juxtafit premium lower leg allows for quick and easy application and requires minimal adjustments without removal to help maintain required gradient compression levels. The garment can be worn 24 hours a day with the juxtaposed bands being slightly loosened for night time wear. The comfortable design gives excellent leg coverage and allows patient to manage their Lymphedema while maintaining an independent lifestyle. juxtafit premium offers the best value and durability with a 1 year warranty when proper wear and care instructions are followed. The system includes 1 juxtafit legging, 1 pair of compressive undersocks, 1 pac band, and 1 Built-In-Pressure System card for quickly and accurately verifying the application of prescribed compression levels.
    • Inelastic compression wrap for venous & lymphatic conditions
    • Juxtaposing bands make application & removal easy
    • Patented Built-In-Pressure System technology promotes patient independence
    • Multiple compression levels (20-30, 30-40, 40-50, 50+ mmHg) possible in one garment
    • Comes with a pair black compressive undersocks, 1 pac band for foot and ankle compression, and 1 black cover up
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