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    Cando Exercise Ball Kit- 65 cm, For individuals 5'4" to 6'

    A simple way to get a complete body workout. Comes with a high-volume air pump.

    CanDo Inflatable Exercise Ball - Economy Set - Red - 30" (75 cm) Ball, For individuals 6'1" to 6'9"

    A simple way to get a complete body workout. Comes with a high-volume air pump 75 cm, For individuals 6'1" to 6'9"

    Deluxe Square Rebounder Package, 48L X 44W

    A 5-position, quick-change heavy-duty Square Rebounder that includes a ball storage rack and 5 weighted medicine balls.

    Norco™ Exercise Ball Kit

    Economical burst-resistant balls provide versatile workouts for rehabilitation and exercise.

    Plyometric Adjustable Ball Rebounder Set

    Circular adjustable angle ball rebounder returns balls with speed, force and angle consistent with your throw. The angle of inclination adjusts from 0-42 degrees. The rebounder surface is 27" in diameter. Set includes Circular Rebounder, Plyometric Ball Rack and 5 pliable medicine balls (1 each 2,4,7,11,15 lb.).

    Plyometric Rebounder & 5 Balls (1 set)

    Excellent as a rehabilitative exercise jogger or plyometric rebounder. Returns tosses from 4 different angles using an easy hook and ladder adjustment. Trampoline locks into a flat stationary position for balance training, cardiovascular exercise or use as a flat jogging surface. Features a handle for upper extremity support.

    Thera-Band® Standard Exercise Balls

    Each ball package includes a full color poster, 2 ball plugs and an inflation adapter. All balls tested to 600 lbs. of static weight.

    CanDo inflatable Exercise Ball

    CanDo inflatable Exercise Ball Exercise balls are used to improve balance, coordination, flexibility, strength and even just for fun. Balls are used as aids for vestibular movement and equilibrium therapy, by fitness professionals as an aid for stretching and strength programs, as seats, and even by pregnant women in birthing classes. The CanDo balls have a non-slip PVC vinyl surface that is ribbed for extra security. The balls may be "under" inflated to give a soft, mushy feel or fully inflated for a firm, bouncy feel. Standard CanDo inflatable balls can support up to 300 pounds (136 kg) and are available in a polybag or retail box. Available in various sizes.

    CanDo Rubber Medicine Balls - Firm Ball

    With a firm yet easy-to-grip rubber exterior, the CanDo medicine balls provide uniform weight distribution and color coding for quick weight identification.

    CanDo Handy Grip™ weight ball - 5 lb - Blue

    CanDo Handy Grip™ weight ball offers all the benefits of traditional weight training without using hard-to-hold metal dumbbells. Ergonomic shape makes for easy grasping and textured surface makes it slip-free. Strap ball to hand for added security and for firmer grasp. The strap is adjustable to fit most users. Football shape design with hand strap enables a variety of strength training and functional movements. Available in 6 color-coded weight levels.

    CanDo Medicine Ball Set of 5 - 2lb, 4lb, 7lb, 11lb, and 15lb

    Color-coded plyometric balls available from 1 to 30 pounds. Balls have firm rubber exterior shell and uniform weight distribution. Balls have easy-to-grip rubber surface. Balls can be used with trampoline rebounder and thrown back and forth with a partner.

    Thera-Band Mini Ball

    Whether you’re looking to enhance your core workouts, tone certain muscles, improve your flexibility, stabilize your balance and posture, target a specific muscle for injury rehabilitation, or achieve an effective full-body workout, the TheraBand Mini Ball can help you accomplish your goals. It’s perfect for performing physical therapy exercises in a clinical setting and a great addition to any home exercise routine.

    CanDo Massage Balls

    Hand held massage balls and rollers are used to help achieve muscle and tension release for all parts of the body. The "bumpy" textured surface also promotes sensory stimulation and is perfect for manual dexterity exercises.

    Hand Exercise Ball

    Hand Exercise Ball that includes color-coded balls of varying resistances are designed for individuals who suffer from arthritis, carpal tunnel, or weak hands. It helps improve strength in hands, fingers, wrists, and forearms.

    Soft White Marsden Ball

    Soft Training Ball Soft white ball with all letters of the alphabet on the surface. 90mm. (3.6") diameter; 90 gr. weight; made of polyurethane material. The ball comes attached to a 17ft, white string. This is a great addition to any therapy room!

    Franklin Textured Ball™ Set

    Designed to facilitate the exercises of the Franklin Method®. Balls are the ideal density and size for relaxation exercises of the neck, jaw, elbow, hip and more. Approximately 3.5" in diameter. Set of two. Latex- and phthalate-free.

    CanDo Donut Ball - Red - 30" Dia x 16" H (75 cm Dia x 40 cm H)

    CanDo Inflatable Donut Balls are the ideal tool for exercise, workouts, core training sessions, stability training, Yoga, Pilates and balance training. The unique flat sided design of the Donut Balls helps the user improve balance, strength and stability.

    TheraBand PRO Series SCP Exercise Ball, 26" (65 cm), Retail Box, Green

    TheraBand inflatable exercise balls are color-coded and include an exercise chart. Available in regular and Pro series SCP formula. PRO Series SCP formula offers slow deflation and enhanced performance. Both formulas are available in various color-coded sizes.

    Gymnic Exercise Ball, 55 cm, Red

    The Gymnic Exercise Ball is ideal for workouts in the gym, clinic or at home. It’s an extremely versatile tool for physical therapy, Pilates, fitness and general exercise.

    TheraBand Inflatable Exercise Ball - Pro Series SCP

    TheraBand inflatable exercise balls are color-coded and include an exercise chart. PRO Series SCP formula offers slow deflation and enhanced performance. Available in various color-coded sizes.

    CanDo Memory Foam Ball Exerciser, Set of 3

    CanDo Memory Foam Squeeze Ball - 3-piece set (yellow, red, green):

    Exercise Balls