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    Microwave Oven With Manual Dials 0.7 Cubic F

    We offer a small 700 watt microwave oven that is perfect for small kitchens and still holds up to a 10" dinner plate. It has 6 power levels, a 30 minute timer, speed defrost and push button door release. Measures 10.75" H x 17.75" W x 12.75" D

    S’up Spoon

    .The S’up Spoon reduces spillage, promotes social interaction and allows a wider diet for those with shaky hands or tremors. The spoon has a cavity in the handle that acts as a holding point for food. This design reduces spillage even with vigorous or shaky movements. This enables those with shaky hands to eat a wider variety of food, including loose and liquid based food such as soup, rice or even ice-cream.

    Right-Angled Knives- All-Purpose

    These Right-Angled Knives have a fantastic design with the handle set at a right-angle to the blade. This gives those with hand function weakness a better grip and eases strain on the wrist.

    Scoopy Scoop Dish

    Comes in 4 colors! Perfect for visual contrast.

    Redware Partitioned Scoop Dish with Lid

    Redware Partitioned Scoop Dish with Lid, stackable with clear plastic lid.