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    Bemis Assurance Clean Shield with Personal Wash Bidet

    This Independence Clean Shield with Personal Wash Bidet is the ultimate clean package. Bundle includes a 3” raised toilet seat, Support Arms, and the Personal Wash Bidet attachment. Together, they offer a thorough cleansing experience that provides independence and dignity during toileting. The Personal Wash Bidet attachment uses an adjustable t-valve to control water pressure, while the twist handle controls water flow to the nozzle. Made for easy, independent use that leaves you feeling clean and refreshed. The patented Snap 2 Secure® installation system prevents the seat from wiggling or loosening with use. The seat is made of resilient plastic and features a reverse funnel design that keeps everything in the bowl. Increased seat height eases sitting and standing. Support arms are fully weight bearing and take uneven weight without shifting. This bundle provides independence, security, and a residential appearance that blends in.
    • Refreshing spray options – bidet attachment allows user to control water pressure and flow
    • Bidet attachment is built to last with quality brass valve and inlet, plus a braided metal water supply hose and certified built-in check valve
    • Seat height is increased by 3” to ease sitting and standing
    • Seat’s smooth, glossy surface is easy to wipe clean
    • Innovative reverse funnel design keeps everything in the bowl
    • Support Arms are tested to 350 lbs. each side; fully weight-bearing and will not shift with uneven weight
    • Seat will not shift or loosen with use, thanks to Snap 2 Secure® installation system that maintains proper clamping force
    • Super Grip™ bumpers provide additional stability
    Toilet seats should be cleaned using only mild, soapy water and a soft cloth or sponge. Rinse clean with water and thoroughly dry with a clean cloth. To avoid damaging the finish, do not allow aerosol products, abrasive chemicals or cosmetics (fingernail polish, aftershave, harsh cleansers, etc.) to come in contact with the toilet seat. Do not use bleach, pine oils, essential oils, chlorine, acid, disinfectants, products in aerosol cans, hard brushes, abrasive scouring powders or pads. Harsh chemicals can rub away or corrode paint finishes on toilet seats, metal hinges, and dull plastic seats.
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