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    Span America Geo-Matt Therapeutic Overlay with Cover

    The Geo-Matt Therapeutic Overlay With Cover has a vinyl or nylon cover with antibacterial agent built in.

    Med-Aire Alternating Pressure Pump and Pad System

    The Med-Aire Alternating Pressure Pump and Pad System with Low Air Loss by Drive Medical provides alternating pressure and is designed to be used in the prevention, treatment and management of Pressure Ulcers.

    Deluxe Natural Sheepskin Pad

    Made of 100% natural sheepskin. Helps prevent decubitus ulcers and improve patient comfort.

    Convoluted Bed Pads for Home & Hospital

    Ideal for prevention and treatment of decubitus ulcers. Convoluted surface helps with weight distribution and air circulation.

    Synthetic Sheepskin Pad, Synthetic Bed Pads, AM

    Synthetic Sheepskin Pad, Synthetic Bed Pads, AM

    WAFFLE Bariatric Mattress Overlay With M.A.D. Pump

    The EHOB™ WAFFLE Overlay is more than a support surface, assisting in lateral transfers, boosts and turns to protect patients throughout the hospital journey. Through immersion and envelopment, the WAFFLE Overlay is designed to offload the patient and relieve pressure at bony prominences while the unique venting holes allow for air circulation to keep patients cool, dry and comfortable.

    Bariatric Premium Guard Gel Overlay, 42" x 76" x 3.5"

    Drive's Premium Guard Gel Overlay at 42"W x 76"L x 3.5"H optimizes pressure redistribution and accommodates weight capacity up to 500 lbs. Fifteen gel bladders cover the entire patient contact area for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. Full length “head-to-toe” gel bladders minimize “bottoming out” and “pitting” while convoluted foam topper vastly improves patient comfort and air circulation. Four elastic corner straps secure overlay to mattress.

    Convoluted Foam Pad - 33" (W) x 74" (L) x 4" (H)

    Convoluted foam mattress topper helps redistribute pressure and increase circulation Offers a cool, dry and comfortable surface for a more restful sleep

    BedderFeet 6" Bed Pad

    Turns a Mattress into a Foot & Heel Protector!

    Lumex Lightest Foam/Gel Overlay

    A new standard in pressure management

    Repose Contur with Cover and Pump

    Combines enhanced comfort with pressure area care. Repose Contur is a pressure redistribution cushion overlay for riser recliner chairs utilizing the Repose tried and trusted inflatable air cell and ‘smart valve’ technologies. Offering pressure area care to the seat, back and leg sections, it secures to the chair easily and safely with straps and thus it can either be fitted to new chairs or be a straightforward retro-fit for users who already have a chair and require a specialist support surface.

    Blanket Lifters

    Medical Tent Adjustable Blanket Holder for Bed Feet Ankle Surgery Recovery Arthritis Leg Cramps Gout Care

    ROHO PRODIGY Mattress Overlay System

    The ROHO PRODIGY Mattress Overlay System provides an individualized fit in order to protect skin and soft tissue from breakdown.

    Geo-Matt Therapeutic Overlay with Vinyl Cover

    The Geo-Matt Therapeutic Overlay With Cover has a cover with antibacterial agent built in. This mattress is ideal for pressure ulcer prevention in moderate to high risk patients. It is proven effective in prevention and healing. The top surface is cut using patented Geo-Matt design, which creates more than 800 individually responsive foam cells anatomically sized to area of the body.

    Convoluted Overlay, Premium Foam, 32" x 73"

    Made of high-quality medical-grade urethane Peaks on the pads helps increase comfort for patients while offering additional support Available in two grades of foam and three different thicknesses

    LIFT Under Mattress Gentle Incline Elevator

    A cost-effective, full-length incline bed therapy wedge that works with your existing mattress, promotes faster acid clearing for relief from sleep interrupters such as GERD, Acid Reflux, and nighttime heartburn by gently tilting your mattress upward and placing your head slightly above your torso.

    Premium Guard Gel Overlay, 34" x 76" x 3.5"

    Premium Guard Gel Overlay, 34" x 76" x 3.5"

    Expansion Control Plus Overlay : 76 x 34 x 3.5 CASE 6 (no pump)

    Cost Effective - Delivers pressure relief and treatment Technologically Sound - Patented design eliminates patient "bottoming out" and ensures air always surrounds patients body. Used in hospitals around the world for bed sores Static Air Technology - prevents and heals pressure ulcers Air Passage Holes - Allow for circulation and heat and moisture dissipation Easy to Use - Easily inflates with non-electrical M.A.D.™ Pump Safe and Secure - The low profile mattress design provides patient safety Versatile - Hand Wells allow for easy log rolling and transferring patients up to 600lbs

    Waffle Mattress Overlay w/ Pump, 6/Case

    Quick Overview Waffle Econo Extended Care Plus Mattress Overlay w/Pump 76"x34"x3"

    Serenity Gel Overlay

    The Protekt® Gel Overlay utilizes a series of gel bladders encapsulated between high density, high resilient contoured foam and a firm support base. This composition creates a cost effective pressure redistribution group I support surface.

    Raised Rail Mattress Cover

    Low intervention solution transforms all mattresses into a raised rail mattress eliminating the need to buy an entirely new mattress. Available in different widths

    OverLays & Covers/Pads