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    Core Bed Wedge

    A convenient solution to elevate the upper body or legs, helping to relieve the symptoms of hiatal hernia and reflux disorders. Gentle elevation helps alleviate the pain or numbness sometimes caused by lying flat on the back. Unique two-piece hinged design constructed of precision cut, high quality foam with zippered cover. 24 x 24 (56cm x 56cm)
    • Helps elevate the head, back, or legs
    • Provides comfort/support while sitting or sleeping
    • Hinged design, constructed with high quality foam

    Item Description

    • 7 Height (7 wedge: 16.26° incline = 18.06% incline)
    • 10 Height (10 wedge: 22.62° incline = 25.13% incline)
    • 12 Height (12 wedge: 25.6° incline = 28.44% incline)

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