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    Mastex Health Paraffin Bath- Variable


    Mobile Parabath® Stand

    Mobile stand for Parabath® paraffin unit.

    Parabath Wax Refill - Unscented 6lbs.

    Ideal for relief of pain and stiffness due to arthritis or injury. Thermostatically controlled from 126° – 134° F. High-temperature-limited thermostat prevents overheating. Stainless-steel tank measures 12" x 6" x 6" deep and accommodates hand, foot, or elbow. DISCONTINUED USE 2514203FEI

    Paraffin Wax 6 -1lb Blocks

    WaxWel® paraffin bath refills are compatible with all paraffin warmers. WaxWel® paraffin is high quality paraffin with excellent melting characteristics, moistness and feel. All WaxWel® refills, both solid blocks and pastille pellets (beads) are sealed in individual polybags in increments of 1 pound.

    Plastic hand/foot liners for Waxwel paraffin bath

    WaxWel Paraffin Bath - Accessory Package - 100 Hand and Foot Liners ONLY: for use with paraffin bath system

    Therabath Kit

    Kit contains bath, 6 lbs. ScentFree™ paraffin, a pair of insulated mitts or boots and box of 100 liners.

    Therabath Paraffin Mitt Kit

    Prolong the heat from warm paraffin treatments for longer-lasting relief with a Mitt Kit. Use during paraffin hand treatments.


    Hospital grade paraffin warmer with lid, grill, and guide. The inside unit dimensions: 6.75" W x 5" H x 12.9" L. Operating temperature of 130° . Paraffin bath comes with 6 pounds of wintergreen wax.

    Therabath with 6 lbs. ScentFree™ Paraffin

    Fully insulated, this heavy-duty bath is energy efficient for low-cost operation, with thermostatic control to maintain a medically-prescribed temperature automatically.

    Therabath® Paraffin Liners for Mitts/Boots

    Therabath® Paraffin Liners for Mitts/ Boots Package of 100 liners.

    Therabath® Refill Paraffin Wax, Wintergreen, 24lbs.

    Pure, FDA food-grade paraffin is made in the USA. Lightly scented, lightly colored, soft and supple—will not crack. Great for any paraffin spa/bath. Refill cartons contain individually wrapped 1-lb packages.



    WaxWel Paraffin Bath - Accessory Package - 50 Liners, 1 Mitt and 1 Bootie ONLY

    WaxWel® Paraffin Bath - Accessory Package - 50 Liners, 1 Mitt and 1 Bootie ONLY: WaxWel® Paraffin bath accessory package includes 50 liners, 1 terry mitt and 1 terry bootie.

    WaxWel paraffin Standard Unit Includes: 100 Liners, 1 Mitt, 1 Bootie

    WaxWel® paraffin unit for soothing paraffin treatment of hand or foot. WaxWel® unit is heavy duty for continuous use in high traffic clinics. The unit has an oversized tank that can accommodate a man's size 12½ foot. The unit is portable and can even be used in the home. Wax, liners, mitt and bootie sold separately.

    WaxWel™ Paraffin Refill - Six 1-lb Bag of Beads

    Six 1-lb bags of pellets (beads). Compatible with most paraffin bath units.

    Therabath Insulated Boot Pair

    Use these insulated boots along with disposable plastic liners to retain the warmth from paraffin treatments, prolonging the heat benefit for increased pain and stiffness relief and softer, smoother skin.

    Therabath Paraffin Application Strips, 40 count

    Therabath® Paraffin Application Strips make those hard to dip areas easy! Apply paraffin to large areas such as the back or thigh, or as a joint wrap around elbows or knees. Strips are stretchy, so they conform to most areas. Wax is easily removed along with the strip for easy cleanup! Paraffin not included.

    Paraffin Thermometer

    When protecting those in your care is a top priority, this Paraffin Thermometer is a good tool to have on your side. Melting paraffin can be tricky.

    Therabath Professional Adjustable Paraffin Bath TB9

    The Therabath Model TB9 Adjustable Temperature Paraffin Bath features a NEW SAFE QUICK MELT setting, melting the paraffin in half the time of our Model TB6, but in an always-safe temperature range! No need to wait for the wax temperature to come back down before safely dipping!