Pisces Maternity Breast Pump Kit

This custom kit designed specifically for our Veteran customers includes : Medela Pump-in-Style Double Pump w/ Stylish backpack, Electric Double pumping kit, Breast milk bottles with lids, 9V AC adapter and battery pack, Cooler bag and ice pack, Nursing Pads, Maternity Support, Everyday & Crossover Nursing Bras
Manufacturer: Medela
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Kit includes:

• Medela Pump-in-Style Electric Double Pump
• Stylish backpack
• Double pumping kit with two sizes of PersonalFit breast
shields (24mm & 27mm), includes connectors, valves, membranes,
and tubing
• 4 breast milk bottles with lids
• 9V AC adapter and battery pack
• Cooler bag and ice pack
• Instructions for use in English/Spanish/
French, Breastfeeding Information Guide
• 4 Pk. Washable Nursing Pads
• Maternity Support (S/M or L/XL)
• 2 Everyday Nursing Bras (Size guide in pictures)
• 2 Crossover Nursing Bras  (Size guide in pictures)

Maternity Support Sizing Guide:
Small/Medium: Pre-pregancy pant size 6-12
Large/XLarge: Pre-pregancy pant size 14-20