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    Deluxe Heel Guide Compression Stocking Aid

    Patented Heel Guide™ makes putting on compression hose seem almost simple.

    DMI® Deluxe Sock Aid

    29" straps with loop handles reduce bending over or raising leg Convenient, durable and easy to use Terry cloth cover holds sock in place Nylon lining to reduces friction Ideal for those who have limited range of motion or are recovering from hip, knee or back surgery Latex Free

    Doff N' Donner

    The revolutionary donning device for all compression socks and stockings.

    Easy Pull Sock Aid

    Foot slides easily on the nylon lining while the sock remains secure.

    Etac Folding Stocking Aid

    A lightweight, foldable Swedish aid for long or short stockings, slippers or socks. Client slips sock or stocking over fabric frame, inserts foot, and pulls cord handle to raise stocking. Requires two hands to use. Latex free.

    Ezy-As Compression Stocking & Garment Applicator

    The Ezy As reduces the effort and pain when applying compression garments to both arms and legs. It is designed to be used by patients on their own or by carers of patients who are unable to apply their own stockings.

    Flexible Sock & Stocking Aid with Strap Handles

    The two long 28½" loop handles are perfect for those with limited hand function or back problems.

    Flexible Sock Aid w/ Foam Handles

    A flexible plastic sock aid that is lined with nylon fabric on the inside that allows the foot to "slide" into the sock.

    MBOSS Sock & Stocking Aid

    Provides maximum benefits at a moderate price and features the popular three finger design

    Molded Sock Aid with Cord Handle

    A foam disc on the underside of the trough prevents the sock from sliding off before it is completely on the foot.

    Norco Molded Sock Aid With Two Handles

    The 33 inch cords can be cut to adjust length. Soft foam handles. Semi-flexible plastic trough holds sock in place while pulling onto foot.

    Sock And Stocking Aid 4½"W x 9½"L, Rope 25"

    Socks or stockings are drawn over the flexible plastic core. Measures 4½"W x 9½"L, Rope 25"

    Sock Horse Sock Aid

    Sock Horse Sock Aid helps people to put on socks easily and quickly and does not have flimsy rope handles.

    Sock-EEZ™ Remover

    Simplifies removal of compression socks and doesn't strain a muscle. The smooth design does not harm the legs or stocking. The hand always stays in a neutral position to maximize arm strength. Polycarbonate plastic with textured handle for better grip and wrist lanyard. 20" long. Ideal for athletic socks, knee-highs and traditional dress socks! Can be used as a shoehorn.

    Stocking Donner

    Stocking Donner Designed to help individuals with limited strength and mobility pull on vascular stockings. Foam grip handles make it easy to pull and a durable baked epoxy finish provides a smooth, no-snag surface. Measures 13"W x 13-1/2"H between handles and 4-1/4"W foot insert. Latex free.

    The Ezy Sock Helper

    Assists in putting on socks, compression or regular stockings and panty hose. These sturdy helpers are made of steel with smooth plastic coatings

    Rotating Stocking Donner

    Rotating Stocking Donner

    Supreme Sock Aid

    Flexible sock aid makes putting on socks easier for people who have difficulty bending or lifting their legs.

    Stockeez Pro Kit Compression Stocking Donner, Medium

    STOCKEEZ is a unique device designed to help an individual remain independent and eliminate the frustration of putting on tight and thick compression stockings.

    AW Venodonner

    Use with Open or Closed Toe Hosiery!

    Ableware Sock Aid

    A thin plastic sheet – 1/16¨ (.16 cm) thick – is shaped to fit into a sock and keep it open for the foot to enter. Cloth straps attached to the upper end allow the user to pull the sock onto the foot without bending over.

    Rigid Sock & Stocking Aid with Patented Heel Guide

    Rigid sock aid has an indented channel on the inside that acts as a heel guide and keeps the foot in position making it easier to put on hosiery. A piece of hook-and-loop fastener on the outside of the plastic shell holds the sock in place. Extra width is ideal for people with edema or larger feet and the 35" (89 cm) loop strap can be manipulated with one hand.

    Sock Horn Sock Aid

    Small in size, big in functionality For people who have trouble bending

    Ableware Stocking Aid

    Created for people who cannot bend over or raise their legs.

    Ableware Deluxe Flexible Sock Aid

    Easiest way to put on socks and stockings without the need to bend! Ideal for anyone recovering from hip or knee injuries.

    Wide Style Adult 5"W x 10" Rope 24" Sock Aid

    Wide Style Adult 5"W x 10" Rope 24" Sock Aid

    Terry Covered Sock Aid

    This aid is helpful for users who have trouble reaching and bending. Easily put on socks without bending. Terry cloth grips socks or stockings without tearing. Large loop handles for easy grip.

    Medi Arm Butler Application Aid Device

    medi has a wide range of butler donning aids to support patients in the application of compression stockings. Butlers allow stockings to be easily donned from a sitting position and enable the wearer to pull the stocking on without having to reach their feet or ankles. The medi butler assortment allows patients to overcome donning challenges with ease.

    Sigvaris Footslip-Unisex

    Makes donning open-toe medical compression stockings easier

    Sock and Stocking Aids

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