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    Silicone Applicator Stick for Back and Body

    Silicone applicator with telescopic stick to apply creams, lotions, medications, ointments, or body oils.
    Product #: 22478A


    • This tool allows pinpoint application of medicine ointment cream lotion to hard-to-reach places on the back. It is made of silicone material that is smooth and comfortable on the skin. It is hygienic and can be washed after use
    • The length of the bar can be adjusted from a minimum of 8.6 to a maximum of 29.5 inches. You can adjust the length according to your body size


    • Size 8.66" H x 2.36" W x 0.39" D
    • Weight 1.76 oz
    • Materials
      • Handle - Stainless steel
      • Spatula - Silicone
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