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    Wrist Drop Orthosis and Universal Cuff Attachment

    Drop orthosis is lightweight, durable Kydex plastic that can be heat molded for customization and positioning. Holds the hand in extension to support a weak wrist. Universal Cuff is sewn into the palmar strap of the brace and accommodates eating utensils and writing instruments, assisting with daily functions.

    Quad Care Utensil Holder

    Specially designed for quadriplegics.


    Accommodates large handles. This expandable elastic strap fits almost any size hand. Two loops accommodate various handle sizes. Standard strap fits all Good Grips® utensils and other large or built-up handles.

    Utensil Holder

    Economical, adjustable holder with beige polyester webbing holds most dining utensils.

    Vertical Palm Self-Handle Utensils

    The Vertical Palm Self-Handle Utensils have plastic-coated handles that are bent 90° to enable a hand in mid position to function in table-to-mouth pattern. The utensils are dishwasher safe, an BPA, Phthalates and Latex free.

    Economy Wrist Support 3"

    Position a drop-wrist into the desired degree of extension with this durable dorsal wrist support.

    Right Angle Utensil Pocket

    Take advantage of the utensil pocket that positions utensils at right angle to the palm. Made to slide into all the other pockets and utensil holders.

    Weighted Block Utensil Holder

    Allow for autonomy in your assisted living facility, nursing home, or hospital with this weighted block utensil holder. This holder is designed for individuals with no grasp control or limited hand control, such as those with Parkinson's, arthritis, or hand tremors. Its multipurpose pocket can hold everything from utensils to pens, pencils, and toothbrushes

    Universal Cuffs

    Soft elastic band fits perfectly everytime. Available in small, medium, and large.