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    Post-Natal FITsplint™

    Custom, flexible, slim FIT for optimal postpartum recovery. After pregnancy, women are dealing with some degree of abdominal separation and stretched out core muscles and tissue. Recommend to wear the FITsplint postpartum for 4-6 weeks while doing progressive inner core exercises. Used by physical therapists and athletes worldwide
    • Post-Natal Small (25"-30" across belly button)0-6 jeans
    • Post-Natal Medium (31"-36" across belly button)6-12 jeans
    • Post-Natal Large (37"-43" across belly button)12-20 jeans
    • Splints abdominal muscles without restricting range of motion or breathing patterns.
    • Non slip material to help keep splint in place
    • Fully adjustable for custom fit
    • Flexible & Slim
    • 5 ReCORE Exercises Included!
    • Product can be worn against undershirt instead of direct skin.
    • Machine wash cold on gentle cycle, tumble dry low or hang dry.
    • Made from silicone, nylon and breathable neoprene
    • *Skin irritations or allergic reactions from silicone or neoprene are possible but rare
    • 8 hours during the day/night for 4-6 weeks
    • During core exercises
    • Wear as a snug fit; not so tight that you cannot breathe normally (it is actually difficult to wear the FITsplint too tight because of its flexible design)

    Perfect for Exercise

    The FITsplint material is more flexible than most supports to provide the right amount of support while still allowing the core muscles to do the work! Exercises, proper body mechanics, alignment and support can all help keep you strong and symptom free during pregnancy.

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