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    Left-Handed Bidet Attachment with Dual Nozzles

    left-handed control arm & no batteries or electricity required.
    Product #: 231214B

    The left-handed bidet you’ve been looking for!

    Since right isn’t right for everybody, we designed this non-electric bidet attachment with a left-handed control arm. The SouthSpa Essential installs simply under your toilet seat, no additional parts required. Unlike toilet paper, this bidet attachment will actually get you clean—plus, washing with water is gentler, cheaper, and doesn’t require thousands of trees to be cut down every day. It’s an easy, affordable way to turn your toilet into an eco-friendly bidet, complete with front and rear wash settings, on-demand nozzle cleaning, and fully adjustable water pressure.

    • on-demand, self-cleaning nozzles

    • fully adjustable water pressure 

    • left-handed control arm

    • no batteries or electricity required

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