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    Hot and Cold Mattress Pads

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    Perfect Sleep Pad

    The Perfect Sleep Pad is a mattress cooling pad and bed heating system that goes on top of your current mattress. Using a network of microtubes, it circulates water throughout the night, allowing your body to stay comfortable at the same temperature all night long. Choose from a Single Zone System or Dual Zone System. Dual Zone System allows for individual temperature control in the same bed! No more fighting for the thermostat. Replacement pads available.

    ChiliPAD Dock Pro Sleep System

    Recommended for Veterans above 300 lbs because of the increase motor power. Amplified thermal power to create the perfect sleep climate, no matter the ambient bedroom temp or your body’s heat load. Ultimate Cold Power. Unrivaled Deep Sleep. It blows past the competition in terms of performance & sophistication Includes: + 1 Wifi-enabled Dock Pro™ control unit + 1 ChiliPad Pro™ mattress pad

    Mattress Cooling Pad for Night Sweats, Chilled Mattress Topper Water Cooling System Ideal for Hot Sleepers, 100% Cotton, 75” L x 39” W

    Bed cooling system. The cooling pad reduces your metabolic activity and lowers your heart rate, which leads to deep sleep and recovery.

    Hot and Cold Mattress Pads