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    ***Secure-Bolt Hinged Elevated Toilet Seat - Elongated

    Hinged design can be lifted and lowered like a regular toilet seat. Weight capacity 600 lbs.

    **Extra Wide Tall-Ette Elevated Toilet Seat with Aluminum Arms & Legs

    Weight Capacity 400 Lbs. Can be used with standard OR Elongated toilets. Minimal installation with slip-in Lok-In-El bracket.

    **Lumex Multi-Position Open Padded Raised Toilet Seat

    Unique open seat promotes patient independence and facilitates perineal cleaning and bowel training.

    3" Basic Elevated Toilet Seat

    Basic donut style seats fit most standard and elongated toilets.

    Adjustable Raised Toilet Seat

    An easy to use, easy to install adjustable raised toilet seat.

    Carex Quick Lock Raised Toilet Set

    Our innovative Quick-Lock raised toilet features patented technology allowing the seat to easily be removed for cleaning or use without the raised seat.

    Carex Raised Toilet Seat

    Adds 5 inches of height to toilet to aid those with bending difficulties with this raised toilet seat which installs in seconds.

    Carex Raised Toilet Seat with ADJ Handles

    Carex Raised Toilet Seat with ADJ Handles Adds 5" to height of toilet seat. EZ Lock mechanism provides secure, stable installation; no tools required. Handles adjust from 18"W to 20"W. Provides assistance for those with bending and sitting difficulties. Seat is 15-1/2"W x 17"D. Seat opening is 8" x 9". Fits most standard and elongated bowls. 300-lb. weight capacity. Includes retail packaging.

    Drive 2-in-1 Locking Elevated Toilet Seat

    Drive 2-in-1 Locking Elevated Toilet Seat Features padded arms that can be removed or added as needed without using any tools! Extra strength and durability are a result of heavy-duty construction. The seat is securely locked onto toilet with a clamping mechanism, which also prevents shifting of seat while transferring. Overall 15-1/2"W x 17"D with height of 5".Internal diameter 8-1/2"W x 9-1/2"L

    Drive Locking Elevated Toilet seat w/ Removable Arms

    Durable molded plastic construction provides additional strength and durability. Foam padding extends entire length of armrest for added comfort.

    Etac® Toilet Support with Armrests

    Etac® Toilet Support with Armrests Smooth surface makes cleaning easy. Flip-up armrests. A lid and seat are included. 23-1/2"W x 18"D width between armrests 19", height of armrests above seat 9". Weight capacity 286 lbs.

    Extra Wide Tall-Ette Elevated Toilet Seat with Steel Arms & Legs

    Weight Capacity 600 lbs. Can be used with standard OR Elongated toilets. Comes with Bolt-Down Lok-In-El Bracket.

    Extra-Wide Tall-Ette Toilet Seat with Padded Arms

    Features contoured soft foam armrests to assist the user in sitting down or rising from the seat. Adds 4" and eliminates the need for an added toilet seat frame. Seat width 22-1/2"W. Width between arms 18". Seat Opening 10" x 8". Bolt-Down Lok-In-El® provides permanent installation. Weighs 8 lbs. For standard or elongated seats. 300-lb. weight capacity.

    E-Z Lock™ Raised Toilet Seat

    Add 5 inches of height to your toilet with the E-Z Lock raised toilet seat. This seat locks in place within seconds and is perfect for those with bending difficulties.

    Padded Toilet Seat Riser, Open Front

    This Padded Toilet Seat provides comfort on the toilet seat. Weight cap: 250 lbs

    Premium Plastic Raised Elongated Toilet Seat With Lock

    Designed for individuals who have difficulty sitting down or standing up from the toilet

    Premium Seat Rizer with Removable Arms

    Allows individual to use existing toilet seat and lid. Arms are removable. Attaches easily to toilet. Hardware included.

    Safe Lock Raised Toilet Seat

    The Safe Lock Raised Toilet Seat features a wider opening and smooth contoured design for added comfort. This seat adds 4.25 inches of height to the toilet seat, is easy to clean, and fits most toilets. The Safe Lock system locks the seat into place for security and stability. Weight capacity 500 lbs!

    Hinged Elevated Toilet Seat

    Unique design features a seat riser made of 2 parts that are hinged together, allowing the ring to be lifted in the same manner as your regular toilet seat.

    Vinyl Cushion Toilet Seat

    Easily fits most standard size toilet seats, Raises the toilet seat height by 2" or 4", Comfortable foam padding helps minimize pressure points, Easily attaches to seat with hook and loop straps, Constructed of foam padding upholstered in vinyl

    ULTIMATE Padded Raised Toilet Seat, 3 in 1

    The Ultimate™ Raised Toilet Seat, Voted#1 Most Comfortable. Padded with Armrests. Adjustable Height. Premium Elevated Toilet Seat with Arms for Standard and Elongated Toilets.

    Special Tomato Portable Potty Seat, Aqua, Elongated

    This comfortable and durable seat offers ergonomic support and is made from a fluid-impermeable, antimicrobial material for improved hygiene. Included plastic-lined drawstring bag enables convenient portability.

    Hinged Toilet Seat Riser - Standard

    This hinged toilet seat elevator adds 3.5 inches to the height of any round toilet. This elevator lifts easily for removal or cleaning and fits on your existing round toilet seat. The Hinged Toilet Seat Riser Fits most standard round toilet seats, adding 3.5 inches of height. It is ideal for individuals with mobility issues that make it difficult to sit & stand. It installs safety and quickly between your toilet bowl and the existing seat and is designed for easy cleaning.

    Hi Loo 2" Fixed w/ Arm Supports

    Hi Loo 2" Fixed w/ Arm Supports

    2" Padded Toilet Seat Riser

    High density foam minimizes pressure on sensitive areas. Attaches easily to toilet seat with four adjustable Velcro straps to reduce shifting. Easy-to-clean vinyl surface. Fits most toilet seats.

    3" Toilet Seat Riser, Elongated

    Our 3" Toilet Seat Riser will raise the height of your bidet toilet seat by three inches. Toilet seat risers are really helpful if you have a hard time getting up and down on a standard height toilet. The riser installs on top of your toilet, and then the bidet seat mounts on top of the riser.

    Big John Toilet Seat

    Standard seats are too small and too flimsy! Big John Toilet Seat is built for comfort and security. Finally, there's a toilet seat with the room and stability to bring comfort to everyone.

    Carex Elevated Toilet Seat

    Toilet seat adds 3.5" height to an existing toilet seat. Built with lightweight, durable polyethylene for easy cleaning. Available in standard or elongated models. Easily installs using only a screwdriver.

    Carex E-Z Lock Raised Toilet Seat w/ Arms

    Our E-Z Lock Raised Toilet Seat with Armrests adds 5 inches of height to the toilet seat to assist those with bending or sitting difficulties. The easy-to-use locking mechanism secures the raised toilet seat to the toilet bowl, and the smooth contour seat has built-in hand grips for easy handling. This seat fits most toilets and is lightweight and easy to clean.

    **Drive 4" Raised Toilet Seat w/ Lock (No Lid)

    Drive 4" Raised Toilet Seat w/ Lock (No Lid)

    **Etac Hi Loo Raised Toilet Seat

    The Etac Hi-Loo Raised Toilet Seat is a stable, ergonomic raised toilet seat, with brackets that help hold it onto the toilet. Choose from models with or without a lid, either 2.4 in (6 cm) or 4 in. (10 cm) high. Recesses at the back and front allow easy access for intimate hygiene. Each Etac Hi-Loo Raised Toilet Seat has a polypropylene seat and brackets made from ABS/PC. Available in white.

    Lumex Locking Raised Toilet Seat with Removable Arms

    Designed for those who have difficulty sitting down or standing up from the toilet.

    Lock-On Toilet Seat

    Easy to install without using tools.

    Premium Plastic, Raised, Elongated Toilet Seat with Lock**

    Premium Plastic, Raised, Elongated Toilet Seat with Lock Weight Cap 300lbs.

    ProBasics Raised Toilet Seat

    ProBasics Raised Toilet Seat With Lock And Arm aids in making toileting more stable and comfortable for users. The clamp-on mechanism prevents shifting when the user is transferring to and from the toilet seat for added peace-of-mind. It make sure that the Clamp-On Toilet Seat is securely in place and stable before each use. Although the Clamp-On Raised Toilet Seat is designed for use on most popular toilets, it may not work on certain unusual or artistic bowls. DISCONTINUED USE 281597756CH

    Push-Up Elevated Toilet Seat with Arms - 3"

    Converts a standard toilet seat into an elevated seat with armrests that are optimally designed to assist a person lower to or push up from the toilet. Bolts onto most standard toilets and uses a standard toilet seat to maintain the décor of the user's bathroom.

    Raised Toilet Seat w/ Handles

    Raised Toilet Seat with Arms is perfect for after hip surgery or for anyone who has trouble standing up from a sitting position. No tools required for installation.

    **Raised Toilet Seat w/ Lock and Lid - 4"

    Raised Toilet Seat with Lid- 4"

    Raised Toilet Seat with Detachable Arms- 5 in Locking in Retail Box

    Adds 5″ to the height of the toilet seat to aid in sitting and rising. Features a front locking mechanism for easy installation.

    Raised Toilet Seat, 6" w/o Lid

    Raised Toilet Seat, 6" w/o Lid

    Toilet Seat Elevator with Handles - Elongated

    The Elongated Toilet Seat Elevator assists users with bending or sitting difficulties by adding 3.5 inches to the height of the toilet seat. This seat works in conjunction with your existing toilet seat and lid for a less clinical look and includes padded handles for added stability and support. Fits most elongated toilets.

    Toilet Seat Elevator With Handles - Standard

    The Elongated Toilet Seat Elevator with Handles elevates your existing toilet seat by 3.5 inches and fits under your existing toilet seat. This elevator provides additional stability safety and comfort. Features sturdy padded handles that are easy to clean. Fits most standard elongated toilets. The weight capacity of the toilet riser seat is 250lbs.

    Bilt Rite 3-in-1 Steel Commode**OVERSIZED**

    Commode makes going to the bathroom easy and comfortable. It features a bucket with a capacity of 10 qt, a plastic seat and a splash shield. Armrests provide an extra level of convenience. This steel commode can support a weight of up to 300 lbs. Its height can be adjusted for a custom fit. It can be used as a standard bedside toilet, an elevated toilet seat or as safety rails over the toilet.

    Carex Hinged Raised Toilet Riser, Elongated

    The hinged toilet seat riser is ideal for easy cleaning. Fits most elongated toilet seats adding 3.5" of height making it easier for individuals with mobility difficulties to sit and stand. Installs quickly and safety between your toilet bowl and existing seat.

    Universal Raised Toilet Seat

    Universal raised toilet seat has height-adjustable brackets that allow the seat to fit over almost any toilet.

    Reversible Toilet Transfer Seat

    One product – two distinct uses.

    Elevated Toilet Transfer Seat

    Creates a platform making it easier for a wheelchair user to transfer onto the toilet.

    **Secure Bolt Hinged Toilet Seat

    Hinged design can be lifted and lowered like a regular toilet seat Available in standard and elongated

    Bolt-On Toilet Seat w/Arms

    3 1/2" elevated toilet seats with arms provide support while getting on and off the toilet. Easily attach to the toilet and are designed to be used in conjunction with regular toilet seats and lids so the bathroom decor is not altered.

    **Secure-Bolt Elevated Toilet Seat

    Makes using the toilet safer and easier!

    Tall-Ette Economy

    Adds 4" on height to your regular toilet seat.

    Arthro Tall-Ette Elevated Toilet Seat

    Designed with a gentle slope on either side for people with leg or knee injuries who require an extended leg position. Adds 4¨ (10 cm) to the bowl height . With Lok-In-El® Bracket.

    Tall-Ette Elevated Contoured Toilet Seat

    Contoured surface provides a more comfortable and supportive seat.

    Tall-Ette Hip Replacement

    Specially designed to meet the needs of people who have undergone unilateral or bilateral total hip replacement.

    Lok-In-El Bracket

    Available in Bolt-Down or Slip-In

    PreserveTech Universal Raised Toilet Seat

    Introducing the PreserveTech™ Universal Raised Toilet Seat, our first-ever truly universal raised toilet seat accommodates three different seat heights (2, 4 or 6") by maneuvering just two components. This seat can fit on most standard and elongated toilets and features two hygienic cutaways for easy cleaning. The pivoting armrests can be raised or removed, depending on user needs and bathroom space. This item also includes a lid with a recessed grip for effortless opening.

    PreserveTech™ Secure Lock Raised Toilet Seat

    Most raised toilet seats on the market only offer one locking point of security, creating instability when getting on and off the toilet. To address this issue, Secure Lock Raised Toilet Seat includes three locking points of security. Located on the front, left and right side providing the highest level of stability and security on a raised toilet seat. This item is for an end user who has very limited mobility/balance and requires a maximum amount of stability/security.

    Raised Toilet Seats

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