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    The Dignity Lifts XL1 bariatric toilet lift is designed to help larger people use the toilet independently.
    Product #: 265XLDL

    The XL1 is a strong, sturdy, and durable toilet lift that can people as much as 650 lbs. This lift not only helps the user stay independent but also helps any caregivers lift the person off of the toilet. Our XL1 Bariatric Toilet Lif helps you keep your dignity and prevents bathroom falls. Dignity Lifts are the smart way to remain in your home as long as possible. The XL1 is our highest capacity model.

    Dignity Lifts help you get down to and up from the toilet easily. The XL1 Bariatric Toilet Lift gives you a slow and steady lift back to the upright position. It takes a brief 26 seconds for this lift to get you from fully seated to a standing position. A sturdy base and strong handles ensure you'll be able to do this without the need for a helper.

    Features Include:

    • 4 wide feet make it sturdy and stable
    • Dual lifting actuators for strength and reliability
    • Four parallel 4-bar linkages for strength and durability
    • Easy to use wired remote
    • Provides 9" of lift
    • Works with 16"-18" tall toilet bowls (most home toilets)
    • 650 lb. capacity
    • Plugs into the wall.
    • 30" Wide overall
    • The lift raises the back of the toilet seat 9 inches. Typically the lift begins at 18" and ends at 27" tall.
    • The distance between handles is 25": If that is not wide enough, the arms can also be pivoted backward to get them out of the way. if you need more space, the arms can also be removed.
    • To see if this lift will fiit in your bathroom use this guide here.
    • Owner's Manual