Anti-Tremor Utensils

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GYENNO Stabilizing Fork Head

GYENNO Anti-Tremble Gyroscopic Fork (Not Include Spoon Head). Replaceable Fork Head of GYENNO Flatware Sets.

Gyenno Bravo Twist

GYENNO Bravo Twist Parkinson Spoon for Hand Tremor, Steady Spoon with Self Stabilizing Smart Lift Kit for Parkinsons Patients. Portable and Great Size.

HandSteady Rotatable Handle Cup

Cup with a rotating handle self levels, increases control, reduces spills. Drinking aid for people with tremor, limited dexterity, weak grip. Patent pending rotating handle allows the cup to be self leveling

Deluxe Built-Up Handle Fork, 8"L

Make mealtimes more enjoyable with Deluxe Built-Up Foam Utensils! Durable stainless steel silverware are covered in closed-cell foam and are shaped to contour around the gripping posture of the hand. The built-up handles are approximately 1 ΒΌ inches in diameter and removable for dishwasher safe cleaning.