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    Rotating Stocking Donner

    Rotating Stocking Donner
    Product #: 281330869RA

    Unlike none you've ever seen. This rehabilitation advantage stocking donner aid measures 50cm tall x 13cm wide x 20cm deep. It includes 2 extended handle arms which make for an easy, no-reach, comfortable use. These unique extra long extended handle arms add extreme helpfulness for individuals to put a sock or stocking on independently. Given it is 15cm taller than other designs, it creates a more comfortable position for the user with limited use of hands, dexterity, or bending motions. This donner is made with a premium, high quality steel frame for a durable, prolonged use. The powder vinyl coating makes for a much smoother "no snag" surface. The long handles rotate 90 degrees for a superior use at any angle. Easily apply your hosiery fast and effortlessly from a seated or standing position. It can be used with both open and closed toe compression garments. Overall, this stocking donner is lightweight, simple and easy to use and store, competitively priced, and used by people of all ages.

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