Adaptive Knives

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Meat Cutter Knife w/ Wood Handle

Wide blade makes one-handed cutting simpler.

Deluxe Maddox Pro Helper Knife

Easy-to-use knife only needs downward pressure and minimum rocking pressure to cut. Taller handle avoids accidental injuries or cuts. Ergonomic handle makes it easy for individuals to cut food items.

Swedish Chef's Knife

Large angled handle properly positions fingers

Sure Hand Rocker Knife

The Sure Hand knifeā€™s stainless steel blade has a back-and-forth rocking motion. It enables those with one functional hand to cut independently. The larger handle is helpful for those with limited dexterity or arthritis.

ETAC Relieve Angled Carving Knife

Relieve knives have an angled handle and sharp edge which make cutting easier. The handle: The angle keeps the wrist straight and the grip friendly oval shape ensures a stable grip. The top of the handle is smoothly curved to enable the thumb to achieve a comfortable position. The blade: To facilitate cutting, the blade is very sharp. In order to minimize the risk for the hand to come in touch with the food the blade is lower than the handle.

Rocker Knife Carrying Case

Carrying case for Large, 4" handle with a stainless-steel 3-1/2" single-edged blade.

Rocker Knife

Designed for those persons with limited use of only one hand and for those unable to use a knife and fork simultaneously.

ETAC Relieve Angled Table Knife

With weakened hand and arm strength, the knives provide a good working position for the hand. Those who have weakened joints, the knives are ideal for them. With an ergonomically designed handle, the knife makes it easy to cut food.

Rocker Knife/Fork Combo

A special eating utensil combining a rocker knife and a fork with a comfort grip handle. A rocking motion on the curve of the blade will cut food, then use the forked end for feeding.

Rocker Knife Plastic Handle

Rocker Knife Plastic Handle