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    Nova Turning Knee Cruiser

    The Nova Knee Cruiser is an excellent mobility device for foot or ankle injuries when the affected area cannot bear weight or has limited weight bearing precautions. It can be a great long or short term alternative to crutches or folding walkers that can have adverse affects such as back or under arm pain from extended use.


    P-51 Knee walker can be steered for increased maneuverability. Ideal for individuals recovering from foot surgery, breaks, sprains, amputation and ulcers of the foot. **FSS CONTRACT 36F79723D0003**

    Roscoe Knee Scooter

    The Knee Scooter offers increased comfort and ease of mobility to patients who cannot put weight on their foot or ankle, but want to remain active. With its four large wheels and padded knee platform, the Knee Scooter is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

    Sheepette Knee Walker Pad Cover

    The Sheepette Knee Pad is designed to increase user comfort when using a knee walker/scooter. Plush material prevents rubbing of the knee as well as increasing circulation. Pad fits most knee walker pads via elastic.

    Turning Knee Walker Heavy Duty- Tall

    The Extra Tall and Heavy Duty Knee Walker because while recovering from foot/ankle/Achilles injury is long, uncomfortable and very inconvenient. Stay mobile and recover better with the non-weight bearing Knee Walker equipped with locking hand brakes, rugged wheels and an extra tall, heavy duty frame that supports up to 400 lb. It’s going to be a long 6-12 weeks, suffer less and move more.

    iWalk 3.0

    The iWALK 3.0 is a crutch substitute that frees you from the limitations of conventional crutches and provides unsurpassed mobility.

    iWalk2.0 Factory Replacement - Knee Platform Pad Kit 3 Layer

    This Knee Platform Pad Kit replaces the original factory padding. It is the same dual density, triple layer knee pad that comes factory standard on each iWALK. It's easy to install using the peel and stick adhesive backing. Comes with complete instructions.

    KneeRover QUAD All Terrain Knee Walker

    The KneeRover® QUAD is the Next Generation knee walker, providing the ultimate in comfort, stability and all terrain freedom. Equipped with an industry first - FOUR 12" air filled tires, the KneeRover® QUAD is perfect for navigating any terrain with ease.

    Steerable Knee Walker

    Steerable Knee Walker w/ Basket

    Generation 4 Basic 4-Wheeled Knee Walker

    Wheel Clear For Knee Scooter 8" x 1"

    This is the replacement wheel for the ROS-KS Series and Gemini Series of knee scooters. It comes in a new clear style and is made with durable polyurethane for high performance and longer use.

    Knee Separator with Easy-to-Clean Vinyl Coating

    Knee Separator with Easy-to-Clean Vinyl Coating

    Knee Walkers