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Embracing Belly Boostier

The Embracing Belly Boostier is hand tailored in the north country of pure Michigan from materials sourced in the USA. Recommended by obstetricians, midwives, nurses and physical therapists, this award winning design incorporates stretch receiving fabric to make adjusting the band easy and flexible for the best support. The Embracing Belly Boostier is medical grade, latex free and nestles high in the lumbar region of the spine (L1-L5). Patented design lifts weight with surrounding support to stand straight.

Prenatal Cradle

Much like a woman clasping her hands under her abdomen, the Prenatal Cradle® supports the weight of pregnancy, yet does not restrict mother or child. By freeing the arms and promoting proper circulation to the lower extremities, the undergarment also allows many mothers to remain active through the third trimester.

V2 Supporter

During pregnancy, vulvar varicosities can occur for many reasons. Increased weight of the enlarged uterus sometimes creates pressure on veins in the pelvic area and interferes with the flow of blood returning from the legs. Naturally higher levels of estrogen promote growth, while increased progesterone tends to relax the smooth muscles of the vein walls. The relaxed veins can become distended and "pop out" as vulvar varicosities. Wearing the V2 supporter before rising in the morning, helps prevent excessive swelling of the vulvar veins.

AW Style 206 Closed Toe Maternity Pantyhose - 20-30 mmHg

**FSS CONTRACT V797D-30191 Choose a size and color.

2 Pack The Harmony Cotton Crossover Sleep And Leisure Bra: Nude

After a long and stressful week, slip into bliss with Leading Lady's Dreamy Comfort Cotton Crossover Sleep and Leisure Bra, a.k.a. “The Weekender." If you’ve never experienced bra bliss, you’ll find it here because The Weekender is the bra you’ll never want to take off! Light and truly dreamy, this comfort bra features a smooth double-layered crossover cup design, giving your breasts gentle support in all the right places. The Weekender is made of seamless breathable blended cotton fabric with an enhanced ribbed comfort band for added support and a wide back panel for subtle side and back smoothing. Translation: a beautiful silhouette that impeccably embraces your curves.

The Alyssa - Seamless Wirefree Nursing Bra

Breathe in the comfort of super soft stretchy fabric while you admire your curves in a seamless wirefree design that molds to perfection. A trendy extended band lifts and supports and satiny adjustable, convertible straps offer versatility for a variety of tops. One-handed nursing clasps and drop-down foam cups make breastfeeding and pumping accessible, convenient and discreet for moms who do it all. •Seamless wireless nursing bra design for smooth shaping •Soft, stretchy, breathable fabric •Easy one-handed nursing bra

Pisces Maternity Breast Pump Kit

This custom kit designed specifically for our Veteran customers includes : Medela Pump-in-Style Double Pump w/ Stylish backpack, Electric Double pumping kit, Breast milk bottles with lids, 9V AC adapter and battery pack, Cooler bag and ice pack, Nursing Pads, Maternity Support, Everyday & Crossover Nursing Bras

Maternity Compression Socks 15-20 MMHG

**FSS CONTRACT V797D-30191** This is an elegant, lightweight trouser sock designed just for you. With a light rib and lots of support, your legs will look and feel great during pregnancy. • 15-20 mmHg compression • Elegant, lightweight design • Fiber Content: 90% Nylon, 10% Spandex • Sold as a pair More comfortable than traditional Compression hose!

Maternity Support Belt

Discreet: Smooth and invisible under clothing Easy to wear: Lightweight and breathable material secures with an easy hook and loop fastener closure Supportive: Extra abdominal support and control needed before and after delivery Sizing Guide: Small/Medium: Pre-pregancy pant size 6-12, Waist size 23”-27”

Postpartum Support

Discreet: Smooth and invisible under clothing Easy to wear: Lightweight and breathable material secures with an easy hook and loop fastener closure Supportive: Extra abdominal support and control needed before and after delivery

Basic Belly Boostier

Hand tailored support products are designed to reduce stretch marks, alleviate back pain, ligament straining, sciatica, and many other discomforts expecting mothers experience. Belly Boostier maternity wear lifts and supports but never compresses your body or baby; it is recommended by obstetricians and midwives during pregnancy and post delivery.

Hip Brace

FEATURES: Hip Stabilizer S.I. Belt Trochanter Belt Post-surgical incision compression

Prenatal Cradle Plus

Combines the benefits of the Pelvic Floor Support. Supporter and the Prenatal Cradle for pelvic floor therapy. Patented design supports back and abdomen. Fully adjustable Orthotic support for abdominal and back straining. Front straps assist in distributing pelvic and adominal support. Practical design does not need to be removed for toileting.

AW Style 306 Closed Toe Maternity Pantyhose - 30-40 mmHg

**FSS CONTRACT V797D-30191 Choose a size.

(Uma) Cotton Wirefree Nursing Bra 2-Pack (one White and one Black)

Soft, breathable cotton-spandex blend wirefree nursing bra provides casual comfort. Cups are double layered for added support and modesty. One-handed clasp allows for quick and easy nursing. Full inner sling supports the breast while nursing. Back closure and straps adjust for a comfortable fit. Sold as a 2-pack in an assortment of color options.

Leading Lady Women's Wireless Padded Nursing Bra

For our moms that prefer wirefree nursing bras, Leading Lady presents our original Molded Seamless Wirefree Nursing Bra so all of our moms could enjoy everyday comfort and breastfeeding ease. With much-loved features like our smooth, lightly padded cups and quick one-hand nursing clasps, this wirefree t-shirt nursing bra will be one of mom’s favorite bras period. Leading Lady’s seamless nursing bra provides plenty of support and coverage for everyday wear. Whether under a t-shirt or a work blouse, mom can feel confident nursing and maintaining her own routine. Our molded design creates a soft, natural silhouette that also snugly holds nursing pads in place all day. Both new and seasoned moms love Leading Lady’s Molded Seamless Wirefree Nursing Bra, because it delivers the perfect amount of support without compromising on style, quality and comfort.

Dreamy Comfort Underwire Maternity To Nursing Bra

Our Dreamy Comfort Underwire Maternity to Nursing Bra naturally contours to your shape for a sleek silhouette from every angle. With extra underwire support and soft microfiber fabric hugging every curve, you’ll feel lifted, comfortable and ready for your day during pregnancy and nursing. Soft and smooth, the silky cups in our Dreamy Comfort Underwire Maternity to Nursing Bra will make you melt. In fact, when you use the one-hand nursing clips to unclasp them, they practically do melt for easy breastfeeding access

Dreamy Comfort Wireless Maternity to Nursing Bra Black

Finally, now you will love your nursing bras as much as you love your favorite t-shirt bra with our Dreamy Comfort Wireless Maternity to Nursing Bra. You won’t believe how soft and delicate it feels against your skin, and your baby’s too. As cute as it is comfortable, this will be your new go-to maternity or nursing bra for every occasion.


The Better Binder™ Abdominal Support helps ease pain and provides compression to assist weakened core muscles after surgery, C-section, or postpartum. This support can also be used to wrap the abdomen after delivery for tummy reshaping.

HC Feeding Pillows by The Boppy Company 2/CS

Created specifically for healthcare use, the durable, wipeable Boppy HC Pillow has a comfortable ergonomic design to ease strain on Mom and provide comfort for her newborn.

Baby HeartBeat Doppler Tracker

The Baby Heartbeat Tracker from Baby Doppler® with 3MHz Probe employs the latest technology in Baby Heart Sound Listening. This amazing device allows any soon to be mommy to hear the baby's heartbeat with ease and reduced static.

Lounge Doctor Leg Elevator. **FSS CONTRACT V797D-30191**

The Lounge Doctor Leg Rest is the only patented leg rest on the market designed to effectively improve your venous health by reducing swelling and improving blood flow. The Lounge Doctor's patented shape is constructed of high-resiliency open cell foam and includes a top-of-the-line innovative performance fabric cover designed to repel stains and moisture, keeping your leg rest clean and comfortable. The full zipper closure keeps the cover secure and in place while protecting the foam leg rest. With a full anti-slip grip dot bottom, this leg pillow won't shift while you relax!**FSS CONTRACT V797D-30191**

Positioner with Cover 12/cs

Features: Minimizes the harmful effects of friction, shear forces and abnormal interface pressure on the baby. Helps caregiver change the infant’s position with minimal disturbance to the patient. Can also be used for pediatric patients.

C-Panty C Section Panty (2 Pack)

The Only All-In-One Solution For C-section Recovery What’s better than one C-Panty C Section Recovery Panty? Two, of course! C-Panty is a patented postpartum undergarment that provides a clinically determined safe level of compression to help your body recover faster. It also helps you stay comfortable as you recover, whether you’re going back to work, chasing after kids, or just enjoying your new baby. With our 2-pack, you can have one in the wash and still have one to wear. C-Panty has a medical-grade silicone panel that minimizes scarring, helps reduce itchiness, and helps minimize the possible chance of infection around the delicate incision area.* The silicone is durable, washable, and integrated into the panty, eliminating the need for scar gel or scar gel pads. C-Panty also helps to reduce swelling, supports weakened muscles, and banishes that incision bulge.* No hooks, straps, or Velcro®, so nothing will irritate your incision area.

Washable Nursing Pads

100% cotton washable nursing pads are soft and quickly absorbs moisture, giving you peace of mind. The natural fibers promote air flow for healthy skin. The contoured shape provides an exceptional fit and no-shift design keeps the pads in place. Pack includes four reuasable pads and a laundry bag for easy washing.

Maternity FITsplint

Get the custom FIT you need. The FITsplint is fully adjustable, flexible, slim and breathable. Can use the straps to lift belly to help reduce bladder pressure. Straps can also separate for better motion control during activity or be placed down low for more hip/pelvic support. Used by physical therapists and elite athletes world-wide. The Maternity FITsplint includes 5 PreCORE exercises to help you keep the core/pelvic floor strong during pregnancy.

PersonalFit™ Breast Shields Case of 6

One size does not always fit all, so Medela developed PersonalFit™ breast shields in a range of sizes to meet every mom's needs. Lactation professionals agree that proper breast shield fit is essential for not only comfort, but also for effective milk expression.