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    Long Bath Brush

    Circular Brush with an open center with nylon bristles that gently stimulate and massage while cleaning. Unique handle helps those with limited range of motion reach shoulders and back. 14" long. Latex free.

    Soaper Sponge

    This sponge holds the soap for you.

    Long Handled Bath Sponges

    Long Bath Sponge in round shape makes bathing easier and more enjoyable. Choose between contour, round, and round with loofah.

    Lotion Applicator and Pads

    Perfect for applying lotion to hard-to-reach places on the body. Lotion Applicator with 2 Extra Pads. Additional Replacement Pads available in a 3 Pack and sold separately.

    Long Handle Boar Bristles Dry Body Brush

    Long Handle Boar Bristles Dry Body Brush with Removable Handle

    Bath And Shower Hand Mitt

    Rehabilitation Advantage Bath and Shower Hand Mitt is a super absorbent sponge for self-care, washing vehicles, or cleaning dishes.

    Long Handle Bath Wand and Lotion Applicator and Replacement Pads

    Soft-textured, contoured handle is comfortable to grip, even when wet.

    Bendable Loofah Brush

    The Vive Bendable Loofah Brush makes it simple to clean hard-to-reach areas without twisting, bending, or straining. With a sturdy yet flexible handle, you can reach every area of your body for a more effective bath or shower. The lightweight loofah brush provides exfoliation to keep your skin supple and smooth. Each loofah brush comes with an extra loofah and a waterproof adhesive hook for hassle-free storage in your bathroom.

    Dr. Joseph's Footbrush

    Dr Joseph's Original Footbrush with sponge consists of a long-handled anatomically contoured and mildew resistant brush that allows easy cleaning access to the soles of the feet. The replaceable sponge tip for cleaning and applying medication between the toes.

    Sponge Wash Mitt

    Sponge Wash Mitt

    Under-Toe Washer

    Long handled toe sponge makes performing foot maintenance easier.

    Long Handle Foot Brush - Toe Towel

    30cm long handle - 40cm total length - making it easy to reach your feet - especially people with reduced mobility - plastic handle will never wear out - comfortable grip design - can be hung up to dry

    FootMate Complete Foot Care System

    Clean, Soothe & Massage Your Feet in the Shower Makes cleaning your feet safe and easy Designed for use in your bathtub or shower Includes brush unit and rejuvenating gel Non-Returnable Item Dimensions: 10.0 in. x 12.0 in. x 3.25 in.

    Long handle Body Wash, Lotion Applicator and Massager

    Handheld Self Lotion Applicator for Back, Foot Lotion, Shower Gel, Tanning, Skin Cream & Sunscreen Lotion.

    Wooden Handle Lotion Applicator

    The Lotion Applicator makes it easy to apply various lotions, creams, and gels. It can be used wet or dry, it’s easy to clean and it’s perfect for traveling. The handle is made of lightweight wood, making it great for those with weak hand strength. The pads are easy to clean and antibacterial.

    Lotion Applicator for Body

    Roll on lotion applicator with ergonomic design with a bendable handle for hard to reach areas.

    Silicone Back Scrubber

    This long handles silicone shower body brush makes it easier to scrub entire body in the shower and lasts longer than regular long handled scrub brushes. Designed with an ergonomic handle, the back scrubber is a high-quality, durable brush makes the perfect shower tool.

    Bath Sponges/Brushes