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    Gyenno Bravo Twist

    GYENNO Bravo Twist Parkinson Spoon for Hand Tremor, Steady Spoon with Self Stabilizing Smart Lift Kit for Parkinsons Patients. Portable and Great Size.
    Product #: 2GBTGYO
    • Fork and Spoon Kits,Anti-shaking function, Twist spaghetti Function and Cloud function, Bravo Twist can also record the hand tremor data of users and transfer it to app site.
    • Gyenno Bravo Twist is suitable for the people with hand tremor range within 2.7inch (7CM)
    • Build-in Battery design low failure rate,2.5h for charging 180 minutes for running.
    • Fork and spoon replaceable attachments for all kind of meals.
    • Magnetic connector design Much easier for replacing the attachments.
    • Portable carrying case design, 157g only ,convenient for traveling

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