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    Super Soft Heel Protector

    This superior heel protector combines the heel off-loading characteristic in addition to providing comfort and control of foot drop. Universally sized heel protector is designed for treatment and prevention of heel pressure sores. This heel protector provides comfort and control of foot drop and is designed for treatment and prevention of heel pressure sores. Eliminates heel pressure and promotes faster healing by suspending the heel in the air.

    Skil-Care Heel Float Adjustable Walker Boot

    This boot has all the properties of a zero pressure heel off loading boot with the addition of an adjustable, launderable angled back and a detachable foot tread.

    Skil-Care Heel Cushion with Cozy Cloth Cover

    Choose between Skil-Care's Fiber-Filled Heel Cushion or Foam Heel Cushion to reduce heel pressure. Both are covered with a soft Cozy Cloth fabric with Velcro closure for easy application and secure positioning, reusable and completely launderable.

    Foot Elevator- Foot Elevator with synthetic wool padding

    Lifts heel off of the bed to help eliminate pressure, shearing, and it provides air circulation to help heal existing pressure sores. Resilient poly-foam covered with perspiration-absorbing fabric. 4" (10cm) wide. Now available in a 4" and 6" version that has a synthetic wool interior for increased patient's comfort. Latex free.

    TruVue Heel Protector with Wedge - Boot, Fiber-Filled, Standard

    Offering patients a new level of support, the TruVue Heel Protector is constructed with an anti-shear pad that serves as a barrier to shearing forces on the heel from a bed. The Achilles pillow is positioned under the Achilles tendon to provide heel elevation and to cushion the tendon from pressure locations.

    Heelbo Heel/Elbow Gel Protector

    Features the same shear and friction reduction benefits as the original Heelbo heel and elbow protectors with a removable polymer insert pad

    Heelift, Convoluted, Standard

    Heelift Classic Boot has long set the bar for heel pressure ulcer prevention and treatment.

    DermaSaver Blue Donut Heel Elevator

    Lifts heel completely off bed Does not offload pressure to Achilles tendon Comfortably contoured

    Heelift Glide, Bariatric, Smooth Foam

    Heelift® Glide offers an affixed elevation pad to lift the leg to suspend the heel, creating an ideal environment for an ulcer to heal. The durable exterior and a smooth, friction-free tricot backing increases patient mobility and safety, and ventilation holes enhance patient comfort. Smooth interior is best for patients with edematous legs. Machine-washable in a net or mesh laundry bag, and can be autoclaved for sterility.

    Soft Boot

    Soft Boot

    Heel Protector

    Heel Protector Oversized design keeps protector in place. Made from pressure-relieving polyfoam. Secure Velcro® closure guarantees easy application. Latex free.

    Foam Bilateral Anti-Rotation Wedge for use with Heel Protectors

    A universal Bilateral Anti-Rotation Gripper made from comfortable foam with slip resistant design

    Prevalon Heel Protector I, II, III/XL

    Soft, adjustable straps position the foot and ankle securely, leaving the toes and heel exposed. It’s a comfortable and effective way to help reduce the risk of heel injury. Help prevent pressure injuries with a Prevalon Heel Protector. Choose Product: Prevalon Heel Protector I, II, III, each sold separately.

    Skil-Care Original Heel Float

    The original soft foam heel off-loading boot with cooling gel pack. Compatible with the Bilateral Anti-Rotation Gripper.

    Skil-Care Heel Float II

    Skil-Care Heel-Float II off-loads the heel by suspending it over an air cavity. This positioning eliminates heel pressure and helps prevent the formation of pressure ulcers while aiding in the healing of existing sores.

    Skil-Care Heel Float Plus

    A comfortable zero pressure heel off-loading boot that is enhanced with cutouts, an extended foot support, cools and lowers pressure.

    Skil-Care Heel Float Replacement Gel Pack

    Replacement Gel Pack for Skil-Care Heel Float. Compatible with the following Skil-Care Heel: The Original Heel Float, Heel Float Plus, Heel Float Wipe Clean.

    Skil-Care Heel Float Wipe-Clean

    This boot off-loads the heel for zero pressure and has a wipe clean stretch cover to facilitate cleaning.

    EHOB Foot WAFFLE Heel Elevator

    Two adjustable inflation zones Removable heel flap Pressure-free fully suspended heel Cushion-soft flannel interior Waterproof, wipeable vinyl exterior

    Bunny Boot Foot Support for Heel Drop and Heel Cord Shortening

    Resilient, breathable polyfiber liner allows air circulation for increased comfort. Universal size. Liner can also be purchased below.

    Posey Regular Heel Pillows

    Posey Heel Pillows, Regular

    Nice Stretch Plantar Fasciitis Original, Large

    Nice Stretch Plantar Fasciitis Original, Large

    Heel Pillow Boots

    Comes in a pair.

    Multi-Ply Heel Protector

    The most economical heel protectors that provide pressure relief with three layers of synthetic sheepskin in the heel area.

    HEELMEDIX Advanced Heel Protectors

    Heelmedix heel protectors, designed with the help of clinicians, offer supreme offloading and foot drop protection as a vital part of your comprehensive skin management program.

    DermaSaver Stay-Put Heel Protector

    Won’t shift out of place or bunch. Totally launderable, even in industrial laundries. Breathable for stay cool comfort.

    Molnlycke Z-Flex Heel Boot

    The Molnlycke Z-Flex Heel Boot is a protective boot designed to prevent pressure and pressure sores on the heel and Achilles area. These boots come with three adjustable shin straps and two adjustable ankle straps and will fit most users. The adjustable ankle straps support the foot and ensure it is held in a natural and anatomically correct position. In addition, the Z-Flex boot has a pressure ulcer viewing door build into the bottom of the boot. This door can easily be opened to assess the condition of existing pressure sores without the pain and stress of taking the entire boot off. In addition to these benefits, Z-Flex heel protection boots are made out of a temperature regulating material to enhance patient comfort. sold individually!

    Comfort Foot Pads, PAIR

    Comfort Foot Pads Helps reduce the pressure that causes decubitus ulcers. Cotton/poly fabric with hook & loop closures. Easy to apply and remove. Filled with cool, Corefill polyester fiber. Sold in pairs; one size fits most. Foot comfort pads protect and warm the foot, heel and ankle.

    Eggcrate Foam Heel- Ankle Protector- Deluxe (pair) 2"

    Deluxe 2" Foam * These economical heel and elbow protectors provide pressure reduction * Foam heel and elbow protectors provide cushioning all around the affected joint or bony prominence.

    Maxxcare Heel Boot, Single

    Relieves the heel from pressure when positioned horizontally. Provides protection from shear and friction, will not disturb normal movements and is offered with a comfortable, secure design that fits all sizes. The Maxxcare heel protector is the first and only heel protector that does all of the following:

    Posey Premium Heel Guard, Universal

    RECOMMENDED USE: Patients at risk for foot injury, pressure ulcers or foot drop. High resilience foam heel offloading device which floats the heel and helps reduce the risk of foot drop.

    Heel Float Air Boot

    Zero pressure on the heel, Off-loads the heel with hi-rise air pocket. Hand Air Pump Sold Separately.


    ROOKE SOFT ANKLE-FOOT ORTHOSIS (AFO) for drop foot prevention & contracture control for immediate post-op care. ROOKE VASCULAR BOOT for natural warming to promote regional distal perfusion.

    Heel Protection