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    Span America Geo-Matt Therapeutic Overlay with Cover

    The Geo-Matt Therapeutic Overlay With Cover has a vinyl or nylon cover with antibacterial agent built in.
    Product #: 250960500SAHPFY
    • This mattress is ideal for pressure ulcer prevention in moderate to high risk patients. It is proven effective in prevention and healing. The top surface is cut using patented Geo-Matt design, which creates more than 800 individually responsive foam cells anatomically sized to area of the body.
    • Span America Geo-Matt Therapeutic Overlay with Cover has pleated design allows full integration with mattress’ shear relieving surface while minimizing hammocking
    • Cover is fire resistant, fluidproof, tear resistant, cleanable and replaceable
    • Side zipper with flap provides protection from fluids
    • Durable side elastic bands help secure overlay to mattress
    • Zoned design which delivers support characteristics needed at head, torso and lower extremities
    • Cells allows customization of support to body's natural curvature
    • Independent foam segments address pressure and shear
    • Ring-of-Air channels minimize heat and moisture
    • Easy to clean and maintain
    • Height: 3.5"
    • Weight capacity: 250lbs

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