Sock and Stocking Aids

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Sock And Stocking Aid 4½"W x 9½"L, Rope 25"

Socks or stockings are drawn over the flexible plastic core. Measures 4½"W x 9½"L, Rope 25"

Flexible Sock & Stocking Aid with Strap Handles

The two long 28½" loop handles are perfect for those with limited hand function or back problems.

Sock-EEZ™ Remover

Simplifies removal of compression socks and doesn't strain a muscle. The smooth design does not harm the legs or stocking. The hand always stays in a neutral position to maximize arm strength. Polycarbonate plastic with textured handle for better grip and wrist lanyard. 20" long. Ideal for athletic socks, knee-highs and traditional dress socks! Can be used as a shoehorn.

Stocking Donner

Stocking Donner Designed to help individuals with limited strength and mobility pull on vascular stockings. Foam grip handles make it easy to pull and a durable baked epoxy finish provides a smooth, no-snag surface. Measures 13"W x 13-1/2"H between handles and 4-1/4"W foot insert. Latex free.

Etac Folding Stocking Aid

A lightweight, foldable Swedish aid for long or short stockings, slippers or socks. Client slips sock or stocking over fabric frame, inserts foot, and pulls cord handle to raise stocking. Requires two hands to use. Latex free.

The Single Ezy - Sock Donner

These sturdy steel donners are coated with smooth plastic to eliminate snags and make sure items slide on easily.

MBOSS Sock & Stocking Aid

Flexible sock aid makes putting on socks easier for people who have difficulty bending or lifting their legs. While being flexible, the Mboss™ is also just rigid enough to stay open after the sock or stocking has been loaded, allowing the foot easy entrance.

DMI® Deluxe Sock Aid

29" straps with loop handles reduce bending over or raising leg Convenient, durable and easy to use Terry cloth cover holds sock in place Nylon lining to reduces friction Ideal for those who have limited range of motion or are recovering from hip, knee or back surgery Latex Free

Deluxe Heel Guide Compression Stocking Aid

Deluxe Heel Guide" Compression Stocking Aid Unique channel inside the cone acts as a heel guide and keeps the foot in perfect position while effortlessly pulling on the compressions hose. 5" wide cone is ideal for people with edema or larger feet. Sturdy handles are 17"H to reduce bending and stretching. Three grips accommodate different hand sizes. Easy to assemble and take apart for travel

Flexible Sock Aid w/ Foam Handles

A flexible plastic sock aid that is lined with nylon fabric on the inside that allows the foot to "slide" into the sock.

Ezy-As Compression Stocking & Garment Applicator

The Ezy As reduces the effort and pain when applying compression garments to both arms and legs. It is designed to be used by patients on their own or by carers of patients who are unable to apply their own stockings.

Doff N' Donner Sleeve

The revolutionary donning device for all compression socks and stockings.

Doff N' Donner Cone

This device acts as a loading device and makes it easy to roll stockings onto the Doff N' Donner.

Knee High CT 20-30

Clinically designed to increase blood velocity while reducing edema Gradient compression closed toe knee high stockings offer moderate support Constructed of opaque two-way stretch nylon and spandex Relief from chronic ankle & leg swelling, prevention of clotting

TRUFORM Women's LITES 15-20 mmHg Thigh High Support Stockings, Large, Black

TRUFORM Women's LITES 15-20 mmHg Thigh High Support Stockings are designed to help improve circulation and energize and revitalize the legs - ideal when sitting or standing for extended periods. They provide long-lasting support that appeals to today's active, fashion conscious woman - suitable for any business or formal occasion.

Norco Molded Sock Aid With Two Handles

The 33 inch cords can be cut to adjust length. Soft foam handles. Semi-flexible plastic trough holds sock in place while pulling onto foot.

Easy Pull Sock Aid

Foot slides easily on the nylon lining while the sock remains secure.

Sock Horse Sock Aid

Sock Horse Sock Aid helps people to put on socks easily and quickly and does not have flimsy rope handles.

Sock & Stocking Aid w/ Built-Up Foam Handles

Made to allow those with limited mobility to pull-on socks or stockings easily No slip sock aid designed for personal use at home, on-the-go or in care facilities Easy-to-use, store and take with you while traveling Latex free

Double Ezy Sock Donner

Assists in putting on socks, compression or regular stockings and panty hose.

Molded Sock Aid with Cord Handle

A foam disc on the underside of the trough prevents the sock from sliding off before it is completely on the foot.

AW Style 300 Medical Support Closed Toe Knee Highs - 30-40 mmHg

**FSS Contract V797D-30191** These AW Style 300 Medical Support Closed Toe Knee Highs are what the doctor recommended! With Extra Firm 30-40 mmHg compression, and a closed toe, these are functional and healthful! Our Medical Support Hosiery line is most commonly recommended by physicians, which is why we offer a wide selection of styles. If you're looking for a variety in highly durable hosiery with the opaqueness to mask varicosity, blemishes and scarring, we have you covered!

Rotating Stocking Donner

Rotating Stocking Donner

Juzo Slippie Gator Set, Large

This new product can help put on and take off your hosiery in an easy and convenient way.

Arion Magnide Slide for Closed Toe Stockings

If you struggle to put on your compression stockings, try the new Magnide. Magnide is one of the easiest closed toe stocking donners available. Magnets hold the nylon sleeve together, forming a closed bag around your foot. Simply slide your compression stocking over the slippery surface of the magnide and into the correct position on your foot. Once the stocking is on, pull on the light green loop - it will release around your foot and slide easily out of the top of your stockings! Like magic! The Magnide will save you time, is washable, and easy to transport. Perfect for travel.

Supreme Sock Aid

Supreme Sock Aid

Omni Healthcare Sock Notch-Wide

Wide Style, 4-1/2" x 10" x 25"

Sigvaris SIMON Donning and Doffing Aid

A donning and doffing aid so versatile that it can easily be stowed to accompany you wherever you go. Please Choose a Size

Stockeez Pro Kit Compression Stocking Donner

STOCKEEZ is a unique device designed to help an individual remain independent and eliminate the frustration of putting on tight and thick compression stockings.

AW Venodonner

AW Venodonner