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Deluxe Natural Sheepskin Pad

Made of 100% natural sheepskin wool. Helps prevent decubitus ulcers and improve patient comfort. Machine washable. 36" x 80". Latex free.

Convoluted Bed Pad

Ideal for prevention and treatment of decubitus ulcers. Convoluted surface helps with weight distribution and air circulation.

Contoured Vinyl Mattress Cover, 36"W x 80"L"

Hospital grade white vinyl cover protects mattresses from fluid spills and incontinence problems. Reduces allergic reactions to dust and dander. Wipes clean with damp cloth, mild soap or disinfectant.  Vinyl sides and elastic bottom slip over mattress easily. Latex free.

Multi-Ply ShearCare1500 Pressure Redistribution Foam Mattress

Multi-Ply ShearCare™ 1500 Mattress Pressure Reduction Foam Mattress is designed to provide maximum pressure reduction for high-risk Bariatric patients. The top layer is constructed of the high reliant/high density die-cut foam, Lura-Quilt™, which is aerated to allow air to pass through, reducing heat buildup in heel area. Bottom layer Foam is high density-

Mabis/ Briggs Alternating Pressure Pump & Pad

Helps improve circulation and alleviates bed sores.


The Drive Medical Med Aire Alternating Pressure Pump and Pad System is designed for use in the prevention, treatment, and management of pressure ulcers.

Span America Geo-Matt Therapeutic Overlay with Cover

The Geo-Matt Therapeutic Overlay With Cover has a vinyl or nylon cover with antibacterial agent built in.

Convoluted Egg Crate Foam Mattress Pads- Queen 58 x 78 x 4

Latex Free Convoluted overlays are recognized primarily for comfort, not pressure management

Gel Mattress Overlay

Ideal combination of 5 gel bladders, each comprised of 3 channels 2" thick

Bed Gap Eliminator

Increments of 2”, 4” and 6”. Each unit has 3 straps to secure system 36”L Removable & washable cover Latex free

Convoluted Egg Crate Foam Mattress Pad

Convoluted Egg Crate Foam Mattress Pad

Synthetic Sheepskin Pad, Synthetic Bed Pads, AM

Synthetic Sheepskin Pad, Synthetic Bed Pads, AM

WAFFLE Bariatric Mattress Overlay With M.A.D. Pump

The EHOB™ WAFFLE Overlay is more than a support surface, assisting in lateral transfers, boosts and turns to protect patients throughout the hospital journey. Through immersion and envelopment, the WAFFLE Overlay is designed to offload the patient and relieve pressure at bony prominences while the unique venting holes allow for air circulation to keep patients cool, dry and comfortable.

Bariatric Premium Guard Gel Overlay, 42" x 76" x 3.5"

Drive's Premium Guard Gel Overlay at 42"W x 76"L x 3.5"H optimizes pressure redistribution and accommodates weight capacity up to 500 lbs. Fifteen gel bladders cover the entire patient contact area for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. Full length “head-to-toe” gel bladders minimize “bottoming out” and “pitting” while convoluted foam topper vastly improves patient comfort and air circulation. Four elastic corner straps secure overlay to mattress.

Chili Pad Cube Mattress Pad, Twin XL

Chili Pad Cube Mattress Pad, Twin XL

Mattress Pad, Queen, 56" x 78" x 2"

Convoluted surface helps with weight distribution and air circulation.

Convoluted Foam Pad - 33" (W) x 74" (L) x 4" (H)

Convoluted foam mattress topper helps redistribute pressure and increase circulation Offers a cool, dry and comfortable surface for a more restful sleep

Aquatec Padded Belt

A soft, padded belt fits around hips or chest to secure client in the chair. Length adjusts with metal buckle with grommet closure. Includes mounting hardware.