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    Therabath Paraffin Wax Refills

    Pure, FDA food-grade paraffin is made in the USA. Lightly scented, lightly colored, soft and supple—will not crack. Great for any paraffin spa/bath. Refill cartons contain individually wrapped 1-lb packages.
    Product #: 2966001TH

    Therabath Refill Paraffin Wax Beads

    • Available in Wintergreen, Lavender, or Scent Free
    • It features a light coloring and a low melting point
    • The therapeutic wax beads are a great way to replace wax for heating baths and units
    • 6lbs covers approximately 40 sets of hands, dipped 3 times each
    • Mad in USA

    Therapeutic Wax Treatments

    Paraffin wax is used in paraffin therapy treatments that are therapeutic and great for skin health. The wax keeps heat on the skin to open the pores and make the skin feel refreshed and soft. Wax treatments are a great way to maintain skin health and is a therapeutic feeling treatment.

    Professional Paraffin Wax

    The beaded wax is made from quality ingredients that prevent it from cracking when applied for quality wax treatments. It is expertly blended to soothe and moisturize without leaving oily residue on the skin. One-pound bags of beads are convenient for professional spa and salon settings.

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