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    Plyometric Rebounder & 5 Balls (1 set)

    Excellent as a rehabilitative exercise jogger or plyometric rebounder. Returns tosses from 4 different angles using an easy hook and ladder adjustment. Trampoline locks into a flat stationary position for balance training, cardiovascular exercise or use as a flat jogging surface. Features a handle for upper extremity support.
    Product #: 281299411FEI

    Exercise Trampoline

    The Rebounder doubles as an exercise jogger that can be used as a piece of workout equipment. The trampoline can be laid flat to perform low impact jogging, strengthening, and balancing exercises. Individuals can use the exercise jogger to incorporate high-intensity, cardiovascular athletics into their routines with explosive power workouts.

    Adjustable Frame

    The rehabilitation trampoline is designed for individuals of varying abilities and offers a variety of progressive exercises. The durable steel frame features a standing handle for additional support and balance assistance. The frame also has a hook and ladder adjustment system that places the trampoline at four different angles for various levels of medicine ball returns.


    • Can be used as exercise or rehabilitation equipment for jogging and plyometric rebounding
    • Durable frame is made of welded steel and coated with powder to promote longevity
    • Made with commercial- grade woven trampoline fabric to withstand extended use
    • Trampoline can be angled in four positions for medicine ball training or layed flat for jogging and balancing
    • Measures 31” H x 40” W x 45” L
    This item is not returnable.
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