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    Bard StatLock Foley Stabilization Device - Catheter Securement

    Statlock Foley Stabilization Device, manufactured by Bard, are designed to secure foley catheters in place without a leg strap. These Catheter Holders are a good alternative to strapping a catheter holder on the leg, because of the unique anchor pad design. The StatLock Latex-free anchor pad is easy to secure to the skin, preventing slipping. Anchor pads are much safer and easier to use than sutures. These anchor pads are air permeable to reduce skin irritation. The StatLock retainer device attaches to the anchor pads securing the catheter in place. The retainer device holds the catheter using transparent gull wings. To use the StatLock Stabilization Device, simply lift the wings, place the catheter inside, and then close the wings over the catheter. This process is much safer and simpler than securing with sutures. The Bard StatLock Foley Catheter Stabilization Device can turn on its axis 360 degrees. This is significant, because the extra movement can help to prevent accidental pulling or removal of catheters. The StatLock Catheter Holder fits most silicone or latex foley catheters.
    Product #: 2FOL100VM
    1. Lay the device on a flat surface, clamp open
    2. Put the Foley onto the clamp with the Y at the clamp
    3. Push your fingers under the device
    4. Using your thumb, close the device
    5. Press on the clamp arrows along the outer edge of the clamp
    6. Listen for a click
    7. Lay the catheter on a leg, with the leg and tube fully extended
    8. Push the catheter up one inch toward the top of the leg
    9. Prep the area with alcohol wipes
    10. Let dry completely
    11. Wipe on skin protectant
    12. Let dry completely
    13. Peel backing off one side
    14. Lay adhesive down
    15. Smooth out
    16. Press the device onto the leg, working away from sticky end
    17. Remove backing from the second side
    18. Smooth down, do not stretch