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    Economy Wrist Support 3"

    Position a drop-wrist into the desired degree of extension with this durable dorsal wrist support.
    • Also known as a long opponens splint, this orthosis is ideal for spastic or weak wrists following spinal cord injury or stroke.
    • Available in both the Standard and Deluxe Wrist Support with Universal Cuff.
    • Each style has a leather-covered bendable metal dorsal support with leather arm straps.
    • The Standard Model features a leather universal cuff with a stationary pocket built into the palmar strap, which is most often used with eating utensils.
    • The Deluxe Model features a 2.62 in. (6.6 cm) deep Kydex® palmar cuff with leather pocket riveted to the cuff.
    • This pocket can be rotated to any position to hold a pen or other utensil for typing, turning pages, painting or writing.
    • Length - 7.5 in.
    • MP Width - 3.5 to 4 in.
    • Dimension - 0.8 H x 3.5 W x 7.5 D in.
    • Item Weight - 0.15 lbs.
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