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    Unbreakable Magnet Pull-String Alarm

    Smart Caregiver "Unbreakable" Magnet Pull-String Alarm Alarm automatically resets when the magnet is replaced. Functions with an integrated and locking mounting strap that secures the monitor to chair backs. Includes a thick, impact-resistant foam sleeve and a lifetime warranty. Also features a low battery warning.

    Pressure-Sensitive Chair and Bed Patient Alarm

    Alerts care giver with audio alarm when patient gets out of a chair or bed. Pressure-sensitive pad connects to the audio alarm.

    Portable Push Alert One-Touch Alert System - Waterproof

    Alarm alerts others when you need assistance, in any room, outdoors and even for travel. Waterproof for added convenience.

    Personal Econo Alarms

    Easy to operate, reliable and economical, too. Used on chairs with the cord attached to patient’s clothes. The alarm is activated when the cord is pulled as a result of the patient starting to stand.

    IQ Duo Plus Alarm w/ 6 month Bed Sensor Pad 15 x 30

    IQ Duo Plus Alarm is truly versatile. It is the answer for facilities consistently switching between pull-cord alarms and sensor alarms. This alarm has both options, pull-cord or sensor alarm.

    FallGuard Alarm Monitors & Pads

    Prevent falls and wandering with the use of these systems.

    Economy Central Monitoring Unit

    The Central Monitoring Unit allows you to monitor multiple Wireless sensor units from one central location, such as a Nurses’ Station. This eliminates bothersome in-room alarm noise and significantly reduces the tripping hazards associated with corded units.

    Alarm Transmitter Unit

    Attaches to sensor pads or wireless optical bed sensor

    Anti-Wandering Door Bar Alarm System

    This “All in One” Anti-Wandering Door Bar System functions with just a door alarm and a resident wristband. Simply mount the door monitor alarm by any exit or doorway in your care facility, plug it in, and place wristband on resident. When a resident wearing a wristband attempts to wander too close or through the doorway, the door monitor alarm sounds audibly and visually.

    AliMed Motion Detection Local Alarm

    AliMed Motion Detection Local Alarms Simple and dependable, this motion detection alarm is ideal for restless patients, immediately alerting caregivers when a patient attempts to exit their bed or room. With a 24' activation range, the alarm can be placed at bedside or in a doorway and is triggered when motion is detected by the infrared sensor, sounding for 30 seconds before automatically resetting. The alarm contains an on/off switch and includes chime or alarm sound options. Choose alarm with Wall Mount or Magnetic Bed Rail Clamp.

    Skil-Care BedPro Safety Alarms and Accessories

    Protects patients against fall related injuries resulting from unassisted bed exists.

    Skil-Care Door Window Alarm

    Economy pack of five alarms. Alerts staff if a window or door is penetrated by a resident. Installs in seconds with adhesive backing. Alarm has a 3-position switch for off, chime and alarm. Resets itself when door or window is closed. Perfect for supply closets, medicine cabinets and doors to all “off-limits” areas. Audible at great distances. Batteries included.

    ChairPro Gel-Foam Pad Alarm System 16" x 16"

    16 x 16 x 2 1/2 * Pressure relief plus safety monitoring * Two-chamber gel cushion provides pressure relief comfort and stability * Fluid-proof vinyl cover protects against incontinence * Launderable outer cover reduces skin shear * Alarm sensor is protected in vinyl pocket beneath cushion * Alarm initiates when user rises and resets when he/she sits * System operates on single 9 volt battery (included) *

    ChairPro Leveling Pad Alarm System

    This ChairPro safety alarm system consists of a firm foundation seating platform with a built in sensor and a ChairPro safety alarm.

    Bed Sensor Pad 20" x 30", SafeTRelease Cord, 1-Year

    Smart Caregiver Quieter Wireless Bed Sensor Pads with Unique SafeTRelease™ Replaceable Cords No more broken cords! Pad is placed under the resident on the bed. When resident gets up and pressure is released from the pad the monitor will alarm. (Monitor Required) For facility or in-home care.

    CordLess Sensor Pad, Chair 10" x 15"

    10" x 15" (1-year): To be placed on a bed or chair, the pad is placed under the user and programmed to a CordLess monitor. When pressure is removed from the pad, a wireless signal is sent to the monitor to alert the caregiver. The floor mat are placed near the bed side or in a doorway. If the user gets out of bed or tries to leave the room, pressure is applied to the mat. A signal is then sent to the caregiver.

    IQ Sensor Alarm

    PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS Small, lightweight, and easy-to-handle Strong, rugged design ensures long-term use Extended battery life

    Anti-Wandering Economy CordLess Door/Window Exit Alarm

    When the window or door opens and the contact magnet is separated from the sensor, a silent wireless signal is sent to alert the caregiver monitoring unit either 231433ECSCG or 2433CMU40SCG.

    Chair Sensor Pads and Alarm Sytems

    Shop here for chairpro sensor pads and alarm systems. The chair sensor pad may be used with or without a cushion and activates an alarm when the resident rises. The vinyl covered pads are water-resistant and measure 7" X 15".

    Skil-Care Personal Alarm

    SkiL-Care™ Personal Alarm easily attaches to the wheelchair or bed. The alarm cord clips to the resident's clothing or pajamas. As the resident begins to leave the wheelchair or bed, the alarm sounds, alerting caregivers. Requires no maintenance other than periodic replacement of the included 9V battery. The Skil-Care Personal Alarm alerts caregivers when a resident/patient has left or fallen from the bed or wheelchair. The alarm attaches to a wheelchair or bed, and can be clipped to the patients clothes. Features include a 9-volt battery, wheelchair mounting bracket, and hook and loop bed attachment strip.

    OverMattress Sensor Pads- 10" x 30"- 180 Days

    These over the mattress sensor pads universally connect to any BedPro, ChairPro, or MultiPro alarm.

    Skil-Care ChairPro Seat Belt Alarm System-50"L

    A restraint-free, easy-release buckle activates the alarm when opened. The durable nylon belt attaches to any wheelchair. Auto-reset feature eliminates the need to turn the alarm on or off. Features a high/low alarm volume control.

    E-Z Release Belt Alarm System

    This ChairPro Safety Alarm System comes with a non-restrictive belt sensor with hook and loop closure. Alarm sounds when closure is released. Includes ChairPro Alarm Unit.

    AliMed Remote Receiver Alarm Unit

    AliMed Remote Receiver/Alarm Unit Typically mounts outside the patient's room, and extends the range of the Remote Bedside Alarm by up to 150 feet in any direction. The motion sensor in the room communicates with the remote receiver to wirelessly sound the alarm and flash an alert light in the hallway.

    AliMed Motion Detection Remote Bedside Alarms

    AliMed Motion Detection Remote Bedside Alarms wirelessly transmit alarm signals to one or more receivers up to 150 feet away, alerting staff in the hall or around the corner that an attempt to rise is being made. Built-in channel selection allows multiple alarms to signal to multiple receivers without interference. No minimum weight requirement. Ideal for bedside, doorway, or anywhere motion detection is needed. Bedside alarm can be set to silent to avoid disturbing other patients in room. Grey.

    Alimed Wireless Remote Alarm System for Bed

    AliMed PIR Alarm Systems are simple, safe and dependable motion-detection technology to help manage patient care and fall prevention. The PIR Alarm works just like automatic motion-detection lights. When the beam is interrupted, the alarm is sounded. The PIR beam is narrow and fan-shaped so that only the bedside area is monitored. The alarm won't go off when staff members enter the room. These systems eliminate the hazards associated with cords - tripping and accidental wire pulls are eliminated.

    AliMed Basic Magnetic Pull Cord Alarm

    AliMed Basic Magnetic Pull Cord Alarm is the most versatile of all our alarms and comes with universal fitting for bed, chair, and toilet. It features dual tone/volume: 95 dB (high) or 85 dB (low), LED light for low battery indication and on/off switch. Includes hook-and-loop fastener for wheelchair and holster with mounting screws for headboard or toilet installation. Adjustable cord (18" -58") suits any situation and has a strong alligator clip for attachment to patient's clothing. 2"W x 5-1/4"L x 1"D. Batteries included.

    Motion Sensor to Monitor System

    The silent resident Exit Alarm eliminates noise at the bedside and instead, only alerts caregivers through the remote receiver.

    Talking Smoke, Fire and Carbon Monoxide Alarm

    This alarm that tells it like it is Totally eliminate confusion with this exlusive smart combo alarm. The voice system states one of three messages including: Warning Carbon Monoxide Fire Fire or Low Battery, plus an ultra loud 85 decibel alarm alerts you to smoke/fire or carbon monoxide danger at the same time. In addition, the alarm warns you if CO levels were detected while you were away. as well as a blinking light that indicates low battery condition. The advanced CO and Smoke Sensor make you aware of danger immediately. It's easy to install in any room of your home with no wiring required. 5 year limited Mfg warranty on smoke and CO alarm.Battery operated .Requires 3 AAbatteries included.

    Shake-N-Lite Vibrating Alarm Clock with Backlight

    Great for the Hard of Hearing at home or when travelling Strong intermittent and continuous vibration alarm Large backlit LCD Battery-operated

    Cordless Fall Monitor

    The “New Patented Technology” CordLess Fall Monitor is cord free and can be mounted where you need it – away from residents – eliminating bothersome in-room alarm noise. Monitor can be easily wall-mounted at the bedside or in a hallway up to 50 ft. away using the provided wall-mounting hardware.

    Wander Alarm: Door Monitor w/ Plug-In Alarm

    Designed to prevent Alzheimer's wandering + senior safety - the simplest, expandable, alarm system available. This kit includes one door sensor. Expand your system to include motion sensors, wireless alarm pagers, SOS Buttons and more!

    Reizen Talking LCD Alarm Cube Clock

    Reizen Talking LCD Alarm Cube Clock - Silver and Black - Reizen Cube LCD Talking Alarm Clock with silver body and black panel has a soft green back-light display for those with low vision.

    Corded Pressure Sensor Pads 10" X 15"

    Thinner pads than ever before More sensitive without increasing false alarms For chairs and beds

    Two Button Pager System

    Smart Caregiver Wireless Personal Pager System A Stand Alone Personal Paging System and includes two Call Buttons and one Caregiver Pager.

    Motion Sensor Fall Alarm Monitor for Bedside or Doorway

    Stand alone motion sensor alarm that is battery operated. Great for bedsides, hallways, or doorways.

    Multipro Electronics Units with Accessories (Accessories: Auxiliary Connector Cable, Battery and Hook & Loop)

    This MultiPro Safety Alarm Unit includes the following: batteries, cable accessories, and electronic unit with nurse call capabilities and music tones.

    FallGuard Monitor

    Professional grade. Easy-to-use fall prevention alarm with pad life indicator. No more writing dates on the pads! Monitor alerts caregiver when pad life is up.

    Stop Strips

    An effective visual barrier to the confused resident when attempting to wander outside the room.

    Economy Wireless Monitor Pager

    Our Economy Wireless monitor can be set to silent to reduce in-room alarm noise. When a resident attempts to get up, a silent wireless signal is sent to a caregiver pager or central nurses’ station.

    Switch Adapted Wireless Attendant Call Button Vibrating Alert Chime

    Our wireless attendant call button system consists of a switch adapted transmitter and a receiver. It can be used as-is or with an optional standard 1/8" (3.5mm) switch plugged into the transmitter for activation by those with poor or no finger use. If you do not want the transmitter to be switch adapted, please indicate that by clicking the box above. Perfect for the caregiver who needs to go out in the yard, do laundry, or simply run to the mailbox.

    AC Adapter for TL-2100 Series Monitors

    AC Adapter for TL-2100 Series Monitors

    Safety Auto-Reset Monitor

    The TL-2100S Monitor is designed for use with all Smart Caregiver corded sensor pads and mats. Simply plug a sensor pad into the monitor and place the pad under the resident in a chair or bed. When the resident gets up and pressure is removed, the alarm will sound notifying caregivers that the resident is on the move. This alarm features a Safety Auto-Reset™ Function which will automatically reset and silence the alarm when pressure is re-applied to the sensor pad.

    Central Monitoring Unit 60 Channel

    Wireless Central Monitor - monitor multiple residents at one location.

    Guardian Alert 911 Emergency Alert System

    The Guardian Alert is the simplest way to call 911 when you have an emergency in or around your home. The Guardian Alert works with your existing telephone and there are never any additional service fees.

    E-Z Call Quadriplegic Universal Nurse Call Switch

    E-Z Call Quadriplegic Universal Nurse Call Switch and Battery-powered Portable Alarm can be used together. Each sold separately.

    UnderMattress Bed Sensor Pads

    Great for personal or professional use, these pads reliably activate an alarm monitor when the user rises or moves off the pad. For patients who wander or try to get out of bed at nigh, the pad is a way to help alert nurses or caregivers. Pad connects to alarm monitor (sold separately) that alerts you to their need for assistance and help reduce the risk of fall. Useful for putting on the bed of elderly mum, dad, or grandparents, including those with dementia or Alzheimer's disease. Pad is constructed of durable, water-resistance vinyl. Sensor pad set-up instructions are printed right on the pad for easy reference. Pad also has a spot for recording the initial date of use. Available in two sizes 10” x 30” and 20” x 30”.

    Bedwetting Alarm Pad

    Bedwetting Alarm Pad / Bladder Training Urinary Mat, SB Rechargeable, Pee Alarm with Music Optional and Volume Control

    Alarms And Sensor Pads