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    Skil-Care Heel Cushion with Cozy Cloth Cover

    Choose between Skil-Care's Fiber-Filled Heel Cushion or Foam Heel Cushion to reduce heel pressure. Both are covered with a soft Cozy Cloth fabric with Velcro closure for easy application and secure positioning, reusable and completely launderable.

    Skil-Care Ultra-Soft Fiber-Filled Heel Cushion

    A simple poly filled boot that has a seamless construction and a soft shear resistant cozy lining


    • Filled with resilient spun fiber
    • Extra padding with seamless construction under heel
    • Covered with a soft launderable Cozy Cloth fabric
    • Cover whisks away moisture to eliminate skin-damaging perspiration
    • Reusable and launderable
    • Comes in Pairs
    • Universal Size

    Skil-Care Cozy Cloth Foam Heel Cushion


    • Reduces heel pressure with Extr thick soft foam padding to reduce pressure 
    • Covered with a soft launderable Cozy Cloth fabric
    • Velcro® closure for easy application and secure positioning
    • The Heel Cushion with Cozy Cover is foam filled
    • Machine washable
    • Comes in Pairs
    • Universal Size

    This item is not returnable.
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