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    Night Urinary Drainage Bottle

    The Urocare Urinary Drainage Bottle is intended for convenient bedside urinary drainage. It's connected to a catheter such as a Foley, suprapubic, or Male External Catheter, or it may be used for urostomy and ileostomy draining applications.

    Urine Drainage Bag Holder

    Urine Drainage Bag Holder with Foley Catheter Bag Cover & Adjustable and Fixed Strap, Waterproof Catheter Leg Bag

    Rusch Belly Bag Urinary Collection Bag

    Rusch Belly Bag is now manufactured by Teleflex and is a latex-free Drainage Bag that improves dignity, mobility and quality of life for Urinary Patients. Manufactured by Rusch, these Urinary Bags are worn at the waist to keep patients dry and clean. Rusch Drainage Bags can be worn around the abdomen under clothing because the Teleflex Medical's Rusch Belly Bag is a Urinary Drainage Bag that features a soft backing so that it doesn't chafe the skin. Because the Rusch Belly Bag fits around the abdomen it eliminates the problems associated with leg and bedside bags including advertent catheter extraction and leg bruising. The Rusch Belly Bag comes complete and ready to use with an easy to fasten waist belt and an anti-reflux valve to prevent backflow. The Rusch Belly Bag can be worn by either male or female. Vitality Medical also carres Rusch Belly Bag and Leg Bags that are worn on a urinary patient's leg.

    EasyTap Leg Bag 32 Ounce with 18 Inch Tubing & Flip Valve

    The Easy-Tap Leg Bag manufactured by Teleflex Medical Inc. is sterile for single patient use. These urinary leg bags are attached to a catheter and holds up to 32 ounces. The bag is made with a high grade latex-free vinyl material and the 18 inch PVC extension tubing has a twist drainage outlet with anti-reflux valve for easy emptying. It comes with two cloth straps with buttons to secure to the leg during use.

    Reusable Urinary Drainage Leg Bag

    Urocare - Reusable Urinary Drainage Leg Bag is available in a wide range of sizes and shapes to best suit your needs. Each bag is made from seamless durable latex rubber and has a built in odor barrier. They also contain a Little Red Valve, which prevents urine reflux and increased flow. The top adapter works with rubber or vinyl catheter tubing and provides a secure connection. The bottom drain valve has a gasket ring that seals the threads, preventing fingers from coming into contact with urine while emptying the bag.

    Afex Collection Bags 500 ml Vented

    The vented Afex collection bag is double sealed for increased protection and durability. A specialized membrane integrated into the vented collection bag allows air to vent out while liquid stays in. Our proprietary backflow valve ensures liquid stays in the bag during movement and activity. The secure drain clamp allows users to easily empty the bag at their convenience. Standard security tabs enable users to easily secure the collection bag to the Afex brief.

    Men's Liberty Starter Bundle

    (includes Qty of 7 Men's Liberty Products, Qty of 1 FreeDrem Adhesive Remover- 1 oz. pump spray, and Qty of 1 Bedside Drain bag, 2000 ml) - Men’s Liberty is the innovative alternative to traditional male external catheters. As an external device, it is applied just once a day. This discreet, one-size-fits-most option manages men’s urinary incontinence in a safe, way that keeps you dry 24/7. More than 5 million units have been used with zero attributable adverse events, including UTIs!

    Afex Incontinence Management System- High Style for Active Daytime Use

    Incontinence Management System offers a discreet and comfortable way for men to manage urinary leakage.

    Foley Stabilization Device for Catheter Securement

    Statlock Foley Stabilization Device, manufactured by Bard, are designed to secure foley catheters in place without a leg strap. These Catheter Holders are a good alternative to strapping a catheter holder on the leg, because of the unique anchor pad design. The StatLock Latex-free anchor pad is easy to secure to the skin, preventing slipping. Anchor pads are much safer and easier to use than sutures. These anchor pads are air permeable to reduce skin irritation. The StatLock retainer device attaches to the anchor pads securing the catheter in place. The retainer device holds the catheter using transparent gull wings. To use the StatLock Stabilization Device, simply lift the wings, place the catheter inside, and then close the wings over the catheter. This process is much safer and simpler than securing with sutures. The Bard StatLock Foley Catheter Stabilization Device can turn on its axis 360 degrees. This is significant, because the extra movement can help to prevent accidental pulling or removal of catheters. The StatLock Catheter Holder fits most silicone or latex foley catheters.

    Urinary Drainage Bag Holder 13"W x 8"H

    The Urinary Drainage Bag Holder is designed to conceal the contents from public view while maintaining residents dignity.

    Lower Leg Fabric Leg Bag Holder

    Lower Leg Fabric Leg Bag Holder has a pocket that your leg bag slips into. The breathable material is a blend of 95% cotton and 5% lycra. This product eliminates contact between your skin and the urine bag and is an alternative to leg bag straps. It can be worn on the inner or outer side of the calf. Be sure to measure the circumference of your leg before selecting your size. This urinary leg bag holder is compatible with reusable latex or disposable vinyl leg bags.

    Urine Drainage Bag 2000 mL

    TOP Features:✓ Easy-to-read graduations for measuring✓ Expansive catalog of sizes and designs available✓ Available for up to 2000ml✓ Designed to fit all hanging devices

    Vinyl Urinary Drain Bag Holder

    Improve patient dignity with discreet opaque bag holders Vinyl design for easy cleaning with soap and water Simple to secure under wheelchairs and bedrails with durable straps

    Afex Active Core Incontinence Kit High Style for Active Daytime Use

    The Afex® Active Core Incontinence Kit features everything you will need for daytime incontinence protection. It is designed specifically for the active male who experiences moderate to heavy overactive urine flow due to a prostatectomy or prostate removal.

    30" Catheter Leg Strap

    Reduces accidental dislocation of catheter tubes

    Catheter Bags