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    Bed Gap Eliminator

    Increments of 2”, 4” and 6”. Each unit has 3 straps to secure system 36”L Removable & washable cover Latex free

    Bodypoint Universal Elastic Strap

    Bodypoint universal elastic strap is versatile, easily removable anterior trunk support, abdominal support or positioning tool preferred by therapists. Bodypoint elastic strap is stable and ideal for positioning needs in the therapy clinic, during fittings, when rolling over rough streets, or for sports. Universal strap secures with Velcro and has a thumb grip for those with limited hand function.

    Skil-Care Bed Bolsters- Bed Bolsters, pair

    Vinyl-covered polyfoam bolsters provide secure positioning for the side-lying client. Eliminates pillow propping and prevents arms and legs from being caught between mattress and rail. Keeps client from rolling off of the bed when side rails cannot be used. 34"L x 8.5"W. Latex free.

    Skil-Care™ Bed Support Bolster System- 30" BED BOLSTER SYSTEM W/O PAD

    Integrated 30° bed positioning system has two wedges that are continuously attached with a reinforced nylon fabric. The 30° angle is optimal for relieving pressure on the hipbone and coccyx.

    Skil-Care™ In-Bed Patient Positioning System 8"x8"x17"

    Makes turning easier and positioning more secure. Two wedged bolsters support the side-lying patient. Velcro® strips on the bolsters hold the positioning pad in place. The included, launderable, 3-layer positioning pad absorbs and wicks away moisture caused by incontinence, perspiration, or wound drainage.

    Skil-Care™ Thru-View Vinyl Bed Rail Pads- Bed Rail Pad, Pair

    Clear plastic windows reduce resident's feeling of isolation. Caregivers find it easier to monitor resident. The 1"-thick foam padding protects against bed rail-related injuries. The 15"W pad fits well below the rail and mattress for added protection. Durable vinyl cover is bacteriostatic, nonallergenic, and wipes clean easily. Pads secure to bed rails using Velcro® closures. Sold in pairs.

    ProtectYou 2

    ProtectYou 2 80" D x 35-36" W x 6" H

    Double Bolster Soft Rails w/ Vinyl Cover

    A safe alternative to side rails, the Soft Rails help prevent patients at risk for falls from rolling out of bed while allowing sufficient space for patient comfort. The adjustable bolster may be positioned to accommodate individual resident needs, or may be completely removed for patient transfer. The Soft Rails easily attach to the bed with quick release buckles. May use with side rails raised or lowered. Available in machine washable fleece or wipe clean vinyl covers. Replacement covers also available.

    Elevating Bed Wedge w/ Vinyl Cover

    The multi-purpose foam wedges comfortably elevate your patient’s head or feet More effective than pillows or rolled towels, they resist slipping and sliding for secure positioning Elevates the upper torso in the bed for improved comfort

    Large Wedge 23" x 9"

    Large Wedge 23" x 9"

    30-Degree HI-Density Positioning Wedge, Pack of 2

    A bed positioning wedge contoured to an optimum 30o

    Elevating Bed Wedge w/Cozy Cloth Cover -15 degrees 24W x 27L x 7.5 H

    This product when placed in the bed elevates the upper torso for improved comfort and also serves as an aid for residents with acid reflux. This bed wedge is covered with a soft low friction micro fiber cloth cover. Cover is launderable.

    Body Positioning Wedge, 6 Pack, 10"W x 28"L x 8" H

    PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS Economical positioning wedges Disposable or single patient use Support side-lying positioning in bed

    Drive Bed Wedge 23"x23"x10" Case of 4

    Designed to elevate and support the neck as well as help alleviate respiratory conditions Helps to relieve discomfort from back or neck pain and assists with poor circulation Helps to alleviate discomfort from pregnancy Great for sleeping with acid reflux or heartburn Compact folding design for easy storage and the carry handle is perfect for travel **FSS Contract V797D-30191**

    Folding Bed Wedge, 23" x 23" x 10"

    Helps to relieve discomfort associated with respiratory problems, poor circulation and back or neck pain.

    Skil-Care 30 Degree Bed Wedge, Convoluted Surface, Single

    Skil-Care 30 Degree Bed Wedge, Convoluted Surface, Single

    Skil-Care" 30 Degree Bed Wedge 7" x 12" x 24", Smooth Surface, Pack of 2

    Skil-Care" 30 Degree Bed Wedge 7" x 12" x 24", Smooth Surface, Pack of 2 ovides optimal 30-degree angle of incline for relieving pressure on hipbone and coccyx. Wedge is comfortable, high-density foam. Covered in low-shear fabric to reduce skin-damaging friction and shear. Nonslip bottom keeps wedge securely in place. Wipes clean for easy care. Can be disinfected for infection control. Latex free

    Skil-Care™ Bed Bariatric Bed Wedge- Elevated Bed Wedge 7" x 24" x 27" Pk of 2

    Inclines the user's torso to alleviate problems associated with acid reflux. Also effective for reducing symptoms of heartburn, sleep apnea, snoring, sinus problems or any other condition indicating the upper body needs to be inclined. DISCONTINUED USE 2553010SC

    Skil-Care 30 Degree Positioning Wedge, 7" x 12" x 34", Smooth Surface, Single

    A bed positioning wedge contoured to an optimum 30 degrees, 7" x 12" x 34", Smooth Surface, Single

    Skil-Care Positioning Wedge, without Cover

    Skil-Care Positioning Wedge, without Cover Promotes proper hip-spine alignment. Reduces sacral pressure to prevent pressure sores. Aids in the management and healing of existing sores. Secure, comfortable and more stable than pillows. 8" x 8" x 17". Latex free

    Skil-Care Bed Foot Support

    Use either straight or angled to accommodate foot positioning needs. Helps prevent foot drop and keeps sheets and blankets off resident’s feet. Securing straps keep foot support in place. Foam padded, covered in wipe-clean vinyl. 24" x 13" x 10". Latex free.

    Skil-Care Bariatric Elevating Bed Wedge, 10" x 24" x 27", Pk of 2

    Inclines the user's torso to alleviate problems associated with acid reflux. Also effective for reducing symptoms of heartburn, sleep apnea, snoring, sinus problems or any other condition indicating the upper body needs to be inclined. Comfortable, high-density foam with waterproof low-shear cover prevents skin-damaging friction and shear. Wipes clean for easy care. Slip-resistant fabric bottom keeps pillow securely in place. Bariatric capacity of 800 lbs. Latex free.

    DMI® Foam Bed Wedge

    Ideal for head, foot or leg elevation. Removable, zippered, machine washable polyester/cotton cover.

    Bolster Naugahyde Knee Wedge, 10 1/4" X 20" X 22", Black

    Designed specifically to elevate the knees and flatten the lower back. Made with high density urethane foam covered in Naugahyde fabric.

    Lateral Wedge, Large

    Ideal for helping to keep bed ridden patients repositioned, reducing pressure points under bony prominences and the incidence of pressure ulcers.

    Skil-Care™ Positioning Wedge

    Promotes proper hip-spine alignment. Reduces sacral pressure to prevent pressure sores. Aids in the management and healing of existing sores. Secure, comfortable and more stable than pillows. Available with or without cloth cover. Cloth-covered model now has nonslip material for even more secure positioning. 8" x 8" x 17". Latex free.

    Skil-Care Abductor/Contracture Cushion

    Secures behind the knees to allow the resident to sleep comfortably on back or sides. Removable, launderable outer cloth cover. Inner cover vinyl-coated for easy cleaning. Latex free.

    20" Cube Incline Positioning Pillow

    Firm high density urethane foam core. Knit-backed, sewn, vinyl cover. Easy-clean surface. Standard color is Royal Blue. All vinyl covers are treated with Perma-Block-3, antimicrobial and antibacterial top coating. Dimensions: 32" x 10" x 12"

    DMI Foam Bed Wedge, Blue, 7" x 24" x 24"

    Ideal for head, foot or leg elevation. Removable, zippered, machine washable polyester/cotton cover.

    TFI Adjustable Blanket Support

    Adjustable Blanket Support FSS CONTRACT V797D-30216

    Adjustable Blanket Support

    Lightweight aluminum frame base easily inserts between the mattress and box springs. Helps protect sensitive skin and keep blanket weight off feet. Height adjusts up to 19" and can be lowered to the mattress top when not in use. Frame is 20" x 6". Latex free.

    Skil-Care Elevating 20" Bed Wedge, w/Poly Cover

    Skil-Care Elevating 20° Bed Wedge, w/Poly Cover, 10 x 27 x 24". Pair

    Posey Deluxe Guard Rail Pads

    Helps protect patients from side rail injuries. RECOMMENDED USE: Patients at risk for bed entrapmentand/or injury.

    Ultra Soft Bolster, 8" x 24''

    Versatile bolsters that provide positioning, pressure relief, and comfort in any bedor chair. Can be used for many different positioning needs. The new soft and smooth Cozy Cloth™ helps reduce skin friction and shearing. It also wicks away moisture to prevent skin maceration. Latex free.

    Folding Bed Wedge 7"H x 24"W x 24"L

    Our Folding Wedge Cushion adds an incline for your bed to comfortably support your head and chest in an upright, slightly angled position.

    Skil-Care™ Heels-Off- 24" x 11" x 6"

    Prevents formation of pressure sores, aids in healing existing ulcer and relaxes the spine. Also decreases leg and lower back pain, and improves lower-extremity circulation, which is important for pressure ulcer prevention and healing.

    Peak Bolster

    Peak Bolster Durable aid for clinical treatment or home use. Great for under your legs while on your back, or under your ankles while in the prone position.

    Medcline Body Positioner

    The MedCline Therapeutic Body Positioner is the only contoured full-length body pillow with a patented design that eliminates all inner seams for maximum comfort. The ‘J-shaped’ body pillow spans the length of your body so that the longer limb can be pulled between your knees and the shorter limb nestles behind your back for additional side-sleeping support. The MedCline Body Positioner is not only the most comfortable body pillow available on the market today but may also be useful for medical conditions that benefit from side sleeping, such as snoring, sciatica, fibromyalgia, lower back pain, and pregnancy aches and pains.

    Bilateral Anti-Rotation Gripper

    A universal Bilateral Anti-Rotation Gripper made from comfortable foam with slip resistant design

    Foam Bed Wedge, White, 7" x 24" x 24"

    Foam Bed Wedge, White, 7" x 24" x 24"

    Medium Positioner with Tab Molnlycke 16W x 30 D

    Won’t flatten or heat up like rolled towels and blankets. Doesn’t shift, lose shape or retain moisture like foam rings and wedges. Are not subject to the effect of gravity, unlike beanbag positioners and other tools Conforms to and supports the patient’s body in a comfortable, therapeutic position until next reposition Molds to individual patient and anatomic shapes Redistributes force over a greater surface area or helps offload bony prominences Suitable for use in adult and pediatric populations For single patient use only but can travel with patient across care continuum Not made from natural rubber latex or DEHP

    Lounge Doctor Leg Elevator. FSS CONTRACT V797D-30191

    The Lounge Doctor Leg Rest is the only patented leg rest on the market designed to effectively improve your venous health by reducing swelling and improving blood flow. The Lounge Doctor's patented shape is constructed of high-resiliency open cell foam and includes a top-of-the-line innovative performance fabric cover designed to repel stains and moisture, keeping your leg rest clean and comfortable. The full zipper closure keeps the cover secure and in place while protecting the foam leg rest. With a full anti-slip grip dot bottom, this leg pillow won't shift while you relax!**FSS CONTRACT V797D-30191**

    SafetySure Bed Cradle

    Provides pressure relief by keeping bed linens off your feet Fits on any sized bed Improves ventilation to your feet Installs in seconds, no tools required All steel construction

    Ortho Bed Wedge, 10 x 20 x 32.5

    Removable, zippered, polyester/cotton cover is machine washable

    Ortho Bed Wedge, 6" x 20" x 24"

    Ortho Bed Wedge, 6" x 20" x 24"

    Bed Positioning Wedge

    More comfortable than a pillow, the Lateral Wedge helps eliminate pressure to reduce the incidence of bed sores.

    Bed Wedge, 12" (H) x 23"(W) x 23 (L) (Each)

    FEATURES/BENEFITS Bed wedges with a cloth cover are designed to help elevate and support the neck Helps to relieve discomfort associated with respiratory problems, poor circulation and back or neck pain 100% polyurethane foam

    MedAire Edge ***OVERSIZED***

    Active mattress replacement system provides both alternating pressure and low air loss to optimize pressure redistribution, shear/friction reduction, and micro-climate control.

    Abducted Knee Lifts

    Allows you to extend the lower extremities, while abducting at the knees. The Knee Lift may be used in bed positioning or in a Geri Chair.

    Leg Abductor

    The Leg Abductor straps around both lower extremities with a soft nylon felt. It works well for patients in a wheelchair or lying in a bed. Leg Abductors are designed to hold hips in abduction, to distribute pressure evenly over thighs and to increase sitting stability. This device can be customized.

    Contour L Shape Body Pillow

    The L-Pillow's unique shape perfectly maintains the optimum side sleeping position. Wrap your arms around one side of the pillow while resting your head comfortably on the other to keep your neck, shoulders and upper body naturally aligned. 48 Inches in total length. Super soft, striped damask cover. Pillow cases are now available!

    10" Leg Wedge

    10" LEG WEDGE

    Zzoma Positional Sleep Device

    Zzoma is the only FDA-cleared positional medical device approved for the treatment of sleep apnea.

    SlumberBump Positional Sleep Belt

    Slumberbump™ is a very simple solution to a complex snoring ailment affecting millions. Studies have shown that the over 80% of the people suffering from mild to moderate snoring can see results from a positional based device like the Slumberbump™. Slumberbump™ effectively keeps patients who suffer from snoring while sleeping on their back by helping them to sleep on their side which counteracts gravity and can help prevent the collapsing of the airway. Slumberbump™ sleep belts offer a non-invasive, affordable, and comfortable alternative to CPAP therapy for those with mild to moderate snoring concerns.

    Prevalon Turn and Position 2.0 System, 36" x 55"

    The Prevalon™ Turn and Position System 2.0 moves as one with the patient, preventing the Glide Sheet and M2 Microclimate Body Pad from riding up.This allows the system to stay under the patient at all times, providing continuous tailbone, or sacral offloading and minimizing the need for boosting.

    Tomato Soft touch Therapy Wedges, 20" x 22" Base

    FEATURES: Made from Latex-Free materials Impermeable to fluids Peel and Tear Resistant Designed with built in handle opening, making them transportable Stand-On-End design

    Tumble Forms® wedge 4x20x22 inch

    These versatile wedges are ideal for gross motor activities such as rolling, tumbling, and walking up- or down-hill. They also provide comfortable positioning for reading or fine motor activities. Can be used as an alternative to sitting when a child lacks head control, balance or trunk control. Latex free.

    SlumberBUMP™ Blue Replacement Bladders

    slumberBUMP™ Positional Sleep Belt Replacement Bladder If you use your slumberBUMP™ Positional Sleep Belt and some how it gets punctured, don’t worry. We offer a low cost *replacement bladder. This heavy duty replacement bladder fits securely into your sleep belt and provides the support you need to get a good nights rest.

    Extender Belt

    Adds up to 10” of length to any size of Belt

    Foam Wedge for Positioning and Side Sleep Support

    Zenesse Health Foam Wedges for Positioning – Superior Side Sleep Support Pillow for Pressure Sores, Pregnancy & the Disabled. Comfortable No-Crush Back Support Wedge for Bed. Best for Side Sleepers. There are many types of home medical equipment to help you sleep more peacefully, but Zenesse Health’s Wedge for Bed Positioning is one of the Best! Made from superior high-density foam this positioning pillow will provide unsurpassed stability which makes it the best support pillow for side sleepers. The uniquely designed Extra Wide no crush oversized posterior buttress won’t flatten with weight. With 15% more foam than standard positioning wedges for consistent, reliable all-night long support.

    PrevalonTurn and Position System 2.0 by Sage Products Kit

    2- 30° Body Wedges, 1 Low-Friction Glide Sheet, 1 M2 Microclimate Body Pad

    Prone Positioning Kit

    Created to provide cooling support to patients in the prone position during COVID-19 recovery and treatment. This prone positioning kit is constructed with Gel Infused Visco Elastic, the highest quality of pressure redistributing visco foam. This provides the best possible absorption of vibration and shock.

    Protekt® Aire 8000 60” x 80” x 10”

    Low Air Loss/Alternating Pressure Bariatric Mattress System

    Contour Legacy Memory Foam Leg Pillow

    The ONLY leg pillow that supports your legs & KNEES!

    Skil-Care Soft-Fall Bedside Mat, 36"W x 68"L x 4"H, Fold

    This fall mat is comprised of shock absorbing high density polyurthane foam with a heat-sealed outer vinyl cover.

    Round Bolster 6" x 24"

    High-density urethane foam with vinyl sewn covering. Standard stocking color is Medium Blue.

    Positioning Wedge

    Made of molded foam coated with a tough integral washable coating.

    Bed Positioning

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