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    Skil-Care ChairPro Seat Belt Alarm System-50"L

    A restraint-free, easy-release buckle activates the alarm when opened. The durable nylon belt attaches to any wheelchair. Auto-reset feature eliminates the need to turn the alarm on or off. Features a high/low alarm volume control.
    Product #: 2552836SC

    Two AA batteries included. The LED serves as a battery test and “alarm on” indicator. Adjusts up to 50" wide. Includes ChairPro Alarm Unit.

    • Eliminates sensor strips and clothing clips

    • Nylon belt has easy-release buckle for restraint-free care

    • Alarm sounds when buckle is released

    • Alerts caregiver before resident leaves the chair

    • Automatically resets when buckle is secured

    • Secures to all standard wheelchairs

    • Reminds resident to stay seated

    • Reinforced attachment holes

    This item is not returnable.
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    AliMed Basic Magnetic Pull Cord Alarm

    AliMed Basic Magnetic Pull Cord Alarm is the most versatile of all our alarms and comes with universal fitting for bed, chair, and toilet. It features dual tone/volume: 95 dB (high) or 85 dB (low), LED light for low battery indication and on/off switch. Includes hook-and-loop fastener for wheelchair and holster with mounting screws for headboard or toilet installation. Adjustable cord (18" -58") suits any situation and has a strong alligator clip for attachment to patient's clothing. 2"W x 5-1/4"L x 1"D. Batteries included.

    Drive Viper Plus GT Wheelchair

    MEETS YOUR CUSTOMIZATION NEEDS OUT OF THE BOX! * Built-in seat rail extensions increase seat depth 16" to 18" * Dual Axle allows for Standard seat height (19.5") and Hemi-height (17.5") * Additional Super Hemi Height kit available STDSSHK * Universal Armrests adjusts to 3 lengths- desk arm, half arm & full arm * Armrest with 8 heights with just the push of a button. * Back height can be adjusted to a higher back 17"-19" to support taller Veterans * Back Angle tilt can be adjusted 5°-20° * Quick Release Tires for a lighter wheelchair for caregiver * Weighs under 35 lbs. in basic configuration (excluding front rigging).

    Elements Wheelchair Cushion

    Ideal for personal and professional use Designed for maximum comfort and pressure relief while sitting Single layer foam with dual gel pack lends extra support for wheelchair-bound individuals Removable cover is waterproof and easy to sanitize Available in either 2" or 3" thickness to accommodate for user needs and preferences

    TopPosey Horseshoe Wedge

    Horseshoe Wedges help to create a complete protective barrier around the perimeter of the bed for patients at risk to injure or entangle themselves in the side rails.