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    REP Band 4"x 50" Yard Roll

    Resistive exercise products play a vital role in home and clinical rehabilitation regimens and strengthening programs prescribed by health care professionals. Today, progressive resistance exercise products are used for rehabbing muscle and joint injuries, work hardening programs, and aerobic and aquatic exercise programs. REP Band¨ Products can play an integral part in these programs to strengthen muscles and increase endurance. What differentiates REP Band¨ Resistive Exercise Products from other resistive exercise products is that it they are made of non-latex material and are powder and odor-free. A quality resistive exercise product that will not trigger latex allergies or leave a dusty powder on your clothes after exercising. Offering five levels of progressive resistance, REP Band¨ Resistive Exercise Bands make it easy for each individual user to begin at the appropriate level of resistance and progressively increase the intensity of the exercise by increasing the resistance level of the REP Band¨ Exercise Band. Unlike other resistive exercise bands on the market, REP Band¨ is latex-free, meaning it poses no danger to patients or caregivers who suffer from latex allergies. REP Band¨ Exercise Bands exhibit the same performance characteristics as latex without the potentially negative effects of latex. REP Band¨ also is powder-free and odor-free, another characteristic that distinguishes it from traditional latex bands.

    TheraBand Exercise Band Loops 8"

    Can be used to support a broad range of upper and lower body exercises. Each loop is 3 inches wide.

    Thera-Band Resistance Band Kit

    TheraBand Non-Latex Resistance Bands are a great tool for strengthening muscles, increasing range of motion in joints, and stretching for increased flexibility. This product is multifaceted and can be used for a variety of body maintenance activities including glute strengthening, hip flexibility, foot mobility and more. And because it is not made with natural rubber latex, it’s an ideal option for users with latex sensitivities. Use this beginner level set after surgery, rehabilitation, and physical therapy. The TheraBand color progression, trusted by physical therapists and other professionals, allows you to measure and track your progress, allowing you to get the most out of your exercise.

    CanDo Band Exercise Loop - 30" Long, Red

    30" long loop is equivalent to 60" of flat band cut and tied in a knot. Loop is 3" wide. Convenient pre-formed loop is made of high quality latex exercise band. Loops arrive ready-to-use, you do not have to cut and tie it before performing exercises! 30" long loop is specially sized for full body exercises.

    TheraBand Exercise Tubing Package

    Ideal for upper and lower extremity strengthening.

    Thera-Band Resistance Band Beginner Kit, Latex Free

    Thera-Band Resistance Band Beginner Kit, Latex Free

    TheraBand Latex Free Exercise Band

    TheraBand latex free exercise band can be used independently or as part of a progressive exercise program. Band is 5" wide.

    Theraband Accessories

    TheraBand™ Accessories offer a wide range of items for a full rehab program.

    18" Thera-Band Exercise Loops

    No more tying exercise bands together. Choose from resistance level 1 to 4.

    CanDo PEP Pack

    The CanDo PEP Pack is a complete progressive resistance exercise program that is made up of low-powder latex exercise bands or tubes depending on personal preference. Each PEP pack comes with three diffrerent 4-foot bands and an illustrated instruction/exercise chart. The bands are poly-bagged for additional protection. Choose between 3 different latex-free exercise band PEP packs that can be used for a progressive resistance exercise program. Easy, Moderate, Difficult.

    TRX Suspension Trainer Pro Kit

    TRX® Training delivers an efficient and effective total-body workout that simultaneously builds strength, balance, endurance, flexibility and core stability.

    TheraBand Stretch Strap

    The TheraBand Stretch Strap enables more effective static and contract-relax stretches while increasing range of motion and flexibility of muscles. It allows you to comfortably stretch further and longer than would be possible without an aid. This simple, innovative, and multi-purpose tool negates the need for static-only stretching straps, and also allows for effective stretching of all connective tissues.

    Pulley with metal bracket. Fits standard and thick doors

    Move Those Shoulders Overdoor Shoulder Pulley w/ Door Bracket * Helps to prevent or rehab shoulder problems * Imporves range of motion in all planes of shoulder movement * Can be used in a clinic setting or in the comfort of your own home * Foam handles are comfortable and easy to grip * Over-the-door bracket can be placed on top of any standard door * Height of the handles can be easily adjusted * Comes fully assembled *

    Resistance Band Advanced Kit Latex Free, Heavy Resistance Pack

    Heavy Resistance includes: Levels 3, 4 and 5. Not made with natural rubber latex.

    Exercise Band Resistance Pack - Light Pack, Levels 1, 2, 3

    Exercise Band Resistance Pack - Light Pack, Levels 1, 2, 3

    Theraband Anchor Stirrup with Nub

    Door anchor with nub is used to anchor exercise band or tubing in a door jamb. Place anchor nub in door jamb at any height. Close door to create workout station! Heavy-duty webbing makes this accessory extra durable. Secure any size band or tubing to open loop of door nub strap

    Power Systems Strength Band

    A line of premium, progressive resistance bands ideally suited for increasing flexibility, improving range-of-motion, muscle toning, strength training and conditioning of all the major muscle groups. Made of natural rubber Latex, which may cause allergic reactions, these bands feature excellent durability and elasticity. Bands are available in 7 levels of resistance for progressive exercise. Levels range in order of strength from Extra Light (least resistance) to Super Heavy (most resistance).

    TheraBand Professional Latex Resistance Bands

    TheraBand Professional Latex Resistance Bands

    CanDo Multi-Grip Exerciser, 6 feet, set of 5 (1 ea: yellow through black)

    The CanDo Multi-Grip Exerciser is designed to provide unlimited exercise options to users who want to do various high impact performance exercises.

    Exercise Bands