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    Heelbo Heel/Elbow Gel Protector

    Features the same shear and friction reduction benefits as the original Heelbo heel and elbow protectors with a removable polymer insert pad


    • Unique viscoelastic polymer pad reduces pressure by up to 38%
    • The proximal cuff offers a looser, more comfortable fit for the upper arm or ankle while working in conjunction with the protector pad
    • Heelbo combines a comfortable, snug fit with breathability to keep your patient feeling comfortable at all times
    • The premium gel insert protector offers superior pressure reduction along with the ability to remove the insert for easy cleaning and maintenance of the sleeve unit
    • Easy slip-on design
    • Machine washable
    • Sold in pairs


    • Small (Yellow): fits up to 16" circumference
    • Medium (Blue): fits up to 17" circumference
    • Large (White): fits up to 19" circumference
    • XLarge (Green): fits up to 23" circumference
    • XXLarge (Beige): fits up to 25" circumference

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