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    In-Bed Patient Positioning System

    Makes turning easier and positioning more secure. Two wedged bolsters support the side-lying patient. Velcro® strips on the bolsters hold the positioning pad in place. The included, launderable, 3-layer positioning pad absorbs and wicks away moisture caused by incontinence, perspiration, or wound drainage.

    Bed Gap Eliminator

    The Gap Eliminator is designed to help eliminate gaps between mattresses, headboards or footboards.

    Bed Bolsters

    Choose between single or pair of bed bolsters. Vinyl-covered polyfoam bolsters provide secure positioning for the side-lying client. Eliminates pillow propping and prevents arms and legs from being caught between mattress and rail. Keeps client from rolling off of the bed when side rails cannot be used. 34" L X 7" H X 8" W. Latex free.

    Soft Rails

    A safe alternative to side rails, the Soft Rails help prevent patients at risk for falls from rolling out of bed while allowing sufficient space for patient comfort.

    Body Positioning Wedge

    Order individually or in a pack of 6. Used for side-lying support and trunk stabilization to maintain positioning schedules and help prevent pressure injuries.

    10" Bed Wedge with Cloth Cover, Case of 4

    Designed to elevate and support the neck as well as help alleviate respiratory conditions . Helps to relieve discomfort from back or neck pain and assists with poor circulation. **FSS CONTRACT 36F79723D0004**

    Folding Bed Wedge 23" W X 23" L X 10"

    Helps to relieve discomfort associated with respiratory problems, poor circulation and back or neck pain.

    30 Degree Positioning Bed Wedges

    A bed positioning wedge contoured to an optimum 30 degrees. Choose your desired size and cover below. Please note: smooth surface wedges are sold as pairs, convoluted wedges are sold as singles.

    45 Degree Positioning Wedges

    Skil-Care Positioning Wedges available with LSII cover or without cover. Promotes proper hip-spine alignment. Reduces sacral pressure to prevent pressure sores. Aids in the management and healing of existing sores. Secure, comfortable and more stable than pillows. 8" x 8" x 17". Latex free

    Bed Foot Support

    Use either straight or angled to accommodate foot positioning needs. Helps prevent foot drop and keeps sheets and blankets off resident’s feet.

    Orthopedic Foam Bed Wedge

    Ideal for head, foot or leg elevation. Removable, zippered, machine washable polyester/cotton cover.

    Bolster Naugahyde Knee Wedge

    Designed specifically to elevate the knees and flatten the lower back. Made with high density urethane foam covered in Naugahyde fabric.

    Lateral Wedges

    Ideal for helping to keep bed ridden patients repositioned, reducing pressure points under bony prominences and the incidence of pressure ulcers. Choose your desired size below.

    Abductor/Contracture Cushion

    Prevents leg contracture and abduction in bed. The Skil-Care Abductor/Contracture Cushion provides a cushion between the legs for users laying flat or on their side. A strap secures the abduction pillow behind the knee to hold it in place during use. The cushion provides positioning and support for the hips and legs.

    20" Cube Incline Positioning Pillow

    Firm high density urethane foam core. Knit-backed, sewn, vinyl cover. Easy-clean surface. Standard color is Royal Blue. All vinyl covers are treated with Perma-Block-3, antimicrobial and antibacterial top coating.

    Ultra Soft Bolster

    Versatile bolsters that provide positioning, pressure relief, and comfort in any bedor chair. Can be used for many different positioning needs. The new soft and smooth Cozy Cloth™ helps reduce skin friction and shearing. It also wicks away moisture to prevent skin maceration. Latex free.

    Folding Bed Wedge Cushion

    Folding Bed Wedge Cushion adds an incline for your bed to comfortably support your head and chest in an upright, slightly angled position. If you are struggling with digestive or respiratory issues and discomfort - the Contour Folding Bed Wedge is the perfect bed wedge pillow solution for you! The support foam wedge allows your body to lay on a gradual incline while supporting your head, chest & lower back comfortably.

    Peak Style Positioning Bolster

    Durable aid for clinical treatment or home use. Great for under your legs while on your back, or under your ankles while in the prone position.

    Therapeutic Body Pillow

    The MedCline Therapeutic Body Pillow is the only contoured full-length body pillow with a patented design that eliminates all inner seams for maximum comfort. The ‘J-shaped’ body pillow spans the length of your body so that the longer limb can be pulled between your knees and the shorter limb nestles behind your back for additional side-sleeping support.

    SafetySure Bed Cradle

    The SafetySure® Bed Cradle is ideal for individuals with paraplegia, pressure ulcers, burns, open skin sores, infections, or sensitive skin. The Bed Cradle is a continuous closed loop frame of all steel construction.

    Bed Wedge with Cloth Cover 12" H X 23" W X 23" L

    Single Bed wedge with a cloth cover designed to help elevate and support the neck. Helps to relieve discomfort associated with respiratory problems, poor circulation and back or neck pain.

    Contour L Shape Body Pillow

    The L-Pillow's unique shape perfectly maintains the optimum side sleeping position. Helps alleviate shoulder pressure, or supports knees, hips, and back. 48 Inches in total length. Super soft, striped damask cover.

    Zzoma Positional Sleep Device

    Zzoma is the only FDA-cleared positional medical device approved for the treatment of sleep apnea.

    SlumberBump Positional Sleep Belt

    Slumberbump is a simple solution to a complex snoring ailment affecting millions. Studies have shown that the over 80% of the people suffering from mild to moderate snoring can see results from a positional based device like the Slumberbump™. Slumberbump™ effectively keeps patients who suffer from snoring while sleeping on their back by helping them to sleep on their side which counteracts gravity and can help prevent the collapsing of the airway. Slumberbump™ sleep belts offer a non-invasive, affordable, and comfortable alternative to CPAP therapy for those with mild to moderate snoring concerns.

    Prevalon 2.0 Turn and Position Systems

    The Prevalon Turn and Position System 2.0 moves as one with the patient, preventing the Glide Sheet and M2 Microclimate Body Pad from riding up.This allows the system to stay under the patient at all times, providing continuous tailbone, or sacral offloading and minimizing the need for boosting. 36" x 55"


    Designed for use following hip surgery when immobilization or post-operative positioning is required. All-foam construction for maximum support. Soft contact closure foam laminate straps help keep positioner in place and provide easy adjustment. Universal designs accommodate wide variety of patient sizes. 79-90180 hasa 4” tear-off block on both ends of pillow for adjustment. Comes compressed to reduce package sizing.

    Memory Foam Bed Wedge

    bed wedge is perfect for raising the head and upper back to lessen the effects of acid reflux, or simply for greater comfort while laying down on a bed or couch. For those who may spend long hours on their feet, it's ideal to put under your legs in the evening to elevate them, relieving pressure on tired, aching muscles.

    SlumberBUMP Blue Replacement Bladders

    If you use your slumberBUMP™ Positional Sleep Belt and some how it gets punctured, don’t worry. We offer a low cost *replacement bladder. This heavy duty replacement bladder fits securely into your sleep belt and provides the support you need to get a good nights rest.

    Disposable Foam Positioning Wedge

    Dsposbale foam bed positioning wedge. Measures 8" H X 11" W X 22" L

    Round Bolster

    Round bolster made of high-density urethane foam with vinyl sewn covering, used to aid in aligning lower extremities and provide pressure relief.

    Skillbuilders Positioning Wedges

    Versatile wedges are ideal for gross motor activities such as rolling, tumbling, and walking up- or down-hill. They also provide comfortable positioning for reading or fine motor activities.

    3-in-1 Bed Wedge with Pocket

    3 in 1 bed wedge with side pocket, makes bed positioning comfortable and convenient.

    30 Degree Full Body Bed Support System

    This Full Body four bolster positioning system provides a stable platform for side lying residents when coccyx off-loading is needed.

    Body Aligner

    A economical foam only body positioner. Available in sets of 2 and 6.

    Bed Wedge

    4-in-1 design bed wedge offers versatile elevation for upper and lower body. Customize the level of support and incline and sit comfortably in bed.

    Angular Bolster

    The Angular Therapy Bolster offers safe and comfortable support for optimal trunk positioning during physical therapy. The positioning tools can also be used at home for continued therapy and sitting or sleeping comfort.

    Turn & Positioning System

    Lying in one place in bed puts pressure on the tailbone that can lead to pressure injuries. The Skil-Care Bed Positioning System features Nylon Sheets with Two 30 Degree 16" Wedges and is used by nurses to reposition in bed and float the tailbone to relieve pressure over the coccyx area. It also helps reduce the caregiver’s risk of injury when repositioning the patient.

    20 Degree Positioning Wedges

    Helps with support, alignment, and pressure relief. Made Firm high-density urethane foam with vinyl sewn covering.

    Multi- Functioning Therapy Positioning Twin Wedge Set

    Two “twin” High-Density urethane foam wedges covered in Medium Blue vinyl.

    Prone Pillow

    The Oakworks Prone Pillow offers superior comfort while positioning patients properly. Can be used on the side of a table or desk top.

    Neck Stabilizer Wedge Pillow

    U-shaped design with two small adjustable triangle pillows. Helps to keep your head and neck in a safe position while sleeping, keep your face up, and prevent body from leaning.

    KINDBED Orthopedic Support Pillow Comfort System

    This four-cushion orthopedic pillow system is ideal for surgical recovery, extended bed rest, improved breathing and sleep, or just relaxing, reading, watching tv, playing video games, etc.

    Upholstered Body Positioning Wedge

    Used for side-lying support and trunk stabilization to maintain positioning schedules and help prevent pressure injuries.

    Ortho Bed Wedge

    8" Ortho Bed Wedge raises legs or feet at the proper angle to take pressure off lower back.

    Z-Flo Fluidized Utility Positioner for Pressure Relief

    Easily-customizable fluidized pressure redistribution devices to assist in positioning and repositioning patients.

    Raised Rail Mattress Cover

    Low intervention solution transforms all mattresses into a raised rail mattress eliminating the need to buy an entirely new mattress. Available in different widths

    Elevating Bed Wedges

    Choose between cloth or vinyl cover. The multi-purpose foam wedges comfortably elevate your patient’s head or feet. More effective than pillows or rolled towels, they resist slipping and sliding for secure positioning. Elevates the upper torso in the bed for improved comfort.

    Turner Slings

    The Twin Turner it is possible to roll the user from one side to the other side without having to remove the sling. The small surface area of material allows access to patient’s skin for inspection, treatment, and care. The Guldmann Twin Turner is used in conjunction with the ceiling lift or mobile lift system, to turn the user and position them onto their side avoiding unnecessary strain to the care provider.

    Core Bed Wedge

    A convenient solution to elevate the upper body or legs, helping to relieve the symptoms of hiatal hernia and reflux disorders. Gentle elevation helps alleviate the pain or numbness sometimes caused by lying flat on the back. Unique two-piece hinged design constructed of precision cut, high quality foam with zippered cover.

    Core Jackson Roll

    Specially shaped to provide comfort and support, the Jackson Roll helps relieve neck tension, aches and stiffness. Use it as a pillow for gentle neck support, behind your back for lumbar support or under your knees for additional comfort while resting.

    Folding Bed Wedge, 23" x 23" x 10"

    Wedges are such a life saver because they are the ultimate sleep saver. Resting, lounging or sleeping on an elevated incline can not only support your upper body on the outside, but inside as well … think respiratory, digestion and even snoring.

    Conforming Comfort Turn & Position Wedge, 22 x 15 x 8

    The Turn & Position Wedge is designed to assist you in proper body positioning according to the turning schedule of your facility. The Turn & Position Wedge aids in the prevention and treatment of pressure injuries by offloading the ischiums and the sacrum, while helping to provide proper body alignment. Comes with a disposable cover that can be hand laundered up to 3 times, air dry only.

    Blanket Lift Bar Support Frame

    Lift blankets and bedding off of your feet and legs to protect sensitive skin areas.

    Value Form Wedge 8" x 20" x 22"

    Valu-Form Wedges provides superior quality. The versatile, economical wedges complete any treatment program. Antimicrobial protection is built into the Valu-Form coating, and works from within to help prevent odors and wear caused by harmful microorganisms. The antimicrobial protection maintains a cleaner, safer surface that won't wash or wear off - and since it doesn't dissipate, the protection never stops. Valu-Form products remain fresh, odor-free and longer lasting. Versatile wedge shape is designed for gross motor activities such as rolling, tumbling, walking up or downhill, or creating a comfortable environment for reading. Wedges are available in therapist approved sizes.

    Body Positioning Wedge Pillow for Side Sleeping

    Positioning wedge features a triangular R-shape design that, when placed in the proper spot, provides ample support for the back, limbs, abdomen whichever applies. Your purchase of this non-skid positioning wedge comes with a pillowcase.

    Body Positioner, Tuff-Coat, Full Size, 10"W X 28"L X 8"H

    AliMed® Body Positioning Wedges are used for side-lying support and trunk stabilization to maintain positioning schedules and help prevent pressure injuries. Positioning wedges can be used anywhere your patients need firm support. 45º wedge keeps shoulders and hips properly aligned for greater comfort. AliMed® Body Positioning Wedges, Tuff-Coat™ Coating is treated with silver ionic antimicrobial agent that helps resist the growth of bacteria and viruses on the surface for the life of the wedges, making them safe for multi-patient use. Waterproof outer coating for maximum cleanability and superior infection control. Seamless for complete disinfection. WARNING: California's Proposition 65

    Semi Roll Pillow

    The Carex Semi-Roll Pillow is ergonomically designed to provide ideal spinal alignment and a therapeutic sleep posture to reduce head neck shoulder and back discomfort. It can also be used under the back knees or ankles. The pillow can also be used an under leg massage pillow. The high quality memory foam in the semi-roll pillow reacts fast to provide instant relief and comfort and provides slow memory foam recovery for longer support. Pillow can also be used as a lower back pillow or wedge pillow for legs elevation.

    Repositioning Sling

    Assists the caregiver to move or reposition the patient in bed including turning to and from the prone position and lateral transfer from one flat surface to another. It may be left under the patient between transfers (if clinical assessment allows)

    Skil-Care Bed Support System w/Attached 30° Bolster

    This positioning bolster system combines two 30º bolsters and a detachable absorbent pad. Integrated 30° bed positioning system has two wedges that are continuously attached with a reinforced nylon fabric. The 30° angle is optimal for relieving pressure on the hipbone and coccyx.

    TLC Positioning Pad

    TLC Mattress Cover is an absorbent mattress protector, offering moderate absorbency for urine. Urine is absorbed quickly away from sensitive skin. This patient transfer device supports up to 250 pounds. It may be used as a bed to wheelchair transfer assist device or as a patient transfer sheet. It is covered with soft Cozy Cloth fabric that is machine washable. This mattress cover may be washed repeatedly. Strong side web-handles enable one to four caregivers to position, turn, or lift patients. 40"W X 48"L

    Space Saver Bed Wedge 7x20x20

    • Perfect for head, foot or leg elevation • White or Blue zippered washable cover with sewn pocket. Shipped at its true weight MADE IN USA UNIQUE POCKET DESIGN Available in White or Blue Covers Holds TV remote, T.V. guides, magazines, and more • Foam meets CAL 117 requirements

    Conforming Comfort Positioning Device Small

    Our patented positioning device offers proven pressure reduction for your patients or residents. The solid foam core center gives the device just the right amount of support relative to your patients/residents weight. The deep peaks and valleys conform to offer excellent pressure redistribution. Unlike bed pillows that easily become dislodged, our patented device maintains its position, and keeps your patients/residents secure. Positioning devices aid in prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. This device allows comfortable positioning for patients/residents with other disabilities.

    InvisiCoat Double-Angle 35º/55º Wedges & 45º Wedge

    Double-Angle 35º/55º Wedges are two positioners in one for supporting the lumbar spine, ribs and obliques, or use under the rib cage to twist upper torso. Recommended for use in radiology suites or operating rooms. Antimicrobial coating is fluid-proof, durable, and easy-to-clean between uses.

    Angular Therapy Wedge 45 degrees-10 x10 x 24

    Polyurethane foam covered in heavy gauge vinyl cleans easily with damp cloth. Heat sealed to prevent contamination. Angular Bolster and 45° Therapy Wedge are useful in therapy for trunk positioning. Latex free.

    Contour BackMax Wedge System

    Our 3 piece bed wedge body support system - arrange in multiple combinations to elevate individual body areas or for total body support. Ultimate in total body comfort after surgeries, accidents and injuries to aid digestion (raises esophagus above stomach) to reduce stress on the body (zero gravity position) to find a comfortable position Includes remoable, washable cover 70L x 28W x 14H inches

    Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set, Blue

    A bed of needles may not sound appealing, but once you experience its benefits, you may not want to leave it! The ProsourceFit Acupressure Mat and Pillow set is a simple bed of 6,210 acupressure points that helps relieve stress, stimulate endorphins, reduce pain, and increase energy.

    Wedge Bedsore Pillow

    This Bedsore Cushion offers immediate relief by taking pressure off from the spine and aids in repositioning your elderly loved ones or patients. Its innovative design and adjustable slope evenly distribute weight, reducing pressure on the tailbone and back. Supports 30 degree tilt position recommended by the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel.

    Bed Positioning

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